Murphy hasn’t got anything on me!

I managed to throw up on my way out the door this morning.

I choked.  On a twig in my Chinese tea.  I then had to shove the dog away because said tea contains foxglove.  For those of you not getting a degree in cardiovascular phsyiology, foxglove is also know as digitalis and can cause a fatal arrhythmia if too much is consumed.  I don’t know the fatal dose for dogs or the amount in my tea, so I figured better safe than sorry.

I don’t know what my deal is, I’m just can’t seem to get it together.  I feel like the walking embodiment of Murphy’s Law.  If I’m not sick, I’m injured.  If I’m not sick or injured, then I can’t sleep.  Ridiculous.  Best example: my skinned knees are finally almost healed and I got a wicked blister on the healing skin.  Seriously!?  Who gets a blister on their knee?

And no, I was not doing anything perverse, I think it was the seam of my running capris.  MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER, PEOPLE!

Anywhoodle, enough with the self pity!  I guess I just don’t have much to talk about today, so I’m grasping at straws, which are a little negative.

I guess I should probably tell you we’ve decided to do Clomid.  After the Emerald City Half in September.  I should be fine for the half in October even if it works.  Compromise!  Husband is happy because it gives him time to find a good job and I’m happy because I get to do my races.  I’ll also be close enough to finishing my degree that I should be able to graduate well before a baby comes.  Win-win.

In other news, I’m a little nervous for the 5K on Saturday.  I just feel so out of shape!  Which is kind of weird since I just ran a half marathon 3 weeks ago.  Is this normal?  My page for donations is here if you have a few dollars to spare.  I’m $13 away from my fundraising goal!

Anywhoodle, I got another 2 miler in, and it was pretty speedy cause it was with Sara F.  Girl is a friggin’ gazelle waiting to happen.  I think when she sprinted it was probably around an 8 minute mile (I did an 8:43 mile for a few feet).  I can’t wait to do Warrior Dash with her in July, even if I do end up eating her mud (I was gonna say dust, but it is a mud run).  I just wish I understood why it felt so incredibly hard.  This is weird.

So, what’s new with you?  I participated in Bart (as in Yasso) Chat on Twitter today and it made me wonder, how slow is too slow to be a runner?  Do the number of people walking races these days bother you?  Do you think the focus should be on race or event?

Yeah, I'm slow, but I'm really ok with that


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Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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13 Responses to Murphy hasn’t got anything on me!

  1. Katy says:

    I know how you feel. 2 months ago I was running 5 miles, and now I’m gasping for breath after one. I need to work on it so badly. Haha. Finding motivation has been difficult for me lately. 🙂

  2. Kara says:

    Clomid is a crazy maker. My two friends both did it and I think their husbands paid the price.

    I have off days after a big race too, sometimes 2 miles is harder than 10 for no real reason.

    I don’t get bothered by people walking races. As long as they start behind me. 🙂

  3. Samantha says:

    Oh man, I really hope that no one comes up with a definition of a ‘too slow runner’ for fear that I will be in that category! I struggled the other day with a 3 miler. I’ve done a marathon. It doesn’t make any sense other than the fact that any one of a million different factors can make a run go bad. Good luck on your 5k!!

  4. Good luck with clomid. And I’m totally slow.. but at least I’m trying. I think, with 26.2 miles, what’s the harm in walking some? That said, if I were to ever do a marathon, I’d like to run 99% of it. Not that I will ever get there.

  5. Raquelita says:

    Who defines slow? For someone like Kara Groucher slow is a 7 min/mile. For someone like me slow is a 12-13 min/mile. Walkers at races don’t bother me, unless they are walking right in the middle of the road.

    To answer the question you asked on my blog – yes, I was in C-bus for grad school.

  6. yikes! You can’t catch a break! That tea sounds ridiculous!

    I don’t really have anything going on…I’m hoping my blog doesn’t show quite how boring I am lately 😉

  7. Kate says:

    I’m thankful there are races where speed doesn’t matter because it would be impossible for me to really get excited about running if I knew I would have to time qualify to even run a race. I probably wouldn’t even try, to be honest. But I think as long as you’re aware of what’s going on around you and get out of the way of faster runners then there shouldn’t be any issues.

    And as far as your streak of misfortune goes, maybe you should get some bubble wrap and create a suit of armor. If nothing else the diversion might help you decompress a little from everything that’s going on – or at least get you laughing!

  8. Jenn Murray says:

    First off, I don’t know anything about anything, but I do have an opinion. 🙂

    No knowledge of Clomid, but if you end up with multiples, you’ll be fine. I have zero patience and my kids are happy (most of the time).

    I ran a 5K in Newark this past weekend and was totally intimidated by everyone else. If I was a good blogger, I would have blogged about it. It will happen, soon. Everyone seems FAST, it was way different than Cap City. I couldn’t believe it. I was running my fastest race ever and I swear the guy next to me was 80. But I had to mentally reset. It’s not about them, it’s about me and my PR. Maybe they have more experience, although it’s called a race, it’s a race with yourself. But then midpoint, some of those “fast” runners were walking. Yeah–they can’t pace themselves, so they spent the entire race sprinting and walking. Then when I passed guys (@ cap city mile 10 too), I felt like a fn rock star.

    I used to get annoyed at run-walkers, especially at MIT. Maybe because they coach liked to yell and I found it annoying. Side note: I found out she has twins, so I feel like I have to like her. Stupid, I know. But at Cap City, the run-walk group was maintaining a 12 min pace, so maybe it works. Not for me though.

    On Pace: Bart Yasso tweeted the other day “run at a pace you couldn’t maintain forever”. Now I’ve just started running in December, but I feel like pace will come with time. This is new. You can’t go from the couch to a 8 min mile. On top of that, don’t worry about what others think about your pace. Whatever the pace, you’re lapping people on the couch.

    Have a great race, Sarah. Sorry for the novel, I should be working.

  9. Abby says:

    Not much going on here. End of the school years means reconvening the pace of grad student life – coffee dates with friends, digging into archives (eventually), and writing in coffee shops.

    Good luck this weekend!

  10. Shelly says:

    My sister and her husband are trying for their second child. He had leukemia and has to take medication to stay in remission. It makes it difficult but not impossible to have children. Good luck with the Clomid.

    I am at a point in my running life that pace isn’t the goal it used to be. I’ve been running for over 20 years. My sights are more often on pushing my physcial abilities in endurance and achieving new experiences through my running. I want to enjoy the journey to and through each start and finish line. Not just make it from one point to the other as fast as I can. I run and not bike because I want to see what is on my path not just get down my path faster. Running for me is a lifestyle that I will hopefully be living even up to the day I die. So pace, who cares?! If fast is an 11 minute mile, guess what? It only matters if YOU want it to matter. We all think that all the other runners CARE about how fast or slow we are going. Well, they don’t. They are running their race and you should run yours. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other!

    (oh, didn’t you want a novel length comment. heehee! thanks for stopping by my journey. stop back soon!)

  11. i’ve been sick this week and not working out at all…i seriously feel like i’ve never run in my life. it’s awful! i’m sure it’s mental…

  12. Sorry you puked. Funny story though.

    And I laughed out loud at the blister on your knee.

    I think people shouldn’t worry as much about pace as just about getting out there and getting moving. I do think certain races (Boston for example) are justifiable exceptions to this rule.

  13. Mandy says:

    That tea sounds like some truly crazy stuff. I think the timing for clomid is a good compromise for your overall situation. I can’t wait for my little one-to-be to play with your future little ones.

    As to walkers at races – the only time that bothers me is when they congregate in groups and spread all the way across the race route….meaning you literally have to run a 100 yards to get around them. This happened to me at the Columbus Half Marathon last year. Of course – then I was a walker at my last race when injury struck early on. 🙂

    I’m competitive – so I’m always look to get faster. But, we both know I’m not fast in most running circles and I’m okay with that. My main goal is to run a pace that I can maintain for the entire race. I always try to push a little bit by making overall time goals – but I also make sure those goals are within reach of my current pace – it takes the fun out of it if you can’t meet the goals! Some day, I’d love to qualify for Boston…but that won’t happen any day soon. 😉

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