GBBPX! Guest post by MCM Mama

I agreed to cede control of my blog over to someone else and write a guest post for some other poor sucker lovely blogger during the Great Big Bloggy Post Exchange.  Luckily, my blog is in very capable hands, but I feel bad for Carrie who got stuck with me and my writer’s block.  I’ll let you know when my cold medicine induced ramblings go live on her blog.  In the meantime, say hi to the lovely Erika.  Also, don’t forget to enter my Everstride giveaway if you haven’t yet!

My name is Erika and I blog over at MCM Mama.  I’m a mom of two crazy boys, the wife of a man who loves travel and good beer, and an RRCA certified running coach who focuses on new runners and moms returning to running. After running the Marine Corps Marathon in 2008 (the reason I started this blog and the reason behind the name), I set a goal of running a race in all 50 states.  I just finished states 13 and 14 and have run another marathon and 8 half marathons plus a bunch of shorter races along the way. Right now, though, my big goals are kind of on hiatus thanks to a nagging achilles.

As I perused my blog, trying to come up with a topic for the bloggy exchange (since apparently I get writer’s block when I’m not running), I realized a theme runs through it.  Many of my posts answer the question “why do I run?” with the same basic answer.  I run because it makes me a better mom/wife/person.  There was a time in my life when running was the means to a physical end:  looking good in my jeans.  As life got more complicated and busier,  I realized that running was taking on a different role.  Whenever stress or PMS or juggling my commitments got to be too much, a short run would bring me back to myself and allow me to handle things better.

When Jones came along (my first son), I suffered from post partum depression.  While waiting for a doctor’s appointment to deal with it, my mom suggested I hit the treadmill.  I didn’t go fast.  I didn’t go far.  But by the time I got off the treadmill I had seen the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.  Over the next few months, I literally ran from the darkness into the light.

This summer has been rough for me.  I’ve been struggling with my achilles and assorted aches and pains that have resulted from changing my gait to accommodate it.  I’ve run less miles than I have since I started my blog in 2008.  And my mental health has suffered a bit.  I’m *knock wood* managing enough miles to not be depressed, but I do find myself crankier and shorter tempered than normal.  I have plenty of mantras for getting myself out there to run when I’m not exactly in the mood.  “Suck it up, buttercup.”  “Do it anyways.”  “You’ll never regret a run you did, but you’ll likely regret skipping one.”  But figuring out how to keep myself in the light when I can’t run as far or as fast as I want is a different challenge.

For now, I’ll savor every step that I can manage and focus on staying fit in whatever way I can.


About Sarah S @RunningOnWords

Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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6 Responses to GBBPX! Guest post by MCM Mama

  1. Sam Walton says:

    hoping the injury goes away soon! inspiring post – good luck with the 50 state challenge.

  2. elohorn says:

    Exercising can be such a mood lifter, it always seems like on the busiest days that working out is an impossibility, but when I make the time for it, the rest of my day falls into place just fine :]

  3. michelle says:

    Thanks for sharing! I feel a difference when running is a regular part of my life. Good luck with your challenge!

  4. Kara says:

    What a great post! I agree, running is nature’s Prozac.

  5. Mandy says:

    I hope the injury heals quickly! Good luck on the 50 state challenge – congrats on the newest states added to the list!!!

  6. Jesse says:

    great post! i hope you are healed up and feeling better soon!

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