Summer running and other lessons I’m learning

Y’all, it has been scorching!  The mercury blew out the thermometer at 93 degrees on Tuesday.  And we still don’t have working air conditioning.  Yes, I am furious, and yes I did force the apartment complex to get us a hotel room.  Turns out calling the complex manager’s boss will get a lot done.  They say the HVAC guy will be here today to put in a new furnace since apparently the one they put in before we moved in was put in incorrectly.  So basically, this has reinforced the valuable lesson that the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

Our bed for a few nights before we got the hotel room. At least we invested in a sectional!

Anywhoodle, on to summer running!  I’ve been running alone a lot lately.  At first I was really upset about it because I wasn’t used to it anymore, but I’m starting to enjoy my runs alone (not that I’m sad to run with others).  I’m back down to only doing 2 miles, but I feel like I’m learning to run all over again, which is partly due to decreasing my mile times by 30 seconds to a minute.  So, anyways, things I’m doing lately:

1.  Less is more.  And by this, I mean, the less clothes the better!  Personally, I hate loose sprint shorts (my crotch sucks them up) and I feel like the spandex ones give me cameltoe (be honest with yourself, ladies, CT is never ok), so I’ve discovered the wide world of running skirts!  I first saw them on Tall Mom and she always looks so good in them, so when I saw a bunch in at my beloved Fleet Feet, I bought 2.

Skirt, tank top, sunglasses

2.  Sun protection!  Now that it’s getting rather light by 6, I’m running in daylight every morning.  Admittedly, I am incredibly fair (thus why my legs and arms glow in the dark), so I really don’t tan.  Regardless, tanning is not a sign of good health!  I feel very strongly that our society encourages us to look unhealthy by teaching us that tan is sexy.  Anyways, my point is I’m layering on my SPF 50 (you really don’t need higher than SPF 35, but I’m allergic to a lot of sunscreens, so I use what I can) and I wear my sunglasses to protect my delicate corneas.  I do leave the sunny g’s off for the early parts of my run because 10-15 minutes of sunlight helps me wake up and keeps the depression monster at bay.
I hope we can still be friends despite my objections to tanning.  I’ve seen the effects of UV radiation on skin and it is awful.  And cancer sucks.

3.  Stand up straight!  I’m finding that if I stand up straight, look ahead, and open up my shoulders I can get a lot more air.  I’m asthmatic, so this muggy, humid nastiness is making it much harder to get the air in with my allergy inflamed lungs.  I’m sure this upright, good posture stuff will apply in winter though, too.  I’m also learning to keep my arms relaxed and not clench my fists.  This coincides with my increases in speed.

4.  Water!  I think this speaks for itself.  I drink more water all day (at least a glass an hour once I get home).  I’m not hydrating for my 2 milers, but I will start Gu-ing and using my salt pills for anything a whole lot longer.

5.  Shower the instant you get home.  This is less about running and more about not being gross.  I get wicked body break outs if I don’t shower right away and I’ve noticed I have a slightly more awesome stank going after runs these days.  Why yes, my husband does find me incredibly sexy, was it the giggling at my own farts that gave it away?

In other news, we have a wedding this weekend, so we’ll be heading to my hometown and spending a few day with Mr. Big Pants starting tomorrow.  I’m gonna run the hills of Western PA on Saturday for 2 miles (I’m wincing thinking about it) and then watch two of my favorite fraternity brothers get married (co-ed fraternity).  I’m hoping to update before the wedding, but I probably won’t get a lot of time to read your blogs.

So, tell me friends, any big plans this weekend?  I know Kara has her 50K on Saturday and is going to rock it (and hopefully not have to poop in a hole)!  Anyone else racing?  Any advice for summer running?  Anyone tried running skirts?


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14 Responses to Summer running and other lessons I’m learning

  1. Mandy says:

    I’ve always wanted to try running skirts – but never actually have. I can’t wait to try them next year now! Thanks for doing it first! 🙂

    *still grumbling about your complex and your AC*

    Great tips/tricks you’ve learned!

  2. Abby says:

    Just got back from a morning run – guess it’s time to jump in the shower 🙂

    I’ll be racing in upstate NY this weekend – here’s hoping for slightly cooler weather!

  3. Kara says:

    I’m so excited that you made a poop in the hole reference on your blog 🙂

    I can’t do running skirts. I feel like I’m running to a tennis match.

  4. less is definitely more! When I run at home on my treadmill I usually wear a tank and teeny tiny running boyshorts. When I go outside I cover up a little because, let’s be honest, no one wants to see that. lol

  5. Jenn Murray says:

    Thanks for the heads up of skirts at FF. I never get to shop (hello, toddlers are evil in stores). Plus–I have a rewards certificate burning a hole in my pocket. I’ll have to get one or two and wear it at Ellie. 🙂

    This weekend, I’m participating in a WALK (boo!) to raise money for the American Lung Association because I fucking hate cancer (to put it lightly). 🙂

  6. I’m loving my running skirts although sometimes I just wish I could wear shorts like a normal person (but they always bunch and I hate that). Can’t believe your AC isn’t working, that’s awful! And great tips for summer running.

  7. umm, first of all…you’re looking skinny and hot in that picture! go girl!!!

    i get the worst breakouts this time of year. i hate it. even on my thighs. wtf?!

    i’ve never tried a running skirt, but seeing as my overlapping thighs always eat my tempo shorts, perhaps i should give one a shot.

    have fun at the wedding!

  8. Sara says:

    Okay, okay. I have never tried a running skirt, but I want to. I am too self-conscious to wear one, I think! I just need to suck it up (or in?) and get one and maybe I will like it. Actually, I just bought a pair of (gasp!) shorts – I have never run in anything besides capris, really. It can be hot as you-know-where and I will still wear capris! Maybe I should try a skirt?

    YOU LOOK FABULOUS, GIRL! That skirt totally suites you. I like the length on it – not too short, but you still get the benefits of cool. Nice. Is that one of the ones you got at FF? I may have to make the journey up there sooner rather than later…………

  9. pawsitivelife says:

    I used to wear skorts for tennis, yours looks decent! Im sued to the little short white ones that ‘sex-up’ the sport

  10. Love the skirt!! 🙂 Great tips for beating the heat…I am ready for a nice, hot summer of training!!

  11. You look fantabulous in your outfit! Great tips for summer running! 🙂

  12. Katy says:

    My plans are SAT tomorrow (wholly not prepared!) and then driving up to NC to get my household furniture from the ex-fiance. It’s gonna be a long weekend! Lol. I hsould try a running skirt…

  13. Judi says:

    WHAT?! No Sara fix for me tomorrow??? Oh, no!!! That bites! I’ll miss you!

    LOVE your running skirt and I LOVE wearing them period. I discovered them last summer and live in them until fall. I tell myself the reason I wear the skirt is that I run by so fast that people can’t tell if I’m a boy, girl, or gazelle….until they see the skirt. Yeah, something like that….or they are just really darn comfortable for me. I like Brooks the best because they have good compression shorts underneath. I find that if there isn’t a good short underneath, it can make for a pretty miserable run.

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