Well, it’s official…

we are having a gummi bear!

This certainly explains my constant cravings for Welch's fruit snacks. And yes, I know this should be rotated 90 degrees, but it actually looks like something this way.

I had my 8 week appointment yesterday (I’m actually 8 weeks today, but whatever).  I am madly in love with my new doctor who spent a ton of time with us and answered every question I could possibly have!  She is way more helpful with managing my thyroid than the last OB and she took my depression a lot more seriously, which is obviously really important.

The only bad news is she also spent enough time with me to tell me that I really can’t run pregnant.  My heart rate is too high as is my temperature.  And you know, the spotting.  I’m being reassigned to walking intervals (don’t get HR above 140) and hopefully swimming or something like that.  Although, I’m 99% sure I have an ear infection (I can’t hear out of my left ear and it’s crackling), so swimming would probably be stupid right now.

Still, for the first time this entire pregnancy I really feel like we are going to do this.  The doctor turned the dopple sound up so we got to hear the 173 bpm heart rate (and see the doppler flow, which made me all nerdy).  She also told us that a heart beat after 7 weeks means the risk of miscarriage doesn’t really get lower.  We called husband’s grandmothers last night and are just kind of telling people as we get to it now.

Oh, but next time I really must remember to tell them I am allergic to the medical tape.

Blood draw on the right, vampire bite from the tape on the left. Great, now I look like an effing Twi-hard. Just so we are clear, Edward Cullen can suck my metaphorical left nut.

In other news, my stomach feels noticeably harder today.  I mean, I’m still fat, but there’s less give.  It could also just be the Mexican I ate last night (don’t worry, the queso was pasteurized).

Honestly, at this point work is getting a little better (stupid hours, but better) and I feel so much less insane about my pregnancy.  I’m exhausted and have terrible insomnia, but it doesn’t matter because we are having a baby.

And I’m totally terrified, but I hear that’s appropriate and normal.

Anyways, is it wrong to call my child Flipper?  Husband hates it, but the kid currently has flippers.  He’s been calling it Haribo, as in the only brand of gummi bears worth eating.  Either way, Emily has observed that it’s time to start making gender predictions, so leave your guess below and I’ll pick a winner from the group that guesses correctly.  I have no idea what I’ll send you guys though, so it’ll probably be tailored to the winner.  And if you are a fan of old wives tales, I will answer any questions.  You have 12 weeks.  Meanwhile, I’m going to go look for a cookie.

As a side note: Emily is having a giveaway for Asperis compression shorts, but anyone who enters gets a discount code for Little Slice of Awesome (you know, with the sweet headbands and dog collars).  I know some of you were considering ordering from her, so you might want to get on this!


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Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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15 Responses to Well, it’s official…

  1. Kara says:

    Being scared shitless is your introduction to parenthood. You’re welcome.

    174 heart rate? Girl.

    I got lots of really good pregnancy workouts by walking on a treadmill with an incline (at least a 4). I didn’t run at all during pregnancy due to bleeding (just like you) and that didn’t slow me down in getting back to it after. Obviously. 🙂

  2. Emily says:

    I’m pretty sure Flipper will eventually have a fifth appendage…if you know what I mean (wink wink). 🙂

    My friend called her fetus an alien after having an ultrasound, so Flipper is mild.

    Oh also I’m allergic to medical tape too. I had a cyst removed one time and I ended up using paper tape to hold the gauze on until the incision healed and STILL got a rash!

  3. Sam says:

    i’m going with girl.

    p.s. we just finished all the gotein you kindly sent me! well, i managed to get in a sip here and there while hungry hungry husband finished them off. i loved the chocolate – wasn’t wild about the others.

  4. Is it normal for your heart rate to be that high? mine is like 50 normally! Yikes.

    Yay for gummy bears! 🙂

  5. lcbilovesky says:

    Did you happen to see the video on Kara’s blog of the gummy bear eating his legs?? Hilarious!

    Since I have a 50/50 guess, I have half a chance to win! I am going with girl……should we make it whether you will go early or late too??

  6. TriGirl says:

    So glad you are feeling better about the pregnancy and have such a great doctor! (btw, yeah totally sounds like an ear infection–get on it quick. It took me all summer to *mostly* recover)

    I think you’re having a….girl! No, boy! No wait. I’m terrible at this and always seem to get it wrong. I’m going to go with my first guess because that’s what my teachers always said to do. So, I say girl. Final answer… (even though you might have a boy. But I’m sticking with girl.)

  7. Boy! and 2 U/Ss down, I guess it’s only one. I was 14 weeks at an emergency U/S when they “found” Baby B that didn’t show up at 6 weeks. Love the pregnancy updates, please keep sharing!

  8. Kate says:

    I’m leaning toward girl at this point! I have no basis for that whatsoever and will probably flip flop before the day you find out (whether thats soon or not until birth day) but today I think girl.

    Also, if you’re calling the baby Flipper, I’m totally nicknaming it “the flipster” even if that’s a little on the Andy Bernard side of humor. And I may refer to her as Flippette if she is indeed a girl. Oh, yes, yes I am nicknaming your unborn child already. Taking overly personal liberties with people you’ve never actually met even though you feel like they’re a good friend is part the magic and promise of the Internet, right?

  9. Kim says:

    Great news! So glad you found a great dr!! That will make everything so much easier. I am also a fan of Welch’s fruit snacks (and not just b/c they say “GF” on the bag). 🙂

    What about stationary biking? That should not be too strenuous.


  10. Hmm. Boy. Strong, strong boy feeling for no reason whatsoever. Also, it should be noted that out of 6 friends – I guessed 5 of them correctly on this same theory of nothing.

    Have you had the Haribo Raspberries? I’m sooo hooked on those!

  11. April says:

    Second the Haribo Raspberries!!

    I vote girl.

    And there is absolutely nothing wrong with Flipper. Secret! Hubby calls our daughter Tubs. It’s rubbed off on me too. So see, there’s much worse than Flipper!

  12. amanda says:

    Congrats! I vote girl. My HR is higher than other runners I read about too. Kari will have to be nicknamed Lance Armstrong for her loooow heart rate. I agree Haribo are the best gummies. The pkgs used to have 2 cartoon bears that as middle schoolers, we thought were posed suggestively. Don’t know if the bags are the same still. I like Flipper as a nickname.

  13. michelle says:

    I don’t know anything about HR and boys or girls but I love gummi bears (and flipper). 🙂
    Congrats! 🙂

  14. Nita says:

    I think Flipper is lovely. It has such a special, aquatic ring to it, perfect for a being floating in fluid. I think it will be a girl. A flipette as someone above said.

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