10 Reasons Why I Run

1. I have never been less depressed in my life. I’ve been struggling with clinical depression my entire life.  I was taking meds from the age of 15 and only stopped to TTC.  I’ve been successfully managing my depression without the meds mainly by running, sticking to a consistent sleep schedule, and going off of birth control hormones.  Win.
2. I don’t want to be immobile in my old age. I think this is probably obvious, but I see people in their 80’s run Boston and it makes me realize life is going to be what I make of it and I want to be able to do whatever I want for as long as possible.
3. I love my heart. I am a cardiovascular physiologist, so I know how good running/exercise is for my heart and it appeals to my giant nerd side.
4. It’s something I thought I couldn’t do. A year ago I could barely run for longer than a minute and a 5K sounded like the biggest accomplishment in the universe because 3.1 miles is SO FAR.  Now I’m training for 13.1 and 26.2 feels impossible.  Running constantly offers me a new challenge and makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something amazing.
5.  The runner’s high. I can’t describe how amazing I feel after a run.  It’s like crack, except I’m high on life.
6.  It makes me love my body. More and more I am able to see how amazing my body is because it can carry me 9 miles over a few hours, rather than hating it for the various imperfections.
7.  I feel healthy. Besides the depression, I get sick less, my back aches less (bad disc), and I sleep a lot better.
8.  The community. I’ve met a lot of really cool people from running.  Some of them are online (hi!), some of them are good friends, and some of them are people I’ve had a conversation with on the trail and probably won’t ever see again.  They are all wonderful and have all made an impact on me.
9.  It forces me to make better food choices. I have a terrible relationship with food, so anything that forces me to try to eat a little better is probably a good thing.  Now when I eat I’m thinking more about fueling my body and less about how good cake tastes for breakfast.
10.  I want to. Really, do I need a better reason than that?  Something is getting me out of bed to run at 5 AM and sometimes it is just an intangible desire that comes from nothing.

Notice that list does not include weight loss.  When I tried to run purely for weight loss, I couldn’t stand it.  I think weight loss probably isn’t enough of a driving factor for me to do much of anything because as mush as I am overweight, I don’t feel overweight if that makes sense.

As an added bonus, sometimes running includes sweet race shirts:

Conquer the Creek T-shirt (don't mind the crazy eyes and post-run stank)

Why do you run?  Or if you don’t run, why not?

I promise I’ll be back soon.  Moving is kicking my butt.


About Sarah S @RunningOnWords

Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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5 Responses to 10 Reasons Why I Run

  1. Kara says:

    I love running for all your reasons too! I can’t imagine training for a marathon is calorie burn was my top priority. That would never push me through those tough long runs!

  2. thank you so much for making this list!! i agree with all of these things. i have a not so healthy relationship with food as well…running is slowly helping me get over that.

  3. Michelle says:

    I started running in March of 2004 because I was bored of the gym. I was in the process of losing weight and wanted to try running. I never thought I would love it because I was a gym rat and a water mammal. I’ve done quite a few 5K’s, a few 10k’s, 3 Bay to Breakers and 3 Half Marathons. I’ve been taking a running break for a while since I gained weight and want running to feel good and not painful but it really is an amazing form of exercise!

  4. Hi! Thanks for the comments! Great to find your blog. I run for so many reasons! First and foremost, it makes me happy!!!!

  5. Sara says:

    Sarah – this is my favorite list! I’m hanging it on my motivation board – thank you! You remind me so much of myself it is amazing. I’m so glad I met you and we can run together at MIT. I really really hope you will be coming back next session because it wouldn’t be the same without you! I also KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT you can run 26.2 next!!!

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