The animals are conspiring to kill me

Urgh, I had a blog post all typed out (Kara tagged me in some survey thing-y), but I accidentally deleted it somehow!  I feel like I got hit by a bus, so rather than try to remember all of my answers, I’m going to post something short and sweet in my series I like to call animals where they don’t freaking belong.

Who can see what is wrong with this picture? (Shut up, I know my kitchen is dirty) Do you like how she smashed a mug of Chinese herbal tea ALL OVER the floor. That mug was hand-painted for me by an old friend.

Oh look, Delilah was on the counters again. After I took this, she moved to the stove and started licking the burners.

I later had this conversation on Twitter:

Read it from bottom to top. I stand by this.

So the next day, I’m walking around the front of my apartment and see this spectacle:

That's the electricity boxy thingy in the yard. I assure you that is the technical term.

Oh hi, not very smart cat. Did I mention he's weird? It was like 80 something degrees and that had to be stupid warm.

So finally, today one of the 6 dogs I was around throughout the course of the day had a snack:

That used to be a pocket. I'm really hoping it was my dogs and not one of my friends'. I'll feel really bad if someone's dog gets sick from my stupidity.

I’m pretty sure I must have left some food in the pocket.  I suspect we will know who did it when they poop day-glo.  RIP MIT coat, I loved you well.

Anywhoodle, I’ve pretty much had it with the home for wayward animals we have going here, so my husband sent me this:

Sunbeam is the best babysitter

Ok, I guess they can live.  Even if Rufus did just eat a plastic to-go cup.  He’s almost four in case you thought he was teething.  When he was teething he ate a wooden coffee table, so a cup is nothing.  The only reason I’m not sure he ate the jacket is because I didn’t notice it was torn when I was wearing it this morning, so I think it happened after I left the house.  Mystery.

In other news, I had a three mile run this morning that left me aching and headache-y.  I haven’t felt this crappy since I first started training over 5 miles with MIT.  I actually took a nap I felt so exhausted and I don’t nap.  Ever.  Any ideas?  It isn’t nearly as hot as it has been and I don’t feel like my allergies are that bad right now.  Maybe all the power went to my head?  Duane, our pace coach, told me to lead the group back since I had the working Garmin.  Sara and I went back together, although we went a little slow after looking at my Garmin.  I was so busy talking to her I wasn’t checking our speed enough.  Oops.  Either way, it was super fun!

Ok, I’m probably going to bed now (it’s 7:30, that’s late enough!).  I have a 5K in the morning and I’m not totally convinced I’m up for it.  Hopefully I didn’t sleep as well as I think I did and a good night’s sleep will fix me.

Anyone else racing this weekend?  Any hot Saturday night plans?  We talked about going to X-Men, but I don’t feel up to it.  Instead, I’m curling up in bed with the new Runner’s World and streaming Love Bites on Hulu Plus.  Have a good night!


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Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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10 Responses to The animals are conspiring to kill me

  1. Chelsea says:

    Ooo, the animals always seem to have about a week where, by the end of it, I am ready to boot-kick them out into the bay.

    I am glad dog can’t make it onto the counters. It’s the last ‘safe’ place in the downstairs we have, really.

    And yes, sunbeams ARE the best babysitters. JJ takes his chewie to the sunbeams at the end of our aisle at work in the afternoons now to lay & chew.

  2. Jenn Murray says:

    thanks for the laugh with the photos. & remember when it’s not funny that have 3 year old twins, so you’ll have the last laugh…always.

    I’ll be there tomorrow and I’m nervous. This weather has me in a running funk and everything feels harder that it should. I want to stick to short runs forever. I

  3. Kim (Book Worm Runs) says:

    OMG!! Shut UP with that first picture…are you kidding me?!? Lol! I am beginning to see how the dog got on top of your fridge 😉 You certainly have your hands full girl!!

  4. That first picture is so completely ridiculous! You are having a rough go of it! Geez.

  5. Oh geez, sorry to hear about the animals going crazy! Lol!! And about the run.. maybe you weren’t hydrated enough?

  6. emily says:

    Oh my, a dog on the counter! No good can come of that. One of the dogs my mom had when I was younger had never been inside a house (she was a rescue), and so the first time we left her alone, we came home to her standing on the kitchen table, wagging her tail like, “dude this is freakin awesome! Welcome home, come on up here and let’s play!”

    Also, my puppy (7 months old and teething), was chewing on the wood kitchen chair this morning. It’s not my house (I live with my brother and SIL). Talk about embarrassing! I hope she’s a quick learner because this whole puppy training thing is nuts. Something about carrying poop outside to the yard and saying in a high-pitched voice, “good girl!” like she was the one who put it there makes me feel like a huge turd.

  7. Mandy says:

    Oh my. Is it mean that I found all the pictures hilarious??? I guess that’s easy when it’s not my dog. I think Cassie would flip out if she got up that high. 🙂 I don’t THINK it was Cassie that got your jacket – but I’d feel really bad if she did!!!!

    Your last comment totally reminded me that I meant to ask you if you wanted to see that movie together!

  8. Katy says:

    Haha, animals are pretty destructive. Our dog is destructive (loves to eat socks… especially my over-priced running socks) and SMELLS SO BAD. He has long hair, so even after you give him a bath he smells bad all over again. Ugh.

  9. I’m still stumped over the coat mystery! No glowing poop yet on my end! I hope you are feeling better today. I had a great time running with you on Saturday and Sunday! You are a great running partner because you keep me laughing when the going gets tough. You looked hardcore on Sunday – I was impressed!!

    P.S. – HOW DO YOUR DOGS GET UP ON THINGS?! Mine never have! I don’t think they can jump that HIGH! Do puggles jump higher than other breeds? This is fascinating to me!!

  10. Running Girl says:

    These pictures remind me why we don’t have any pets – my kids cause that much destruction, so it all balances out. 🙂 Hope they give you a break!

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