Weight Loss Wednesday #6

Weight: 213 lb (-1.2 lbs this week, -13 lbs total)–halfway to my awesome 200 pound prize from Emily (btw, she makes awesome dog collars and headbands at her Etsy shop. I’m peer pressuring her to make matching leashes)! For the record my surprise is totally keeping me motivated.  I’m a little simple sometimes.

13 pounds in 5.5 weeks!  After the first week or so, I’ve slowed down to 1-1.8 pounds per week.  That is, of course, frustratingly slow, but it’s also healthy, so I’ll live with it.  Patience was never one of my virtues.

Interestingly, the more weight I lose, the more unhappy I am with my body.  I think I expect to see more faster and now I’m constantly scrutinizing my midsection because I’m always weighing or measuring myself. I want to see progress NOW, but that isn’t how weight loss works.  I can’t help but wishing I had started this 6 months ago or a year ago.  Or never gotten to this point at all.


Moving on, I still haven’t bought new pants, but I did have to take my belt in another hole.  I know you all feel strongly that I should buy new jeans, but I HATE shopping for them and I genuinely can’t afford it.  It’s hard when only one spouse is employed, especially when said spouse barely makes above the poverty level.  The pants stay up quite well with a belt and I actually like the way a belt looks, so I’m content.  I promise to buy new pants once I can wear a size they sell at a cheap store like Forever 21.

I got my first “you’ve lost weight!” from someone who didn’t know I was trying to lose weight.  The former director of my graduate program saw me yesterday and told me me I looked great.  I was so excited!  I expect to be just about unrecognizable by the time I next see my mother and in-laws.

I’m struggling with food again.  I want to be eating crap every time I eat.  I’ve gotten really good at not eating all the time, but when I do eat all I can think about is pizza, cheese, cake, ice cream, etc.  It would probably help if I cheated less, honestly.

I am planning to start the “New Rules of Lifting for Women” strength training plan next week.  I took this week off from weight training to give myself more time to get well, but next week I am throwing myself back on the horse.  Anyone tried that plan?  Advice?  Love it?  Hate it?

What, you guys are only hear to see who won the Everstride giveaway?  Fair enough.

Delilah is so bored with this post that she fell asleep.

According to random. org, the winner is:

Meals for Miles!

E-mail me at scs 1114 <at> gmail <dot> come by Friday at 7 PM to claim your prize!

For those of you that didn’t win, you can still use the code “HAPPYFEET” for 25% off your order at Everstride.  And I have 3 more giveaways planned, so there’s still plenty of chances to win stuff!

What’s your favorite “cheat” meal?  And by cheat, I mean stupid unhealthy.  I think mine might be Mexican food with ALL the fixins and chips!


About Sarah S @RunningOnWords

Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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21 Responses to Weight Loss Wednesday #6

  1. Sam says:

    great job on the weight loss! slow is better than nothing for sure.

    my cheat meal would be cheese and all sugar – cake, ice cream, fresh cookies, pie…ok, now i’m starving.

  2. Army Amy says:

    Your dog is presh! Good luck with your weight loss goals. Try not to beat yourself up too much; it sounds like you are doing great!*

  3. Emily says:

    Only 13 more pounds?! Oh man I better get started on deciding your prize! Congratulations, by the way! Slow and steady wins the race 🙂

    Cheat meal … Hmmm… Pizza!! Or pasta. Ooh I don’t know. I want it all!

  4. Raquelita says:

    It sounds like things are progressing in a sustainable way. You will be getting your surprise before you know it!

  5. chelsea says:

    Ugh, yes. The hell weeks. When all you want is ice cream and cheese. SO MUCH CHEESE. Keep plugging though. THIRTEEN POUNDS. Isn’t it totally worth it? YAYAYYAY GO YOU.

  6. MCM says:

    Hang in there! You are doing great at the loss!

    I find that if I eat “junk” I want more junk. Lately I’ve been craving salty stuff, but have found that really salty cucumber salad works well enough. Good luck with continued weight loss.

  7. Erin W. says:

    Congrats on the weight loss! I know how frustrating “healthy” weight loss is. If you have an android phone, I use the app “MyFitnessPal” to keep track of what I eat and progress. It’s nice because I most always have my phone on me and it has a barcode scanner for snacks/prepared food–it makes it easy. I also recommend for serious portion control get a kitchen scale (they’re pretty cheap, actually).

    Keep it up though. Reading about your sucess is motivating me to get my butt to the gym now. I still have 10 lbs to lose to my goal weight (been at it for about a year and a half now)! Having a good weight lifting program also makes all the difference in the world…! I know you’ll do well!

  8. Jeans shopping is just a step above getting your fingers chopped off by a blind butcher.

  9. Kara says:

    13 pounds is a ton! Can you imagine giving birth to a 13lb baby??

    Is it sad that you’ve made me want to eat cake and pizza, just by you mentioning them?

  10. oh hooray for winning! Yay!

    Congrats on your weight loss. It’s so hard to be patient when trying to take weight off the “right” way, but it seems like you’re doing great overall! If you have some of your favorite foods in moderation, it may help cut the intense cravings down!

  11. Christina says:

    Nice loss! I have The New Rules of Lifting and The New Rules of Lifting for Women. I greatly prefer the book not specifically for women because the weight routines are better and the health and nutrition information is better. The book for women does have good workouts. I recommend checking out the other book from your library if you like to read. 🙂

  12. Yay! Another good weigh-in Wednesday. 🙂 I own the NROLFW on my Kindle, but I’ve never followed any of the strict plans in the book.

    Like MCM, I find that if I eat junk I end up craving more junk. I replaced most of my favorite junk foods with healthier home cooked versions. I looove my own pizza recipe. 🙂

  13. Kim (Book Worm Runs) says:

    You. are. awesome!!!! Keep up the amazing work, Sarah!!! You are such an inspiration 🙂

    And I eat soooo bad I feel like every meal is a cheat meal 😦 That can’t be good….

  14. Awesome job on the weightloss!! Maybe you should go on a junk food cleanse (you know how they say if you stop eating sugar for a month you stop craving it?). You could eliminate the junk you crave for like two weeks and see if you still crave it.

  15. Congrats on your weight loss, Sarah!! Keep up the good work. Taking the weight off slowly like this will help you keep it off. You are doing it the healthy way and learning to incorporate healthier foods & activities into your lifestyle which in turn will pay off for years to come.

    You know how I feel about NROLFW! 🙂 LOVE!

    Hmmm…..cheat meal….copius amounts of tortilla chips & queso dip – YUM!! Don’t forget the margaritas to go along with!


  16. Kate says:

    I’m SO excited for you!! You’re doing awesome things!

    My cheat meal just depends on my mood but it’s almost always pizza, and a ridiculous chocolate with chocolate on top and chocolate sauce type of ice cream treat. With a brownie and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

    I just started reading NROLFW and haven’t started yet cause I’m still looking for a gym but I really look forward to giving the program a shot!

  17. Congrats on your weight loss!!! When you get the $ for the new jeans, you are going to look awesome in them!

    Unhealthy meal? Hmmm…all things chocolate.

  18. biz319 says:

    Yep, weight loss is fricken slow, but slow and steady wins the race!

    Congrats to the winner. Favorite cheat meal would have to be pizza – my favorite lately is Italian beef and hot peppers – so good!

  19. Oh god! Mexican! I love Mexican! I love chips and Salsa! That or Chinese would be my favorite cheat meal. I love Egg Foo Young with shrimp. Great, now I want Chinese. Thanks, Sarah!

    I have not tried the New Rules of Weightlifting for Women, but I have borrowed the book and liked it. I would be interested in what you learn from it. Is it stuff you can do on your own?

    Congrats on your weight loss – you do look fantastic!!

  20. the funny thing about losing weight is that your brain doesn’t catch up to your body for awhile…I saw the same person in the mirror for years after losing 35lbs, but the important thing is you know you are doing great and the weight lifting will help a lot too!

  21. elohorn says:

    slow & steady wins the race and keeps it off, too :]

    i think my favorite cheat is.. a lot of things, but i try to indulge in things that are hard for me to get my hands on all the time. so my favorite would have to be some kind of a champagne cocktail with sugary brunch foods

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