Thursday Slump

I think I hate Thursday.  Yeah, it has my favorite tv shows, but without cable I don’t watch them until Friday at the earliest.  There’s still one day of work left (when you aren’t temporarily unemployed) and for some reason my program always schedules classes on Thursday.  Lame.

I ran my slogging, miserable 2 miles alone this morning because M is sick.  This, however, allowed me to test drive hatphones, which are definitely a success!  I love my Skullcandy ear buds (the only brand that doesn’t make my ears ache), but they block out a lot of sound and feel squished under winter hats.  Hatphones let me listen to my music and still hear cars coming.  The only problem was when I got a bit too warm from wearing too much clothing.  Oops.  Either way, I so wasn’t in the mood to run, although, as per usual, I’m glad I did.

Thanks for all the support on yesterday’s post.  Infertility has really been weighing on my mind for quite awhile and it was nice to get it out.  Having a little too much extra time for wallowing these past 2 weeks has been eating at me a bit.

I start my new lab on Monday, so I’m trying to get stuff done.  We need to move in April (the week before Hubby Esq’s last final of course) and we aren’t sure if we want to stay in the complex and go to a new unit (our part of the neighborhood is noisy and has parking problems) or move to a new place.  Too many decisions!  I did find a SWEET place that has an off-leash dog park, but it is kinda far away from a lot of stuff.  Bleck, I hate moving.

So today I have acupuncture (I want to take pictures for you, but she’s putting needles in my butt this month and I’m not putting my derrière on the internet) and then class.  This is the best class I’ve had in grad school, but I don’t really feel like going.  I can’t wait for you to go away, Thursday!

Do you suffer from the Thursday slump?  What’s your least favorite day of the week and how do you get past it?


About Sarah S @RunningOnWords

Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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2 Responses to Thursday Slump

  1. Kelly says:

    I feel you on the Thursday thing. But the TV gets me through! Thank goodness for 30 Rock!

  2. my husband, a few friends, and i all watched the ENTIRE thursday night lineup on nbc last night. it was well worth the 2-3 hours we “wasted.” : )

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