PetPromise Rescue Run 5K 2011 Race Report

Location: Columbus, OH
Distance: 5 km
Time: 39:04 (PR!)
Gimmick: Fundraiser for homeless pets.  It includes a big festival in the morning during registration and there are LOTS of dogs and walkers.
Money raised: $170!  Thanks to my mom, stepdad, Sara, my in-laws, Maggie, Jenn, Mr. Big Pants and my stepmom. The site is still open for donations if you meant to donate and didn’t get a chance. Click here.

As you may or may not remember, I really didn’t want to do this race by the time Thursday rolled around.  I’ve been really depressed and I was doing it semi-alone (my lovely friend Mandy decided to walk it because she’s 6 months pregnant).  I take back everything I said.  I think my desire to get it over with meant I ran fast to be done and that was awesome!

Delilah helped us get money for parking

The race started at 10:30 AM, but we left our apartment (husband and I brought our two puggles because dogs were welcome and invited) because only the first 1000 people get t-shirts (you know I love a free t-shirt!).  I had pre-registered, so once we parked (nice a cheaply considering proximity to the race and the area we were in) we headed straight for registration.  Rufus and Delilah wanted to sniff everything they saw and the Pampered Chef guy insisted we bring them back for treats once we were registered.  Registration took 2 seconds since she just had to check my name off of a list and hand me my swag bag.

The swag bag was really cute.  There was a dog biscuit (had to break it in half for the kids), scented had sanitizer, the t-shirt and some flyers.  I really liked how practical all the stuff in it was.  K and I preceded to walk the puggles towards the front of the fair, where we ran in to Mandy, Mark and Cassie (their dog).  After posing for a pro photo, we headed in search of food.

Mandy and I found free bagels, cheese (Cabot was a sponsor) and bananas at a tent and settled in for a pre-race snack.  After we ate, we looked around and my dogs molested the Pampered Chef guy repeatedly (he had homemade PB yogurt treats and the puggles went nuts).  We met lots of other dogs and I think my dogs really loved.

As we waited for the race to begin at the start line, I realized this wasn’t chip timed and I had a very specific goal in mind (sub-40, 12:50/mile pace), so I needed to get way closer to the front if I wanted the clock to say a reasonable time (there were a lot of walkers and even more dogs).  I squeezed my way in and took off pretty quick.

I realized around 0.1 miles that I was flying.  I believe I was under a 10 min mile, which is a sprint for me.  The first 0.2 miles was hills, so I was really pushing it.  I was unsuccessful in scaling back on the pace because it felt good.  Also, if I start out fast, my normal pace feels like a crawl and I don’t like it.  Near the end of mile 1, I saw my husband and he was there again at mile 2 (it was a modified double loop course):

I'm in the white tank top with no dog

We ran in to a Segway tour before mile 2, but they waited politely.  I am always sort of bemused by Segway tours because I can’t believe we are too lazy to do walking tours now.  Or bike tours.  Whatever works for the tourists, I guess.  Do you think these people realize how goofy they look?  I kind of want to go on one of these now and report back.

This course had A LOT of hills.  I even remember realizing at the top of the first hill (up Nationwide Blvd) that I would have to do it again.  Same thoughts occurred to me at the second hill (outside Lodge Bar), but I couldn’t slow down.  Every time I tried  it made me crazy.  I finally jammed in my headphones around 1.5 miles just to stop thinking about it.

The only bad thing was I wanted more water.  There was one hydration stop that we passed at 0.2 miles (too early for me to stop) and around 1.8 miles.  It was hot and really sunny and I got really thirsty, but there was a water tent at the end, so I figured I’d live).  I’m glad I didn’t stop, but I slammed a few bottles of water once I was done.

My splits were 11:54 (I almost pooped my pants when I saw that), 12:38 and 12:42.  I think if I had gone out a little slower I would have had consistent splits, but I don’t think I care.  I broke all the rules people told me to follow and it worked, so I’m gonna call it a wash.  My last 0.1 mile (0.18 according to my Garmin) was actually at a 10:19 pace because I hit the top of the hill (down Nationwide Blvd, same finish as Cap City) and I took off.  I went out a little too fast too soon, but I was done!

K ran with me for a tiny bit to get this finish photo. He's cute.

Official time: 39:04, Garmin time 39:06, Garmin average pace 12:18/mile

Official start and finish line pictures are HERE.

After the race, we headed over to the free Velvet ice cream truck and grabbed water bottles at the tent.  We sat down on the curb and waited for Mandy, Mark and Cassie to finish.  They crossed a little before 1 hour and then we ate some more ice cream (what, it was free!).  Mandy also got Cassie microchipped on the spot ($15 including registration) and then we headed home.  I think fun was had by all and I will definitely do this race again.

The puggles were pooped.

Delilah sleeps

Rufus thought this meant he was on the internet. And yes, I am reading


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13 Responses to PetPromise Rescue Run 5K 2011 Race Report

  1. Kara says:

    Congrats on the PR! I always start out too fast in a 5K. I consider the 5K to be the “run until you puke” distance because it feels like a sprint.

    I always, always carry my own water. I can’t be slowed down to wait! 🙂

    I kind of love your puggles. Except for that beagle part lol.

  2. awesome job on the PR. Your pups are too freaking cute!

  3. Congrats on an awesome job, I’m glad you went ahead with and did so well!

  4. pawsitivelife says:

    That is super awesome…maybe you could do Disney with me??? I need to find a race that the doggie and I could do together…but she is not very competative, unless you count pit fighting, than she is a champ!

  5. runnermoose says:

    Looking good, Bad@ss!! Congrats on a great race!!

  6. Mandy says:

    So. Much. Fun! I loved getting my Sarah-fix most of all. That – and being there when you PR’d. With the warm weather – you are A-mazing. 😀 Nice job on the raising money for a good cause as well!

  7. girl, you are FAST! congrats on the PR.

    hope the weekend was wonderful 🙂

  8. Wendy says:

    I’m so glad you ran the race! Minus the whole course thing (I hate that course), it is my favorite race. Ironic, eh? Did they have the agility course and vendors at the end? I got a ton of free stuff last year from the vendors, including a water bottle with a roller ball that my dog is too dumb (or uppity) to figure out how to use. (Imagine a gerbil water bottle)

  9. Sara says:

    Yay! Thanks so much for the race review. For the record, I will not miss this race again. It sounds like a blast. My pups would have freaked, I am sure!

    I’m so proud of you and your PR in spite of how you were feeling about the race. What an inspiration for the next time I don’t feel like racing! And, if I may say, you look fabulous in the photos. Keep up the great work (and also posting so I can read about it!)!!

  10. Margaret Sterling says:

    I was at this race too, and probably really close! I finished at 40:17 (good for my first 5k ever, if I do say so myself!) and I’m pretty sure that my sister-in-law was trying to steal the puggles after the race (next to the finish line and that pizza place)!! I had a great time during the run, and it’s good to find more central ohio runners!

  11. Awesome job and congrats on the PR!!! 🙂 I really love that this race benefited homeless pets…your dogs are adorable!!

  12. Jessica says:

    Congrats on the PR – that’s awesome!! Your dogs are so cute and really making me want one of my own! If only! Love the great cause as well, I think I’m going to go look if there’s one in my area now.

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