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The Controversial Post

I gotta be honest, there’s a few things that have been bothering me to no end and my husband says I should get it off my chest and blog about it.  I’m normally terrified of stirring up controversy on here, … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Week 9: Wherein I reveal way TMI

So, I was informed that pregnant bloggers usually do weekly updates or some junk.  Considering Weight Loss Wednesdays has died a painful death and I start a new week of pregnancy every Thursday, I figure I might as well start … Continue reading

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Confessions Round 6

1.  I’m intensely germaphobic.  I always order my water without lemon not because of my allergies, but because I once read that the lemon slices in restaurants are filthy. 2.  I’ve worked in hospitals since 2007 and sick people scare … Continue reading

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Pretend uncles and clementines

I have really got to get my eating under control. I went through a few weeks where I couldn’t eat anything and now I’m eating everything.  Except vegetables because those make me gag (my OB says that is a normal … Continue reading

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Well, it’s official…

we are having a gummi bear! I had my 8 week appointment yesterday (I’m actually 8 weeks today, but whatever).  I am madly in love with my new doctor who spent a ton of time with us and answered every … Continue reading

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Somehow fleas felt like the perfect analogy for life

My dogs have fleas. Apparently all my blood flow diverting to my uterus has made me too stupid to remember to give the dog’s flea medicine.  I’ve also forgotten how to spell and form full sentences.  This is making reviewing … Continue reading

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A Little Slice of Awesome…in my mailbox!

I was not having a good morning.  I was pretty much sulkng in bed when the mail came and then, behold! I am so excited!  I like things that are colorful and fun and their old nylon solid black and … Continue reading

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