There’s peanut butter in my bra

Yup, definitely just said that.  And my husband immediately posted it on facebook.  Oh social networking, you make sharing all of my stupid comments so easy.  Darn peanut butter meltaways and their flaky chunks of peanut butter near my lowish cut top. (On a side note, this top was not nearly so low cut when I bought it.  I HATE YOU PREGNANCY BOOBS!)

Oh yes, my parents would be so proud if they found my blog.  So proud.

So this morning my normal running partner bailed because her IT band was causing problems.  The idea of doing any miles alone, much less 5 made me whiny and grouchy (it was raining hard), so I texted my bff at 5:15 AM and she actually agreed to meet me at a nearish park for a quick 2 mile run.  And I do mean quick!  We were having so much fun that I accidentally shaved about 45 seconds off of my mile time.  So now I’m slightly faster than a snail!  Woo!

Tomorrow M and I will tackle the 5 miles before dawn.  I’m loving the sun coming up earlier because now we get lots of sunshine and a glorious sunrise by the ends of our runs.  I am supposed to use a full spectrum lamp to prevent depression, but I always forget, so it’s nice to get some natural sunlight instead.

Rant (feel free to skip):
In other news, those of you on Twitter may have noticed that I loathe State Farm Insurance.  They are apparently canceling our insurance because we made a claim.  I don’t understand how that is reasonable, but it really pissed me off, especially when our agent was super rude about it.  I will never understand how insurance works, but I think it might be the evil empire (my husband totally works for an insurance company. I tell him he’s evil all the time. He loves it, really.).

I have a problem.  My Garmin heart rate strap chafed me like woah on my bra line and now it is itchy as sin.  I walk around all day scratching at my side like a monkey.  Really, why am I allowed out in public?  My husband needs a job so I can be kept at home safely away from normal people.

Finally, I love all your confessions!  It sounds like we’ve all accidentally taken a trip to the maternity clothing well!  You all made my slow dragging day so much better with your hilarious comments.  So to thank you, here’s one final confession from me:

My giant gallon bag of pregnancy tests. I have an addiction to peeing on sticks. Buying the bag of 100 tests was not my proudest moment.

So, anyone need to rant?  Got a funny story to share?  What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found in your bra?


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Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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11 Responses to There’s peanut butter in my bra

  1. Kara says:

    When I was nursing, I used to always find things in my bra at the end of the day. Now, it’s not really an issue 🙂

  2. Sara says:

    HAHAHA! My husband came running because I was laughing so hard. Thank you – it made my day! He said he knows my hormones must be “all over the place.” I glared at him promptly and said I was reading your blog. HAHA!

    You crack me up. You’re like me – only funnier! Is that weird? HAHA!

  3. OH MY that is hilarious! Wait, you can buy a bag of 100 pregnancy tests?

    Thanks for your sweet comments today 🙂

    Disney is a maybe but only for a day or two because my boyfriend’s sister works there and… well… I’ll just say I can relate her to your MIL.

  4. Stuff falls in my bra all the time. Not because my boobs are so big that everything gets caught, but probably because I’m always shoving food in my mouth so i’m bound to miss sometimes. YIKES.
    Speaking of bras. I had a hair in mine today. Itched like crazy and since we are testing I couldn’t just run down to the bathroom. I figured it would be totally inappropriate to start digging around in class so I had to wait for like 30 minutes to get it out. probably tmi?!? sorry!

  5. Jenn Murray says:

    So–re: chafing. have you tried Aquaphor and Maalox mixed together? Probably not, but It does wonders for hamburger balls (bka diaper rash). Aquaphor is like vaseline and the maalox is cooling.

    I don’t have any confessions really. Oh, maybe the fact that AF is visiting and I ate at least 4 tablespoons of cream cheese icing after my run today. Whoops.

  6. No funny things in my bra, but my girls are obsessed with rubbing my boobs lately. I think it’s because Victoria’s Secret bras make my boobs look so smooth and they just can’t resist. At least I hope it’s something like that.

    And by the way, the runnerd thing started here: There is also a runnerd Facebook page (!/pages/Runnerds/165087250176518) and a blog ( that is rarely updated but has some periodic runnerd-related info.

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  8. amy f. says:!!!!!! thats all! 🙂

  9. Sara F says:

    Thanks for inviting me on a run yesterday! I still feel awesome from it. Although when I did my yoga practice later in the evening, my hamstrings were ridiculously tight. I am happy to say that the yoga fixed it. Woot!

    You crack me up with your PB bra! Hahahaha! I usually get stuff like that stuck in my hair. I once had melted chocolate in there and I didn’t notice, and then it got all over my shirt. Yummy.

    Also, screw State Farm! I have heard similar tales about their ineptitude. Blerg.

  10. i’m actually quite shocked/pleasantly surprised when i actually find boobs in my bra!! thank you, mother, for allowing me to inherit a nice, flat chest 🙂

    (it does actually make running quite easy – silver lining).

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