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Random List

It’s pouring rain with thunder, lightning, a tornado watch, and a flood watch, so I’m rescheduling today’s run for Wednesday.  I’m seriously bummed about this because it is 65 degrees and I was hoping to get a nice warm run … Continue reading

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Suck it, 7 miles

So, last time I did 7 miles it was mostly flat and I though I was going to die.  Today I did 7 miles on the craziest hill and killed it.  The first few miles felt amazing.  My body felt … Continue reading

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They call me the human pincushion

Ok, not really, but “they” (who is this mysterious they we all speak of?) justifiably could. I let a woman stick multiple needles in my body twice a week and then lay on a massage table for 30 minutes with … Continue reading

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Thursday Slump

I think I hate Thursday.  Yeah, it has my favorite tv shows, but without cable I don’t watch them until Friday at the earliest.  There’s still one day of work left (when you aren’t temporarily unemployed) and for some reason … Continue reading

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TTC is H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

Before I launch in to a long (and hopefully not boring) blog post about acupuncture, I should probably fess up: I started doing acupuncture to improve my fertility. I mean, technically she’s treating my migraines by treating my hormonal imbalance, … Continue reading

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This morning was a quick 2 miles with M through fresh snow.  There was only one other set of footprints on the trail.  Lovely, but a little scary in places. After hearing that I will be starting in a new … Continue reading

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Things that make me happy today

My new necklace (click the first image to go to the etsy site).  Please ignore the almost completely chipped off manicure.  Also, I didn’t bother with makeup yet today.  Don’t judge!  Also, also, I lost the digital camera, so you … Continue reading

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