Things that make me happy today

My new necklace (click the first image to go to the etsy site).  Please ignore the almost completely chipped off manicure.  Also, I didn’t bother with makeup yet today.  Don’t judge!  Also, also, I lost the digital camera, so you will have to settle for cruddy webcam pictures until I find it.  Fail.

Husband decided on a blog name…Hubby Esq.  I find it too ridiculous to deny his request.  At least he has an interest?

New sports bra.  I finally found one that doesn’t dig, irritate, poke, or otherwise cause problems.  WOO!  Hopefully someday soon I’ll be small enough to wear a pretty colored one like the one above.  For now, I’m happy to stick to black and white.

Community.  Seriously, it is the funniest show on tv.  Every time I watch I laugh hysterically.

Chic lit.  I know, I know, not cool, but sometimes you need a good laugh.  War and Peace is a little too heavy some weeks.

BANANAGRAMS!  I’ve been forcing Hubby, Esq. to play Bananagrams non-stop, because I’m obsessed!  Lucky for him, there’s iTouch and Facebook apps.

Having President’s Day off.  Admittedly, that’s cause I’m semi-unemployed, but whatever.  I’ll take what I can get.

Now to do my scheduled 2 mile “recovery run.”  Then a trip to the running store and the mall.  What are your plans for President’s Day?


About Sarah S @RunningOnWords

Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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One Response to Things that make me happy today

  1. Your new sportsbra looks awesome! I’m looking for a new one- they get all old and nasty reallll quick. haha : )

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