DNS and a lack of confessions

I have a confession, internet.

I’m holding out on you.

It’s not that I don’t trust you all, it’s just that if my family read about life stuff here they might go crazy.  So, instead you’ll get constant complaints of exhaustion and being behind on your blogs.

Promise you’ll still be my friends in a few weeks when all is revealed?

Anyways, due to my current state of misery, I had to reevaluate my running.  My fantabulous doctor called me back himself yesterday afternoon (I think this is unusual, but my husband says the nurse calling back is unusual).  Anywhoodle, after some discussion, I can keep running as long as I feel like it and I throttle way back, especially if it is hot. Oh, and I need to stop sucking on hydrating myself.

So, what does that all mean?  It means I did a leisurely  2 miles this AM at around a 14 min/mile pace.  And it felt AWESOME.  I felt relaxed and not overwhelmed.  Oh, and I even took a walk break on the big hill.  Woah.

So the plan is still to do the half in 2 weeks, but probably cut way back on the running after that.  And if I need him, my doctor is the head physician at the race.  I’m thinking mostly 5Ks with the occasional longer (shorter than 13.1) thrown in for a while.  I’m really at peace with all this because I just need a break from the crazy end of half marathon training schedule, which I was planning to be on for the next 3 months.

Anyone else choose to DNS?  How did you feel about it?

And by popular demand, more puggle pictures!

Rufus thinks he has a hard life.

Husband took them to the dog park today while I was at work. Delilah the Wonderbeagle will only play fetch with him and ignore all other dogs. When she's tired she plops down with the ball so no one else can have it.

Post dog park. They are still sleeping.

Are you all getting sick of the dog pictures yet?  I assure you I have plenty more where these came from!

And yes, I’m still behind on commenting.  I love your blogs, I’m just slow.

ETA: Only 1 day left on my Gotein giveaway!


About Sarah S @RunningOnWords

Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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18 Responses to DNS and a lack of confessions

  1. Kara says:

    I took a DNS at a 10 mile race last spring because it ended up being such a pain in the ass to get to the start. I signed up with a friend with the understanding that we’d carpool, but then she bailed and I just couldn’t force myself to drive for 2 hours to run for only 1.5 hours. 🙂

  2. Katy says:

    Love the pictures! I took a DNS for a 5k this summer, I was disappointed, but needed to go out of town for more important reasons, so it was really no-contest.

  3. aprilvak says:

    I have to admit, I am a person who hates to ask questions if there’s a chance I can find the answer on my own. So I googled DNS until I figured out what it meant.

    I have so many confessions and disclosures that I am afraid to make to anyone that knows me but doesn’t know what’s going on. Sometimes you just can’t say anything, for yourself, for your family, or for your peace of mind. Well, sounds like I found my next topic to blog about.

  4. Army Amy says:

    I never get tired of doggie pictures!*

  5. I hope ur okay and it’s not c diff coming back :)! Never too many puggle pics! My blog is a shrine to my dog after all

  6. Emily says:

    There is seriously no such thing as too many dog pictures. If I don’t get them from blogs, I look them up online anyway. I’m a loser like that.

    I confess I have no idea what DNS stands for but I don’t think I wanna catch it. 😛

    I hope your misery goes away! You gotta do what’s best for your health. We have a race to run for chocolate in a few months. We need you to be feeling fantastic.

    Also tomorrow is WLW! (see you’re not the only one with super secret acronyms).

  7. Jenn Murray says:

    I am right there with you. No major injuries, I’m just burnt out and not feeling the love for running. Almost no time off between half training and the summer has sucked the life out of me. I think I’ll stick to short races (10K and under) in the summer and one half a year, preferably in the spring.

  8. Jen says:

    I love dog pics. Keep them coming =) I am glad you are able to run. Keep it going. I have been pooped from too much training lots. It is hard to know when to chillio out.

    Nice job today.

  9. Nothing wrong with sticking to 5/10Ks – I think they’re a more maintainable distance to train for in the grand scheme of things anyhow. 🙂 Hope everything is alright over there!

  10. Awesome job on your two miles. That’s awesome that it felt great. I think it’s smart to listen to your body and definitely hydrate!

  11. awww…your pups are too cute!

  12. Kate says:

    “when all is revealed” – made me chuckle. It sounds very mystical when you put it that way. Buahaha. I’m glad you’re being good to yourself. So important!

  13. Yep…paid to run the full Flying Pig marathon and didn’t run it (or the half there either). Due to nagging injuries, I chose to only run a half and couldn’t fathom driving 1.5 hours and paying for a hotel to run a half when there was one here in Columbus the following week that I could run. So, lost the $$ from the Pig and paid to run Cap City, but, I got a really COOL backpack and shirt from The Flying Marathon. My daughter says I shouldn’t wear the shirt b/c I didn’t run the race; I say I did the training through my 20 miler, I am wearing the freakin’ shirt! 😉

    I think you are being smart. Training smart is not always easy, but it is what is best for your body (and soul).


  14. Sam says:

    oh the puggles!! they are so cute and i am still chuckling over your puggle tweet from last night.

    Sam @ fitness food & faith

  15. Elise says:

    adorable dog! such cute photos! i had a dns this past winter (i think — i can’t remember if i actually signed up for the race or not…whoops!), but i was just too stressed, injured and sick to do it. sometimes we just need to take care of ourselves, and racing isn’t a part of that.

    i’ve also started thinking about taking a break from longer runs — and transitioning over to tris and fight class — its less stress on the knees, and more variety. that way you’re never ‘overtraining’ one particular muscle group. sometimes we just need a change of pace 🙂

  16. I hope whatever your non-confession is smooths over soon! Exhaustion and misery have to give way to restfulness and happiness sometime, right?

  17. Mandy says:

    I DNS’d for a 5K on January 1st. You know the reasons why. 🙂 I also switched from a Half to a Quarter mid-race in May – again you know why. 😉

    Smart woman talking to Dr. Bright and taking it easy. I’ve been joking that all my time off – I’m ready to run again…right when everyone else is hitting burn out. LOL.

  18. I can never have enough snuggly pluggy pictures, for the record!

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