We’re all suffering from a terminal illness. It’s called birth.

Y’all, dying is hard. I’m watching my beloved great-aunt struggle for breath and I don’t know what to think. She looks so small and pale and every time she closes her eyes we wonder if she’ll ever open them again. I extended my trip to Thursday so I could be here for my dad. I’m glad I’m here and we are still managing to have awesome family time.

I grew up not really knowing what to think of my dad’s family. My mom didn’t have a great relationship with them (except Great-Aunt M) and it colored my feelings on the subject. I think it was probably a case of everyone saying things that got taken the wrong way, but either way, my sister and I didn’t see much of my dad’s family and we don’t know them that well. My sister hasn’t quite come around, but I’m loving getting to know these people and knowing that I have a family. Everyone keeps calling me by my one aunt’s name because they think I look so much like her. I’m kind of loving that I look like someone. I have people who care about me and want to be in my life. It’s neat.

I also love being here with my dad. We have adventures a lot. I didn’t feel like I had a relationship with him until he and my mom split up. There were definitely some bad years, but now we are buddies and we have a lot of fun together. Don’t tell him I said this, but he can totally live with me someday if he needs to. I don’t think he will, though, cause he’s married to someone he really loves that makes him really happy and I think they’ll be together until the very end.

I promise to get back to running topics soon. Believe it or not, I am sticking to my MIT schedule. I did 2 runs here so far. I’ve never tried to run in running shorts and I chafed pretty badly. Thank goodness I tried them on a 2 miler. I’m loving running in a t-shirt, though. I get so sick of gloves and layers and ice. It’s a bit more humid here than I am used to, though, which means I feel really warm quite fast.

Today I had sub-13 miles, which made me super happy! I’m a pretty slow runner (I’m overweight and built a bit larger), so that was really good for me! I think I’m fueling all the stress and anxiety about work and my great-aunt in to my runs. That’s what I love about running!

On a somewhat unrelated note, I usually listen to my favorite morning show on the radio. I can’t get that station down here, so I’m not sure what to listen to. I tried running to Green Day’s American Idiot, but it was a little too slow by the end. I really should make a few playlists, but I’m cheap and lazy. Any suggestions?


About Sarah S @RunningOnWords

Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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