Beware of space cannibals

I’m guest posting today over at The Running Jewess!  Go check it out so Michelle doesn’t realize her poor decision making in bloggers she entrusts with her blog.

Me, Michelle, and Sara in happier times before she left me for CA. I am so going to run a race out there so I can make her hang out with me.

 I’m desperately trying to catch up on your blogs from the last three days.  My friend Mandy had a beautiful baby on Wednesday AM and I’ve been a bit distracted.  I promise to be all caught up this weekend, but in the meantime, lemme know if I missed something important below!

In other news, what the heck is my dog doing?

Delilah is totally fixated on something. She won't stop sniffing and climbing the walls.

Husband says we have a poltergeist. Thanks, jerk, you know I have an incredibly overactive imagination (seriously, I was up all night after seeing Firefly for the first time because I was afraid of the reavers. Yeah, I was trembling in fear of space cannibals. I have issues).

Alright, I’m off for quality married people time (take-out and Dracula Dead and Loving It on Netflix instant).  Tomorrow I tackle 8(.5?) miles.  What are your plans for the weekend?


About Sarah S @RunningOnWords

Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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13 Responses to Beware of space cannibals

  1. Oh man, that is so strange about your puppy… I wish I had any ideas, but I don’t that’s one of the strangest doggie things!

    When we moved into our new home, Goliath sniffed the perimeter of our house nonstop for days.

    I don’t have any plans, trying to get better.

  2. April says:

    The poltergeist thing is exactly something my husband would say! On our way home last night he had to remind me to ‘keep an eye out for the ghost, she’s supposed to appear on the shoulder between here and the next exit.’ He knows I’m already scared of driving in the woods at night!! And then he suggests we watch Paranormal Activity. Yeah right!!

  3. I’ll miss getting my Sarah-fix tomorrow….I’ve got the purplestride race. Don’t have too much fun without me!!!

  4. Christina says:

    What a nice picture of you three lovely ladies!

    You missed that I broke my year-long plateau and lost 10 pounds my first week back to counting calories. SCORE!

  5. Laurie says:

    My husband says the dog is chasing a bug. That’s his theory! Great post! I like reading them & I feel like I am getting to know you!

  6. Army Amy says:

    You doggie is smelling or hearing something! I’m impressed at her ability to climb like that!*

  7. Jenn Murray says:

    I’m also hoping for 8. We’re meeting Sunday though and running Polaris. Feel free to come run me over in your car to put me out of my misery. Is it bad that I’m not looking forward to these long runs?

  8. Abby says:

    Good luck on the 8.5! I have a good feeling about your run 🙂

  9. Your dogs are bonkers, but so entertaining!

    This weekend’s long run is 16, starting in an hour. I’m terrified! Good luck on your 8!!

  10. Maybe the doggy smells some sort of rodent? Or perhaps she’s just imagining things. My dog used to bark at falling leaves, but he was also known for licking varnish off desks. Not the smartest animal ever.

    Hope the 8.5 went well

  11. Oh no! I hope you don’t have mice! Grace and Sadie went crazy like that and we discovered there was a mouse nest in the wall!! I hate mice now!!

    I love snuggly pugglys, though. Even if they do climb walls!

  12. Kara says:

    Maybe there is a cat stuck in your wall. Or a dead mouse. One time I had a mouse living in the roof of my car so those little suckers can get anywhere.

  13. Kate says:

    Have you seen the post-it commercial where the dog is trying to jump up and get the bone that’s been drawn on a post-it note? That’s exactly what that picture of Delilah made me think of! But I’m going with the bug theory as well. Icky but not as terrifying.

    Also, having a new baby to distract you is a perfectly good excuse for absence. I’ve been wishing I had one to snuggle lately. Stupid friends not having babies for me to hold. Sheesh.

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