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I don’t trust anyone in a sweater vest

Quote from Jon Stewart regarding the local football coach who is enmeshed in a rather public scandal. OMG, I love Jon Stewart! He was hilarious and I laughed so hard I almost peed. No, really, one should always use the … Continue reading

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In your cupboardz, eatin’ your Peepz

Today was a perfect running day.  I met M at 5:30 despite being sleepy and it being windy as all get out.  The thing is, it wasn’t the “perfect” weather or trail conditions (huge storm meant downed branches EVERYWHERE), it … Continue reading

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There’s peanut butter in my bra

Yup, definitely just said that.  And my husband immediately posted it on facebook.  Oh social networking, you make sharing all of my stupid comments so easy.  Darn peanut butter meltaways and their flaky chunks of peanut butter near my lowish … Continue reading

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Drama and Confessions!

Scene: our bedroom, 3 AM Our heroine (that’s me, geniuses) who somehow looks fabulous when she sleeps (ha!) is in bed asleep with 2 (very stupid) dogs and 1 husband. PITCH-CAT decides he absolutely must do something outside the room … Continue reading

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Have I mentioned I love you guys?

Cause I really do.  I’m always hesitant to put such personal information out on the internet.  My parents don’t even know about the miscarriage, but you are all so comforting and sweet and it has really meant the world to … Continue reading

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I promise to get back to being funny tomorrow

Today kind of sucked. Those of you who know me in real life know I’ve been blowing off this whole miscarriage thing.  I act like it’s no big deal, but the truth is, I’ve been trying to avoid the inevitable … Continue reading

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I got The Twitter today.  I figured I should at least check out what I’m always making fun of, right?  I somehow got three followers, one of whom is Bart Yasso.  The other 2 are some randoms that I will … Continue reading

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