How to Half: Sam from fitness food and faith

Hi Running On Words readers!!   Sam from fitness food and faith here.  I’m so honored to write a guest post for Sarah.  I love Sarah’s blog and always look forward to reading about her runs and adventures!  I know she’s totally going to rock this half marathon. 

Sarah asked me to share a few thoughts on running and racing.  I am by no means an expert, but the half is probably my favorite distance to race.  It’s enough distance that you really have to put in the effort training, yet not so far that you can’t walk up or down stairs for 6 days following the race.  
Here are my top 10 race day tips (sadly, I’ve learned most of them by doing exactly the opposite):
  1. Trust your training.  We all get that panicked feeling right before a race wondering if we’ve done enough.  Trust me, a 15 mile run the day before your race will not help you at all!  Relax the day before and take the down time during your taper to pamper yourself and think positive thoughts about your upcoming race.
  2. Don’t switch anything up.  Everyone always says this, but somehow it still gets forgotten.  Race day is not the time to test out your new shoes, shorts, or crazy breakfast recipe.   Stick with what has been working during your training.
  3. This goes with #2: try and have a dress rehearsal.  Simulate a race of the same length at the same time wearing your race outfit and test out your breakfast and fueling for the race. 
  4. Hydrate early in the race.  I have been known to get so caught up in the excitement of the crowd and forget to drink water.  Oops!
  5. Focus on eating carbs the night before and steer clear of fatty or overly fibrous foods (no salad – definitely learned that one the hard way!).  Save your indulgence for after the race.
  6. Wake up early enough to eat, digest, get dressed, and find the race without feeling stressed.  You want to stay as relaxed as possible – this is worth sacrificing 30 minutes of sleep.
  7. Make friends at the race with people going your pace and soak in the atmosphere.  Try and relax and just enjoy yourself.  Those people are cheering for you!  
  8. Start slow and finish hard.  Another one that everyone says but constantly gets forgotten.  It’s awesome to have a little fuel in the tank to finish strong (and makes for great race photos).
  9. Distract yourself with some mind games.  I like to constantly calculate what fraction of the race is left.  Dorky, I know, but it makes me think of something other than my feet hitting the pavement!
  10. Be your own cheerleader.  You’ve worked hard for this.  Encourage yourself, fist pump, remind yourself that you are here and you are rocking it!

Good luck, Sarah!  Thanks for reading and don’t forget to treat yourself when it’s over.  Feel free to stop by fitness food and faith anytime; I love “meeting” new people in the blog world.

Thanks, Sam!  You all really need to go check out  fitness food and faith.  Sam’s a great and inspirational writer and she also posts awesome, healthy recipes.  I know you’ll love it!

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Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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12 Responses to How to Half: Sam from fitness food and faith

  1. Kara says:

    Great tips! I think the starting slow one is the hardest. I even have a hard time starting my training runs slow!

  2. awesome stuff. I live by the start slow finish hard motto!

  3. nuha says:

    I absolutely love Sam 🙂 She’s such a sweetheart! I’m happy to have found your blog. Good luck on your race!!

  4. These were great tips! I’m constantly impressed by all you long distance runners!!
    (yes, 13 miles IS long distance!!)

  5. thanks for having me 🙂

  6. Those are such a brilliant tips! I love them, Sam:) Wish you both a lovely Monday, kisses

  7. Tatiana says:

    Those are some awesome tips! I think anyone who’s able to run more than 10 miles at a time is pretty awesome 🙂 haha

  8. Great tips! My coach always says “Go out fast, die like a pig.” I don’t plan to die like a pig during my June half marathon. 🙂

  9. Emiliy says:

    Great tips Sam.
    Loved the fractions one and being your own cheerleader. A necessity when going the distance. 🙂

  10. Melissa says:

    this are awesome tips and I never knew that about salad. hahaha

    Write it in Lipstick

  11. Sara says:

    Awesome tips! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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