Checkin’ in

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the radio silence, DC has been super busy!  We are here for an extra day because the husband got food poisoning (I blame the barbecue) and couldn’t make the drive home.  Guess I’m getting another 4 day work week.  I have an important meeting on Friday , so I’ll be spending some time preparing.

Anywhoodle, I have some fantastic pictures to share with y’all (I’ve been in the south too long), but my memory cord to USB thinger is still at home, so I’ll have to wait to show them to you (I am so not ok with this).  I double pinky promise that they’ll be worth the wait (my dad stole my hat).

In other news, I missed the Pittsburgh Marathon today.  My lovely friend Sara finished it this afternoon and I could not be prouder! The plan was to run it with her as a relay and from what I hear it went swimmingly, despite my last minute absence. I wish I could have been there because it was the coolest plan ever and I hear she was totally surprised (despite my attempts to accidentally tell her by almost posting on her and on Twitter. Don’t tell me your secrets, I suck at keeping them. I don’t really have any of my own (thus the blog), so I guess I don’t quite know what to do with them.

This is a seriously pointless post. My brain is fried from late nights, no running and watching a few too many kids movies. My cousin is here with his 3 year old and 5 month old and they are adorable even if they limit our movie choices. Husband spent some time holding the baby earlier and it made me feel a little sad that I’m not sure that’s something I can give him. Don’t mind me, I seem to be getting my period and it’s making me emo. I’m gonna go listen to some Bright Eyes and cry about how no one understands me. Oh yeah, I went there.

So, I may have given my dad the link to this thing. What up, Mr. Big Pants?

Yeah, my dad was being a brat about something and my husband called him Mr. Big Pants. We all died laughing and Daddy asked if that could be his blog name. He’s redic.

Tell me about your weekends!  What did you do?  Did you meet anyone new?  I’d never actually met my cousin’s kids or his wife before this weekend (they live really far away).  Do you like weddings?  I’m secretly obsessed with them and have wanted to be a wedding coordinator for a long time.  Too bad businesses take money to start.

Promise to write something with more substance next week!  I still want to write a post about what I learned from the race and a review of Bart Yasso’s book (spoiler alert: it’s awesome).  Is there anything anyone wants me to post about.  I’m open to suggestions and I won’t think you are a creeper!


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Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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13 Responses to Checkin’ in

  1. Kara says:

    I love random posts. Sometimes if I can’t think of a good post topic, I do a confessions post, which is essentially a random post, yet people seem to like it. Probably because I confess embarrassing things. 🙂

  2. themadbohemian says:

    I soooo needed a Sarah fix! Sorry to hear the boy got himself poisoned…horrible! I drugged myself up really well and kicked @ss at Race for the Cure with my family (I did a 11 min mile….woot-woot!) and partied hard with the fam for Mom’s birthday. Needless to say, I survived the day and have not gotten out of bed today. Me and the inhaler are spending quality time together along with lots of naps. Maybe my head will feel reattached come morning. Going to be awfully disappointing to have to work a courtroom if I can’t breathe and have an exploding head!!!

  3. Chelsea says:

    Echhh, this weekend was LAME. The muscles around hurty-hip decided to basically seize up, made it a whole 1 mile from the house on my ‘long run’ before turning around and walking home. Massage (previously scheduled, luckily) helped, but now I get to find a sports med dr who takes my insurance and BLEHHHH.

    Today we didn’t get out of bed until 1:30pm. Yeah. I know. BUMS. Then I went to Trader Joe’s while hungry/wanting to eat my feelings and I don’t even know how much I spent – I just signed the little box on the receipt and drove home. With cookies. And ice cream. But no wine. So that’s a win?

  4. amanda says:

    I went to my cousin’s wedding reception and saw my father for the first time in 14 years. We spoke and it went well enough, but now I’m not sure how I feel about it. So that was my weekend.

    Sorry your husband got food poisoning.

  5. That stinks your husband got food poisoning! Though four day work weeks are the best!

    I was in Nashville this weekend visiting my friend. We had a great time and I am not excited to be back at work today!

  6. Abby says:

    Ha! I love that you referred to DC as “the south.” Anything below the Mason-Dixon Line, I guess 🙂

  7. your dad’s nickname is AMAZING.

    i’ll read anything you write, seriously. random posts make me smile!!

  8. pawsitivelife says:

    I am sooo obsessed with wedding and I LOVE when people get engaged. I dont think marriage is for me but I definitly get swept up in the celebrations

  9. llb says:

    Sarah you were greatly missed this weekend….but I assure you – your spirit & influence was with us through & through… Sorry to hear about the food poisoning…Uck…Uck…can’t wait to read your blog about cap city!! See you soon?!

  10. I love random posts too… in fact, my post tomorrow may end up being totally random. Sorry about hubby getting food poisoning.. ick.

  11. Katy says:

    I can’t wait to see pictures! That is terrible about your husband getting food poisoning!!

  12. I think being a wedding coordinator would be so fun! The only problem is that I would want to redo mine like 50 times, every time I got a fun new idea!

  13. Mandy says:

    Love the Mr. Big Pants nickname!!!!

    I hope your hubby has fully recovered – what a great way to cap off your weekend – not.

    Anywhoodle – I will happily blog-stalk you until the pictures are posted. 😀

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