The Monster Ball

Oh my goodness, yesterday was bananas!

Lee Ann loves her some chili

First, Lee Ann and I went to our beloved Skyline Chili for 3-ways (spaghetti, chili, and a huge pile of cheese).  It’s so bad for you, but so delicious!  You can rest assured that we ate all of it.

We were feeding each other here. Not that you can tell because these are self portraits (and my bangs look greasy).

Later, we headed down to the arena for Lady Gaga!  It was basically gay prom.  There were people in all sorts of strange costumes, a lot of which made no sense.  There were a lot of girls walking around in leotards with no pants, of course.  I felt kind of bad for them because it was snowing and cold!

Don't we clean up nice?

Scissor Sisters was the opening act.  I’d never heard any of their music, but they were decent.  I used to be in to alternative, so it was definitely something I would have loved a few years ago.  I feel like I need a few more listens to decide how I feel about them, but I was really getting in to it by the end of their set, so I suspect I’ll be getting a few of their albums in the near future.

Scissor Sisters (I really need a better camera)

The lead singer was mega hot and barely clothed.  Too bad my camera phone is less than awesome.

And then we waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Did I mention I have ADD?  I lack any semblance of patience and was slowly losing my mind.  Also, I had some less than awesome seat neighbors who had obviously bathed in patchouli oil.  I hate the smell of patchouli.  And I don’t understand wearing sunglasses at night in an arena.

Lee Ann and I waiting for Gaga (poor Lee Ann had a migraine, but she powered through and we had a good time)

Anyways, I was really starting to wonder if something was wrong (we’d been waiting well over an hour) when finally a mysterious silhouette appeared (singing a song I don’t know, cause honestly, I’d never listened to Lady Gaga’s album).

Lady Gaga appears!

The show had sort of a story-line about Lady Gaga trying to take her friends to the Monster Ball where “you can be whoever or whatever you want to be.”  I loved her message about accepting yourself and loving yourself for who you are, but I thought her rants about various things went a little long.  I appreciate how awful bullying is, but she proceeded to rant about people not wanting to hear her rants about bullying.  Couldn’t we have just stuck with the original rant and skipped the addendum?

Lady Gaga's friends broke down and she offered to lead them to the Monster Ball


Piano car! I forget what she played here. Next time, take notes.

The sets were quite impressive!  Unfortunately, extensive sets require tear down time, so we were subjected to weird videos on the big screen that involved Lady Gaga eating a heart and other such nonsense.  The videos were by far my least favorite part of the show.

"Born This Way" played on a flaming piano. At one point she was playing the piano with her stiletto.

Lady Gaga also played a new song, “You and I,” on the flaming piano.  It sounded closest to “Born This Way,” neither of which sound as dancey as her previous stuff.  I didn’t really love the new song, but maybe I’ll change my mind once it is released.

My favorite set was the forest.  She sang the song “Teeth” while the back-up dancers tore her apart.  I’d never heard the song, but I really liked it.  This was, of course, after she informed us that she was Tinkerbell and need our applause to live.  She’s a needy one that Lady Gaga!

There was also a number that involved her bra and panties shooting sparks.  Again, I forget which song this was.  I felt like Katy Perry would have been so pleased.

And this is where our phones died (BOO!).

I also really enjoyed the “Boys, Boys, Boys” number, which involved men dancing all over the place.  It was a bit gratuitous, but everyone was having so much fun and it definitely made it fun for the audience.  I was less impressed with her rant about Jesus loving everyone.  I agree that Jesus loves everyone, but she said some things I thought were a bit obscene and I didn’t really appreciate the flaming statue of Jesus.  We get it, you are edgy.  That doesn’t mean you have to prove it by lighting Jesus on fire.

One of the final numbers was “Paparazzi,” which had what looked like a giant deep-sea angler with tentacles that had to be fought off using the flashes on our camera.  It was hilarious and really fun.  She followed that up with arriving at the monster ball where she sang “Bad Romance,” which was one of the best numbers of the night.

Fame Monster?

The encore was “Born This Way Again” with a gay pride flag waving.  Lady Gaga had numerous shout outs to the gays in the audience, which made them do wild.  I think she might be our generation’s Liza Minelli.

So, overall, fun was definitely had by all.  The concert definitely had some misses, but Lady Gaga puts on quite a show and I definitely have never been to quite that large scale a production before.  It was definitely worth getting only 4 hours of sleep and achy feet.  Especially since the ticket was free.

Wow, thanks to anyone who made it this far!  So, tell me about your favorite concert experience.  Who’s you favorite band?  Anyone else been to the Monster Ball?


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2 Responses to The Monster Ball

  1. AMAZING!!!I AM SO SO JEALOUS BUT SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! I LOVE GAGA!!!! You look absolutely amazing!

  2. Katy says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty jealous! Haha. I would love to see Gaga, though I do think she goes overboard. My first concert was Dropkick Murphy’s, and I was recovering from a sprained ankle (I just just gotten off crutches) , and I ended up in the MOSH pit. It was quite an experience. Who knew, that the closer you got to the stage, the more violent it was. Not this girl…. Haha.

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