Weekend Update 4/3/11

Let’s see, this weekend started with a hot post-work date on Friday to Piada (menu here), which is a newer quick serve restaurant with an amazing menu.  A piada is this delicious wrap thingy filled with angel hair, veggies, cheese, and meat of your choice.  Best way to carb load ever!

Husband got a calamari piada.

My steak piada (now I wish I had refrained from the red meat so I wouldn't feel like a terrible fitness blogger)

We then went home and I think we went to bed.  Because we are old.  And married.  And old marrieds sit around all day chastely holding hands and glaring at each other if someone coughs during reading time.

Saturday I got up and did my 10 miles.  10 miles is really hard, although I did not get a dehydration migraine, so woo!  I’ve been doing 3 gels (followed by the requisite 8 oz of water) throughout my runs and 8-16 oz of Gatorade (orange only, cause the other flavors taste awful).  What is your favorite gel flavor?  I think I like Carb Boom Orange the best, but it is caffeinated, so I can only really do one or two of those a run and I know I will get sick of them eventually.

Anyways, I somehow survived 10.  My GI tract is prone to weird muscle spasms (at least that is what I was told the horrible pain is) and I started having them around 8 miles.  They are extremely painful and I may have almost cried.  Luckily, one of the girls in my group distracted me by telling me all about the book she is reading and I made it through and my stomach actually was better by the time I finished.

I went home and tried to take an Epsom salt bath, but the tub in our new apartment is still kind of effed up.  It leaks constantly and it also apparently drains constantly.  I finally gave up and went and watched tv on my laptop in bed.  I really need to stop getting in bed after long runs.  My muscles were all seized up and I was limping because my left hip was so sore.  I seem to have walked off the bad soreness, but it still a little achy.

I limped my butt to hibachi (don’t judge me, I was HUNGRY).  And I forgot to take pictures.  Worst blogger ever!  Anyways, it was delicious, but the chef sprayed sake in to our mouths using a squirt and my husband choked (literally and figuratively) and spit up all over me and a little on some random stranger.  Note to self, do not take husband out in public.  There was another guy at our table who emptied at least half the bottle and chugged it for 2+ minutes straight.  He swears he was not in a fraternity, but I have my doubts.

This morning was church, followed by breakfast at my favoritest brunch place, Scrambler Marie’s.  We joined my first ever church in September (he had been confirmed as a child, unlike me) and I bribe him in to attending regularly with brunch.  Interestingly, one of the MIT coaches is a pastor at our church, but I don’t really know her. Anyhow, I got my official name tag, which I’m pretty stoked about, because now I feel like a real member (shut up, I put weird significance on things).

The Wisconsin Scramble (scrambled eggs with 3 kinds of cheese, including cream cheese)

Husband devouring his bottomless strawberry french toast (there is strawberry cream cheese in the middle). He ate 2 full plates of that

We always use Sunday brunch as the time to make a grocery list.  We decided to start our grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s on the way home.  I puffy magic unicorn heart Trader Joe’s.

I decided to use the Trader Joe's Spring Chicken sticker to cover my horrible cheek break-out. Freakin' horomones! You're welcome for the sweet close-up of my acne ridden face.

Now to work on unpacking, wash my hair (I’m so lazy about washing my hair), and then a hockey game tonight with The Micks!  I’m sure I’ll post some hockey pictures tomorrow.  There are two home games left and I have tickets to both of them.  I double-pinky promise to try to get some actual pictures now that I’ve found and charged my camera.

What did you do this weekend?  Any one else obsessed with Trader Joe’s?  Any one else eat like a fat American this weekend? I think I may start food blogging more in hopes it will embarrass me in to eating better.


About Sarah S @RunningOnWords

Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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3 Responses to Weekend Update 4/3/11

  1. Terri says:

    Ugh – I totally get the stomach thing! 😦 Congratulations on ten miles, though!

  2. Kara says:

    I eat like a fat American every weekend 🙂

    I love how you describe married life, it’s so true. 😛

  3. Sara says:

    I love Chocolate Outrage GU. I used to love Espresso Love, but yeah, I managed to burn myself out on that one. Now I can’t stand it. You were fantastic on your long run – I am so proud of you! I usually take Aleve after my long runs – even if I am not hurting immediately – and that really helps with pain/stiffness/soreness. You and I need to plan a dinner date after one of our long runs – I LOVE food. Sadly, one of my favorite things to eat after a long run (if healthy as gone out the window) is Chinese food.

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