Confessions, part 4

Well, I still can’t tell you my big secret (soon, I hope.  Husband, you are killing me), but I can tell you lots of my embarrassing little secrets!

1.  I can’t spell the word “embarrassing.”  Spell check always fixes it for me.

2.  I have more “food rules,” as Mr. Bigpants calls them, than I can count.  I don’t like my food touching (steak juice should not get near my pasta!), I eat it in a specific order (veg first) and I can’t or won’t eat a list of food so long my husband can’t even keep track.  I’m even picky about dessert.  If it is too sweet (i.e. baklava), I won’t eat it.  And if it is a weird color.  Or if it smells weird.  Or looks weird.

3.  I spent 5 minutes admiring my butt in the mirror this morning.  This Aerie underwear makes it look shapely.  Love it!

4.  I work with lasers.  This is not embarrassing, but it’s the only thing my husband knows about what I do.  He has kind of selective hearing.  The lasers are enclosed and not actually that exciting, but I did have to take a laser safety class.

5.  I once accidentally lit a professor on fire in college.  It was actually the second year in a row that he had been lit on fire.  He actually ended up being one of my favorite professors and used to introduce me as his daughter (he was from Ghana, which made people really confused).

6.  I have a cat.  Did you guys not know this?  I hate that cat with the passion of a thousand fiery suns. He leaves me dead baby bunnies that I find early in the morning trying to make up for the fact that he yowls all night.

He peed on husband twice. I think he was marking his territory.

7.  I once dressed Rufus up as a boat.  Delilah was Jaws.  We won first place.

They both look so ashamed. And for the record, my MIL made the costume.

8.  I feel like I have to finish this on an even number.  Preferable some denomination of 5.  Blast!

So, internet, what are your confessions?  Who else is totally hooked on ABC Family?  What’s the most degrading thing you’ve ever dressed your dog up as?



About Sarah S @RunningOnWords

Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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20 Responses to Confessions, part 4

  1. Pahla says:

    Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!! Those costumes are KILLING me!! I once dressed up my beagle (named Daisy) as a daisy.
    I eat my veggies first, too. I think that’s leftover from childhood when I just wanted to get them over with.
    BTW, are we allowed to guess your secret or do we have to keep a secret, too?

  2. Army Amy says:

    My dog hates clothes! I think he looks so cute in his doggles, but he refuses to wear them. I’m a fellow ABC Family fan! PLL tonight!*

  3. Kara says:

    You have a basement cat!! No wonder you hate it.

    I used to make Peanut wear a pink striped sweater. After having a kid, I get all of my “I need to baby something!” out on her, so Peanut is spared.

    I don’t watch ABC Family, but I have seen every episode of 7th Heaven and Gilmore Girls. And let’s not forget my Buffy obsession.

  4. aprilvak says:

    You already know about me and ABC Family. I usually eat my veggies last cause they’re mostly my favorites. The only thing I misspell when typing is receive, and only on my phone. I’ve got some deep dark closet lurkers too, and I hope I’ll be able to write about them soon.

  5. Michelle says:

    I’m with ya on 1! Also 5, out cat howls every morning at 4:45. It’s terrible. Fun post!

  6. Michelle says:

    Yeah, 1 and 6- not 5. I’m totally a terrible typer today, and (confession) most days.

  7. Emily says:

    Umm is Make It or Break It on ABC family? Because I’m kind of secretly obsessed with that show.

    I think it’s funny you never bring up the cat. Why do you own a cat that you hate? It’s too bad they have such a long life span.

    Don’t you love having a job that’s a mystery to people? When my brother starts going on and on about cars, I get the urge to start tossing out my super secretive designerd vocabulary.

  8. I so want to guess but I’m afraid of guessing the wrong thing…But that’s the way that works, right?

    I love costumes on dogs. I also love that you have a cat you never mention. Hahahaha. I would be the exact same way.

  9. marissa says:

    our dog was a pumpkin one year for Halloween!!! great post…glad things are good, can’t wait to hear your BIG secret!!!

  10. Lasers are cool! I’m with you on the cats are evil thing…I refuse to get one because I’ve never met a cat that didn’t think I was its personal scratching post.

    I ❤ Chloe King and I'm wicked sad it's over for the summer. 😦

  11. Katy says:

    I do love Secret Life… Haha. OMG, I love my black kitty more than most things in this life! She is so interesting! Haha.

  12. Mandy says:

    I have close to as many food issues as you do – we’ve discussed this. LOL.
    The only thing we’ve put on Cassie is a Longhorn football jersey…and she wears it EVERY game day. HAHAHA!

  13. Sam says:

    hahaha!!! you have me dying over here. no idea you have a cat! we don’t have any pets, but once i made my husband wear my jeans around the house. i almost peed my pants it was so funny. is that weird?!

  14. Kim says:

    You sound like my kids with their food!! They also have to get separate utensils for each food. I can’t wait to hear your BIG secret!

    You dogs look too cute!

  15. Those costumes are awesome – love it!!!

    I didn’t get to see the cat! 😦

    I know your secret – does that make me specialer? HAHA! 🙂

  16. Amy says:

    I only do even numbers…it kills me when I get a race bib that is an odd number…I know your secret, too! 😀

  17. Athletes4life says:

    These confessions are awesome and funny!

  18. I love your dogs’ costumes. The only costume I could find at the party store near Halloween time in the right size for my greyhound was a Wonder Woman costume. Other than that, she has been forced to wear a zip up hoodie, a sweater that shrunk in the laundry, a hawaiian shirt. She tolerates those but she was terrified when I made her wear a home-made birthday hat a few years ago and she ran into her crate.

  19. Raquelita says:

    Ha! My dog won’t stand for dressing up, so I can only mock her rather than put her in degrading costumes.

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