Confessions Round 6

1.  I’m intensely germaphobic.  I always order my water without lemon not because of my allergies, but because I once read that the lemon slices in restaurants are filthy.

2.  I’ve worked in hospitals since 2007 and sick people scare me.  If I hear coughing, I run for the door.  I may have threatened bodily harm to the last sick person that got too close to me.

3.  Heavily pregnant women make me nervous.  Too many fluids with the potential to leak.  This could be a problem.

4.  Lately, I can’t stand the smell of dogs.  This is a bit problematic for obvious reasons, but it also makes me sad because I love my dogs, they just make me gag a little.  Oh, and umm they’ve been laying on my body pillow so I can’t stand the smell of it.  Awesome.

5.  Mandy telling me there are nitrite free hot dogs pretty much made my week.  My pregnancy cravings are all seriously WT.  Hot dogs, ramen and Cheetos.

6.  I have 12 posts in draft and haven’t finished any of them because I am so beyond tired.  This is bad even for me.  I swear I really will run those 2 giveaways soon (one involved chocolate!).

7.  Ok, so I admit I’ve been frequenting a pregnancy forum.  It’s part of the app on my phone.  And I’m in the May 2012 group, which has a very dumb self-appointed queen preggo.  And she has made me realize that PEOPLE WHO TYPE IN ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME SHOULD BE SHOT.  It makes me want to punch things.  And I can guarantee that Kara will respond to this in ALL CAPS just for fun.  Anyone else who feel like their eyes are bleeding when they read all caps?  I really do feel like I’m being screamed at when I read that stuff.  One or two words for emphasis is fine, but entire posts?  Message boards probably need to die a fiery death.

8.  You are getting a confessions post because my stupid photo for a different post won’t upload.  I’m pouting.

9.  I have a thing about socks,  I don’t like them unless they are on feet in shoes.  I make my husband take off his socks in bed because they gross me out.  Bare feet gross me out too, but not as much as socks.  Also, I won’t wear dirty or mismatched socks.  I’d rather go barefoot.

10.  I like turtles.


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Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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14 Responses to Confessions Round 6

  1. Emily says:

    LoL. “I like turtles”. I bet newscasters hate interviewing kids. At least now I know what I’m saying if I’m ever on tv.

    Pregnant women make me nervous too. My best friend is gonna pop any day now and now whenever she sends me a text I panic a little because I’m sure it’s gonna be in all caps telling me to GET TO THE HOSPITAL NOW!

  2. Kara says:





  3. The school secretary where I work sends out mass emails to the entire staff in all caps… and it’s always in font that’s hard to read when it’s in all caps… so obnoxious.

    P.S. I love hotdogs. They are one of my favorite foods… and I’m okay with that.

  4. Marissa says:

    hahaha! I am laughing hysterically! I am totally the same when it comes to germs and sick people! If people say they’ve had the flu, I usually stay away for weeks…eventhough my degree in health taught me that we’d be exposed before they even showed symptoms, I’m still afraid! If I hear the “bug” is going around, I usually quarantine our home and we don’t leave for days! Hahahahaha! Glad I’m not the only one 😦

  5. April says:

    Restaurant lemons are gross. But I throw em in my water anyway. Eight years of food service inured me to the disgusting things that go on out of public view.

    I’m ashamed of myself if I capitalize ONE word for emphasis. I’m now guilt-ridden.

    I feel you on the sock thing. Socks must be identical. If you buy a new package of the ‘same’ socks but they’ve updated the logo or barely changed the top of the cuff, those socks absolutely do not match the old ones. And if something bleeds on them in the wash, you better hope there was an even number of socks in that load. But hubby? Psh. Today he wore a pink sock and a green sock. In public.

    I like our two turtles, even the snapper that wants to eat everyone but hubby.

  6. lcbilovesky says:

    Why is it that when SOMEONE types in all caps you mentally read it as shouting? I don’t get it but anyone who uses all caps should be shot! I love it when the boss gets caps lock stuck and them messages me using it. I love being shouted at through technology! 🙂 Yeah, I am with you on the lemon thing – I saw that story and I’ve boycotted since. NASTY things they are!

  7. TriGirl says:

    I DON’T KNOW WHAT WE’RE YELLING ABOUT!! (i really hope you get that movie reference; we tend to talk in way too many movie quotes around here.)

    I had no clue what I was going to see on that video. It made me laugh out loud 😀

  8. I’m with Kara, there aren’t enough forums discussing crate training children.

  9. Kate says:

    I have the same lemon phobia, and I’m not surprised about you and the hospitals+loathing of sick people – every lab person I meet in our labs feels much the same way. They’re all “I want to heal people but I think sick people are nasty.” It cracks me up.

    Also, my father subscribes to alerts from the national weather service and they routinely send texts/emails in all caps regardless of the danger level. I was taught in my document/web design courses that when you type in all caps it’s harder for people to read which I think contributes to our anxiety – it’s like someone is shouting at you in a slightly foreign language and you’re struggling to process your translation.

  10. Abby says:

    I wish I had 12 posts in draft form! I have zero drafts and about the same number of posts in mind – and no time to think about what I want to say!

  11. Natalie says:

    hahaha, the sick thing cracked me up for some reason. I guess I just figured people in the health profession would have to get over the germs and such — but if you are around it a lot it might also make you hypersensitive too!

  12. Shannon says:

    Sick people who cough weird me out, too. If someone coughs or sneezes around me, I hold my breath until I think their germs are gone. LOL

  13. Ah…you are hilarious. And we think a lot alike.

    1. I like Diet COke WAY too much and I count it as ‘water’ for the day sometimes
    2. I have a large weakness around cakes or sweets. I will eat ALL of them if they are there. No shit.
    3. I am honestly surprised people read anything that I write on the blog. Honestly. I think most of it is stupid and I am surprised I even published it.

  14. All caps drives me batty too!!!!!!!!! Nitrite free hot dogs are the bomb. I lived off those things. 😀

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