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Confessions part 5!

First of all, thanks so much for all of your support and then congratulations!  It means the world to us and I hope you guys will stick around even though the blog might get a little more babycentric until I … Continue reading

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Confessions, part 4

Well, I still can’t tell you my big secret (soon, I hope.  Husband, you are killing me), but I can tell you lots of my embarrassing little secrets! 1.  I can’t spell the word “embarrassing.”  Spell check always fixes it for me. … Continue reading

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On being real, car wreck edition

I am going to try to go an entire post without resorting to pictures of my dogs. I know, I’m shocked too. Anyways, Friday was WAY too eventful.  Husband found out his best friend got that job they both interviewed … Continue reading

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Must run, but first a photobomb (and a winner)!

I am slacking so hard these days. I’m living in my head, which is a scary place and it’s making me afraid to do anything. It also makes me lazy. The solution? Go out and run 3 miles in the … Continue reading

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DNS and a lack of confessions

I have a confession, internet. I’m holding out on you. It’s not that I don’t trust you all, it’s just that if my family read about life stuff here they might go crazy.  So, instead you’ll get constant complaints of … Continue reading

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Sleep, that’s where I’m a viking!

I know I owe you guys some real posting, but I am so tired. It’s like that bone tired, can’t think, can’t move tired.  And I keep waking up before 5 AM on my own.  It’s rough.  And I’m not … Continue reading

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Gotein review and GIVEAWAY!

I have to be really honest here. I am a picky eater.  I don’t like a lot of foods.  And honestly, I don’t like the taste of Gotein. I wanted to like this so bad!  I can’t have soy protein, … Continue reading

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