I need a 4 leaf clover, a horse shoe and some rabbit feet

WARNING! I am going to talk about my lady business because it’s sort of integral to the last few days. If you can’t deal with the word menstruation, you might want to come back tomorrow.

Wow, I really think the universe is mad at me. Last night I got to spend 6 hours in the ER because I was bleeding so heavily I was dizzy. Also, the cramps had woken me up the night before because they were so intense. I don’t know why, but it sucked, especially since we had to drive the 7 hours home to go to the ER my insurance will fully cover. I spent 2 hours waiting for a bed (Sara F came down and hung out with me for a bit, thanks bff!) and then another 4 waiting to be allowed to leave. It wasn’t bad except for the last hour where I was moved out in to the hall still in my hospital gown. I got to listen to some teenage girl scream and puke for an hour. I think I may have also overheard a bit too much HIPAA protected information. At least I got come vicodin.

They checked my TSH at the hospital and it’s still too high for Clomid. The fact that I’m relieved about that tells me I’m making the right decision to not pursue it for now. The ER doc said I may actually need a month or two of birth control to reduce the bleeding problem, but it’ll be up to the gyno on Monday. I got lucky and my regular gyno is out of town for a few weeks so I get to see a young doctor who happens to specialize in infertility. Second opinion without having to do any work for the win!

The best part was when I got home to a summons for jury duty. I’d actually always wanted jury duty, but it’s in the middle of June and I don’t think my boss is gonna be happy about me missing another week of work after missing multiple days for this cluster (last Friday to travel, Monday to get home because of the food poisoning and today because of the narcotics) and the days I need to miss still this summer for another wedding and a memorial service. I hate feeling like a bad employee.

Meanwhile, I had my laptop at the ER (doctors and hospitals with wifi are the best) and spent the whole time talking to my MiT friends on facebook. It is so amazing to be constantly in contact with people who are ready to storm the ER if you ask them to. I really couldn’t ask for a better group of friends and I can’t wait to see them all at MIT on Saturday.

On a totally unrelated note, Chester was waiting at my garage door when we got home last night! I’ve been so worried since he got let out last Saturday, so I promptly put him back in the garage with lots of food and water. He seems happy to be back, although he wants to come and go more than I’m willing to let him. The poor little guy still needs a good home! I’m especially concerned because my garage gets hotter than a hotel room on prom night and the temperature is supposed to go back up later in the week.

Anywhoodle, I finally uploaded all my DC pictures, so you can expect a recap of our trip tomorrow or Thursday. I’ll be running again starting Saturday, so this will actually be a running blog again (gasp! shock! awe!). I’m really looking forward to starting my training again and I’m so glad MiT is starting up again. One of my favorite things about my city is that we have this incredible running program. Until then, maybe someone can explain this picture to me?

I have no idea how he got a collander, much less why he put it next to his food bowl. And yes, Rufus does require a raised feeder because he is too stupid to not eat so fast he chokes.

Anyone else need some luck?  Have you ever had jury duty?  Is it as boring as it sounds?  Did you do anything interesting today?


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Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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12 Responses to I need a 4 leaf clover, a horse shoe and some rabbit feet

  1. Katy says:

    I’ve never had jury duty, but my BFF was summoned for a murder case. I don’t think they chose her though. That or it was a really quick case. I’d have to ask her to refresh my memory. I really hope you are ok, and I’m sorry you had to go through all that,

  2. Oh man, you had a rough couple of days!

    I’ve never had jury duty either (knock on wood because our court house scares the crap out of me), but it always cracks me up when people are jazzed about getting it. You’re awesome.

  3. yikes! sorry about the hospital visit. i’ve never had jury duty, but i also kind of want it… but maybe only for 30 minutes or so.

  4. Aw man, I’m sorry to hear that! I never got jury duty.. the few times I’ve been summoned, I had been able to use college as an excuse. The one time I was able to go, they canceled… yet I still got paid $7.

  5. Kara says:

    Ugh, that trip to the ER sounds no fun! I hope the bleeding gets better soon and you can get some of my 2-3 day light bleeding period magic.

    I think Rufus wants a bigger bowl hence the colander. 🙂

  6. Mandy says:

    I’m glad to here that it wasn’t anything we needed to storm the ER for! 🙂

    I’ve always kind of wanted jury duty….but then I did do the law school thing and all. LOL

    I agree with Kara – Rufus wanted a bigger bowl of food! HAHA!

  7. You DO need a four leaf clover and a rabbit foot! Canada may not have Target or Cheesecake factory (sniff!) but at least we have free health care-so I guess it balances out. I was also excited about Jury duty until a summons came…thankfully it was for my parents house and I dont live there any more. The idea of making 7$ a day is not that fun

  8. I’ve been called for Jury Duty twice, got out of it once and the second time they didn’t need me. They don’t let you in there with any electronics, so I would be bored. That is of course unless I wanted to go back to “paper books.” < —- spoiled with a Nook.

  9. Sara says:

    Yikes! I am glad you are okay. I would have come if you needed me to!! I feel horrible that you were feeling horrible.

    I have never had Jury duty, but I did have to testify on an old case and THAT was horrible. Until then, I wanted Jury Duty. Now, I do not, ever.

    I love your dog (and Chester too)! I wish I could have a kitty!!!!!

  10. Sara says:

    P.S. – when you are feeling better let’s set a date/time for SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ihearteggs says:

    What a rough couple of days for you! 😦

    I’ve never had jury duty… thankfully! (knock on wood!!! lol)

  12. RunnerMoose says:

    Hope you’re feeling better!! I need my Sarah fix, and soon!!! 🙂

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