Capital City Half Marathon 2011 Race Report

Location: Columbus, OH
Distance: 13.1 miles
Time: 3:08:16
Gimmick: “Celebrate you!” Basically, a giant party for runners because we are awesome.

The hardest thing about this race was that I didn’t really sleep the night before. I tried (I went to bed at 8), but sleep was elusive. When I don’t get enough sleep, I start making really bad decisions and I can’t keep my heart rate down. It was also quite a bit warmer and more humid than I was used to in my training runs. I know Kara said not to change ANYTHING, but the weather decided to mess with me.

Oh hi, I'm still in bathrobe.

Enter the world's ugliest throw away shirt.

Enter the world's ugliest throw away shirt. Thanks, husband.

Lee Ann and I are ready to party

I popped out of bed pretty fast when the alarm went off at 5 AM. I had laid out all of my stuff the night before, so I was ready to go pretty fast once I found some migraine medicine. We left the house around 6 AM to get to the VIP parking by 6:30. We ran in to a number of my running friends at the VIP lot and walked over to a nearby hotel where MIT had a room for us to get ready.

Hilarity ensued:

I puffy pink unicorn heart this shirt. If the wearer hates this picture, though, I will take it down. I hope she doesn't hate it.

I cannot for the life me explain my facial expression. Sexual harassment panda strikes again (Mandy is 23 weeks pregnant if you can't tell and I'm convinced her bump is lucky)!

Sara ( and I. Running blogger superstars, amiright?

MIT un(Lucky) 13

I made back bibs in honor of Darlene, Sara's mom, who passed training for the quarter marathon. We were honored to celebrate her life.

It was so nice to relax pre-race with my MIT friends. I think if I’d been waiting outside alone freaking out, things would have started off pretty badly, but I felt pretty good when we got to the start line. I also got to stretch my hip out (husband had taped it before we left), which was a good thing.

The start was packed. We had a little trouble figuring out the corrals, but we managed to get in place and then we waited. To give you an idea of how far back we were, we started about 12 minutes after the gun went off. It felt so surreal to finally hit the start line and I almost forgot to start my beloved Garmin.

The thing that made this race so cool was that it is on streets I drive across regularly. We ran down a main road that I used to take to get to work at the university. We passed the Target I regularly shop at and got water outside a Starbucks I used to stop at constantly. We ran past the famous football stadium up to the main street. We at one point ran on the road I take to get to the highway after work every day. I almost cried when I saw the topiary garden I posted about last week towards the end. The finish line was right past the hockey arena (and you all know how much I love hockey!). I got to tour my city on foot and I loved it! Columbus is a fantastic city and I’m really proud to live here.

As much as I loved the course, I started to struggle very early. My heart rate would not stay down and the electrolyte drink on the course tasted like someone peed in Tang (my only complaint). So guess what I did? Drank a ton of water at every stop because I was so incredibly thirsty. I’m sure you all can guess how this is going to end.

Attempting to rally!

Oh hey guys, fancy meeting you here (love how my friends are looking at the camera and I am looking like a drunk)

We ran in to my personal paparazzi at mile 7 (I think). It gave me a huge boost to see them, but my blasted heart rate was still way to high and my feet were throbbing. I guess I don’t run on streets as much as I think I do. I also have wicked blisters at the base of each big toe. My body did not like this race even though it really wasn’t that much further than I’ve gone before (12 felt fine a few weeks ago for the record). I knew I would get through it with the help of my buddies.

Guess who lost all her friends at mile 9.5? I’ve never done a run longer than 5 miles alone and that was only once. I wouldn’t normally have been that intimidated by 3.6 alone, but I didn’t bring my iPod (stupid) and I really didn’t feel ok. At mile 10 I thought about telling the cop I needed a medic. At mile 11 I thought about telling the medics I needed a medic. I decided to keep running because I would get there faster than walking.  DNF was not an option and the idea of not finishing my race to get medical attention didn’t even really occur to me.

At mile 13, I saw the finish line. A very sweet woman tapped me on the back to tell me she knew Sara and her mom (I was wearing the memorial bib on my back) and I promptly burst in to tears. This woman assured me we were going to finish together, hauled my butt across that line and promptly took me to the medical tent. Dear anonymous runner, you are a beautiful human being and I hope you know how grateful I am.

So close! That lovely woman on the left is my new best friend. Seriously, I will never be able to express how awesome she is.

Going, going, gone!

Y’all, she even went and told Sara where I was so no one would have to worry about me. How awesome are runners?

So, I went to the medical tent where my favoritest hot doctor was in charge.  I told them I drank too much water and felt faint (I’d been dizzy on and off since mile 3), so they had me lay down for 45 minutes while following my heart rate back under 100. They finally released me (I thought I’d been there for 15, so that tells you how well I was doing) and I went and found my husband.  I was not drink any water for the rest of the day

My biggest disappointment about this race (besides my even slower than normal time) is that I got absolutely no post-race pictures. None with my medal, none with my friends, nothing. I’m gonna admit I’ve cried about that a lot the past few days (I can’t stop crying about everything! Hormones suck.) and I also sobbed all over Mandy‘s shoulder after the race (thanks, Mandy!). I also forgot to go to my post-race VIP lunch buffet.

Things got worse when I found out Lee Ann had slammed her leg right below the knee off of a concrete barrier. We had hottie doctor check it out and were sent straight to the ER where we sat for 6 hours. I don’t really feel comfortable talking about it here since it’s her leg, but it’s fine. Not moving around for 6 hours after a half is less fine, however, and I have DOMS from Hades.

So, overall, I would absolutely recomend this race. I think it’s a great race for beginners and it was a fun way to see the city. The only bad part was the weird beverage, but thanks to Kara I will have salt pills to bring with me next time. And you guys, as horribly disappointing as the day turned out, I friggin’ finished and I ran the whole thing!

And, my husband took a few minutes for a medal photo shoot this morning. Check out the sweet VIP Cap City half-zip.

Please ignore the giant box from Krispy Kreme. I had house guests.

I'm a winner!

So, I know you are all waiting with bated breath to hear what my plans are (did anyone at all make it this far down?  Kudos if you are reading this).  I admit at about mile 9 I said I’m never doing this again.  Right now, the idea of running makes me a little sad, but I know in another few days I’m going to be aching for a run and not seeing my girls at MIT next Saturday makes my heart hurt a little.  I am going to take a doctor prescribed two week break from running (my hip feels fine, but let’s not push our luck), but then…

I'm coming for you Columbus Half Marathon (10/16/11)


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Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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23 Responses to Capital City Half Marathon 2011 Race Report

  1. Ashley says:

    Great recap! Sorry it didnt go as planned but awesome that you finished!

  2. Sara F says:

    Congratulations Sarah! I am so proud of you. I’m sorry you had to hang out with the medics, but I am glad you are ok! Don’t beat yourself up about it. I have made so many “rookie mistakes” when it comes to workouts and things that it is embarrassing (kettlebell overzealousness, anyone?). Awesome that you are doing the Columbus half!

  3. pawsitivelife says:

    This is awesome! Im sorry you had a rough time for a while there. For me the start of the race is always always hard, no matter the distance. I usually tell my buddies to go on without me cause Im going to die (and sometimes they do…buggers!) however after 3 km I get my wind back. Dont worry about your time and awesome socks!

  4. Abby says:

    Wow, congrats on gutting out what sounds like a really tough race! Water is such a tricky thing – always tough balance between not drinking enough and drinking way too much.

  5. Kara says:

    Your house guests get Krispy Kremes? You’re a better hostess than me 🙂

    I’m so proud that you finished even though so many things were working against you. Your next half marathon will seem easy in comparison 🙂

  6. Way to push through a tough run!

    It’s completely awesome that you have such a great running team of friends to train and race with!

  7. I’ve definitely felt like I never want to run again. Usually at mile 9 too. But there’s nothing wrong with taking a short break and getting back into it when you’re ready. Even if it’s only for a week or two. I wouldn’t even need a doctor prescribed break. I’ve already put myself on a 2 month break. 😛

  8. Congrats on finishing and not giving up that takes a lot of credit!

  9. Mandy says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought the Ultima tasted fold and refused to drink more of it after the first sip. I hope they do a race survey like Columbus did so I can say NO ULTIMA EVER AGAIN!

    You rocked it out despite it all and I was honored to be your shoulder! Now, you have an awesome fancy medal that looks fabulous around your neck! I’m glad you’re still running so that I don’t have to stalk you for my run entertainment post baby. Hehehe.

    Congrats on finishing!

  10. What a recap! Bummer about the drinking too much water but congrats on finishing and enjoy your break!

  11. Katy says:

    Yay for you!!! I loved this recap though I wish you had gotten a photo of hot doctor! Great job on finishing and not walking!!!

  12. Deb says:

    That Ultima was disgusting!!! Ewwww! Anywhoodle, the wearer is fine with the shirt picture – I expected far more inappropriateness…. 🙂

    Congrats on finishing the race – that is no small accomplishment, my friend! Can’t wait to see you kick some Columbus Marathon butt in October!!

  13. i’m so proud of you!!! what a trooper. way to go, girl, you are such an inspiration and i’m honored to have you as a friend!

  14. Sara says:


    You have absoltely nothing to be disappointed about. Don’t worry, I didn’t get many post-race pictures and I mean to go to the VIP lunch/brunch too, but didn’t. If I knew you were still around, we could have [attempted to go together].

    I feel horrible because you were in the medical tent and I didn’t come down there to see you!!! What the heck kind of coach is that?!!?! I think I misunderstood Beth (the beautiful human being who finished with you) and she said the medics saw you and said you were FINE – I didn’t know that took 45 minutes or I would have run right down there! I went to the finish line/MIT tent to look for you THERE, but when I didn’t see you, I figured you had left. WHAT?! I had no idea you were still in the tent. 😦 I feel like a horrible human being!!

    Don’t cry! I am so incredibly proud of you and what you have accomplished! You have so much to celebrate. And, you better be coming back to MIT to kick COLS in the you-know-what….I really don’t think I can run without you anymore! Plus, if nothing else, you got a fabulous green shirt that looks really pretty on you!

    See you soon!

  15. Jenn Murray says:

    I didn’t try to pee-Tang until the end, it was gross. I’m not going to do MIT this session, I hope we can still be friends. I will miss you guys SO MUCH. Promise to tell me when you do a race? I’m def. going to do Cbus in October too 🙂

  16. Congrats on finishing your first half! The next one will be a piece of cake. My first half was a miserable miserable experience but my second was joyous glory. My third half was miserable so I’m hoping my next race will be awesome… you know crap, awesome, crap, awesome. As my four year old would say, a pattern!

  17. Wow! What a hard-fought race! Way to go! Just like Tara said, my first half was miserable, too, but my second was exhilarating! I hope you’ll give it another go! 🙂

  18. Great recap! I went to Ohio State (Go Bucks!) and had no idea Cbus even did a half…might have to fly in for this one next year, your recap makes it sound like a great run!

  19. themadbohemian says:

    Yikes! Now that’s a recap that makes me want to give you a hug and a big woo-hoo for hanging in there and finishing. Runners are amazing people. In the Columbus Half last year, I was dying. No, really, much like you, I hit mile 10 and I knew I was going to die. I didn’t know anyone, so there was no rally of support to get me there. But, then HE appeared. No idea who HE was or even what HE looked like, but as this guy ran past me, he patted my shoulder and said, “you are doing great….2 more miles….less than a 5k now, you got this in the bag!” I could have sat down and cried, but I kept running. Still, I think a lot of us have stories of some random runner who becomes our lights at the end of seemingly dark tunnels.

    I’m so proud that you hung in there…and were ok!!! I hadn’t realized you were in the medic tent or I would have come over to give you an “anywhoodle, quit fakin’ it girl, and get up off your butt” speech 🙂

    Way to go, Sarah! Your 2nd half will be better because of this one….you gotta do one to start learning what to NOT do the second time around.

    Yeah, and about that Ultima???? UGH!

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  21. TriGirl says:

    You raced your heart out and left it all on the course! And, it taught you what to change for the next race 🙂

  22. Pingback: Stuff and things, I heart winning free stuff edition. | Running On Words

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