The Controversial Post

I gotta be honest, there’s a few things that have been bothering me to no end and my husband says I should get it off my chest and blog about it.  I’m normally terrified of stirring up controversy on here, but seriously, I’ve had enough.

Two things on my mind: Facebook and Vaccines

1.  Facebook changes.  I had this conversation with my bff about the latest Facebook change hoopla:

I think this both makes my point and illustrates that anything you post on the internet can be reposted elsewhere were people can see it. Also, the last comment made me laugh hysterically. (BTW, if you want me to remove this I will, but I'm hoping you understand the point I'm making S)

Also, guys, Facebook is a FREE service.  Free means they can do whatever the hell they want.  If you are going to complain, then maybe it’s time to consider closing your account because that is the only way to show Zuckerberg and company that you won’t abide with the new Facebook.  If enough people close their accounts then they’ll have to change it back, but complaining without doing anything just means more publicity for them.  Also, between you and me, besides the top stories thing, I love the new Facebook.  Makes creepin’ way easier!

What’d you think?  Am I being too harsh?

2.  Vaccines.  You’ve probably noticed that I’m pregnant (I know, way to drop a huge bomb on you guys!) and vaccines come up constantly on the forums (yes, I know, I really need to stop reading these things.  It’s like they banished all the stupid people to one place on the internet).  Anyways, I’m sort of horrified at the number of ignorant people who announce loudly that vaccines are evil autism bringers that will kill us all.  Telling me that Jenny McCarthy says vaccines cause autism (they don’t, I’ve read the original study which has been retracted and led to legal charges for one of the investigators) makes me want to tell you to stop spreading your ignorance all over the internet.  The autism study was, after all, conducted on only twelve children whose parents were already intending to sue the vaccine company.  The data was totally biased and insufficient and has never been replicated in larger more thorough studies.  And if you are worried about mercury, thimerisol has mostly been removed or decreased well below safe limites in vaccines

Vaccines save lives.  It’s harder for our generation to understand how significant and important vaccines are because they have all but eradicated the horrible illnesses our parents and grandparents remember.  You know, back in the days when it was necessary to have a few spare children because they weren’t all going to survive to adulthood.

Polio sucks

And now, thanks to idiot celebrities and pseudoscience, polio and the measles are reemerging at somewhat terrifying rates.  I mean, I guess it won’t be my problem since my kids will be vaccinated, but what about that period of time before they are old enough?  Or if my child has an allergy to the vaccine?  If the whole herd is vaccinated then my child probably won’t be exposed to the disease, but since only some of the herd is vaccinated my child is much more exposed.

And yes, son or daughter, we are planning to vaccinate against HPV.  I got Gardasil and husband would have as well if it had been approved in men before he got too old.  Yes, I’m married and I was when I got Gardasil, but I don’t know what could happen to either of us in the future, so why take a chance?  And how the hell does that tell my child to go have sex?  There’s still chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, HIV, and other forms of HPV among others.  If those don’t deter my child from having promiscuous sex, then well, I doubt HPV would have either.

Oh, and I will be getting the flu shot this year.  I get it every year (I’m asthmatic) as does my husband (to protect me as much as anything) and it has not been linked to any ill effects in pregnancy.  The flu, however, can be quite fatal in pregnancy.

To clarify, I am not a physician.  I am, however, finishing a PhD in Biomedicine, which included coursework on vaccinology and immunology.  I can’t tell you what is right for your child or family, but I can tell you what the science says.

I’m leaving the comments open, perhaps against my better judgement.  If things get nasty or disrespectful (which I certainly don’t expect from my regulars) then I’ll close them.  And look, cute puppies!  Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s almost time for my morning barf session.

Waiting for dinner


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25 Responses to The Controversial Post

  1. Kara says:

    You the HPV vaccination won’t make your daughter think random sex is ok? You ma’am are a WHORE FACTORY!

    (Please tell me you watch the Colbert Report)

  2. Army Amy says:

    I was hoping for more controversy when I read your post title, but I agree with you on both counts! The thing with fb is that it’s always being tweaked and “improved” in order to stay ahead of the curve.*

  3. I love controversy! 😉 Seriously, good for your for doing your research & speaking your mind.

    We have vaccinated both of our kids, though Hannah we did one at time after she had a reaction (hives) to the MMR. Both get the flu shot (Jon has asthma), as do I.

    Have a great weekend, Sarah! Miss seeing you on Saturdays, but you have important work to do! 😉

  4. Good post! I love the FB cartoon – it is so true – what we do on the internet is being sold to advertisers and that’s how Zuckerberg has gotten so rich. It makes sense that they are doing that. Even if it is a free service to us, they have to grow the business. Learned something new about vaccines. I totally get the flu shot every year and I think it has made me less sick. Either that the exercise I do does. Not sure but it works for me and I’ll be getting one soon! And you hit the nail on the head about the HPV shot. People overthink EVERYTHING and just want a reason to complain!

  5. aprilvak says:

    Whoever made that Geocities comments is totally on my cool list!

    With that out of the way, you, madam, are definitely going to have to work harder on your controversies. Or maybe the dissenters don’t read your blog until later?

    I haven’t seen the new fb, but I only use it to get free stuff anyway. You know I’m with you on the ‘if it’s on the internet it’s not private.’ I agree about vaccines too. I was too old for Gardasil, but my sister, brother, and brother’s gf all got it, as will our children. I haven’t gotten a flu shot since I worked in an ER and it was mandatory, but that’s cause I don’t get the flu (I know I will now), but I’m getting one this year because I AM GETTING PREGNANT THIS FLU SEASON (or else!!).

  6. I got the guardasil shot too. I completely agree with you about vaccinations.

  7. Sara F says:

    Sarah, I love that you posted our convo! I am so sick of people complaining about FB, and my comment was made to make those people mad. Anything you post on the internet can be read by anyone, but it seems like most people think that “privacy controls” help them. Uhhhh no. The last post made me LOL like no tomorrow too. Love it!

  8. TriGirl says:

    Well, well, well, look who’s trying to stir up trouble. Personally I think that we should all…hey! Cute puppies!!

  9. Love love…..agree agree. I get the flu shot too, so do my kids. Here’s my philosophy: I’ll fuck up my kids, you fuck up yours. I hate the “baby competition” and people throwing their opinions on each other or judging for mine. Breastmilk or formula. Cloth or disposable diapers. Spanking or time outs. In my case: Speech Therapy or “let them be kids”. Sarah–this is your private blog–you shouldn’t have to filter at all. If your reader are your friends, they’ll respect your opinions. I have to admit, I didn’t like the visits where infants get 4 shots at once, so I did an alternate schedule so that they only got 2 shots at a time, regardless of what they were.

  10. amanda says:

    Well, it looks like only reasonable people read your reasonable blog. Agree on both subjects. I get the flu shot too…I work in a building of 900 5-9 year olds and I’m frequently in a building of 700 14-18 year olds. I don’t want to get the flu or bring it home to my husband. Bad research pisses me off. It’s sooo irresponsible and I am glad that p.o.s. “Study” was retracted but I feel the retraction was not as publicized as it should have been. For something that made such big waves in the autism community and instilled fear in parents of young children, there needed to be more done to say “this was wrong! We were wrong to publish it!” But the damage has already been done.

  11. Sam says:

    preach it sista girl. i’m with you all the way. my bff started talking about not vaccinating her new baby, i about flipped a lid.

  12. Abby says:

    I have mixed feelings about vaccines. I had all the “kid” ones when I was little, but I also had guillain-barre when I was four (the same auto-immune disease that was linked to last year’s swine vaccine and the swine vaccine in 1978-ish). I didn’t get it from a vaccine – rather, it was an autoimmune response to chicken pox), but as a result, I don’t get vaccinated for anything except tetanus and traveling anymore. No flu, no pertusis (sp?). Too many risks for people who’ve had GBS.

  13. YAY! I’m pro-vaccine, as we discussed. 🙂 In fact, Avery is going to be VERY ANGRY AVERY on October 10th when she gets FOUR shots. Maybe she’ll need the cute puppies picture?

  14. JenWa098 says:

    When I was pregnant I was exposed to many illnesses at the school. One was potentially fatal to the baby and was posted as such in the school newsletter. Parents still sent their kids to school. I had another tell me she didn’t care that I was pregnant, she didn’t feel she should be required to vaccinate her children because of the mercury thing. I respect people’s rights to make choices, but exposing others to illnesses is irresponsible. Frankly, then if they suffer such illness, insurance shouldn’t cover it. How is that for a controversial opinion?

    I don’t think you are controversial. I think you are educated.

  15. nikimiller says:

    I love reading all of this! I am a vet tech and am constantly getting drawn into vaccine debates, why should they vaccinate their dog if they didn’t vaccinate their kids. Had one recently ask if we know exactly what the mercury content of our vaccines was. Seriously?

    Good for you for drawing the line in the sand! Wish there were more people out there like you!

  16. Ooooo….controversy! I like what Kara said and completely agree that you, my friend, are nothing but a street walking trollop if you got the HPV. I know it. I read it on Facebook, which of course is my legit source for all factual info 🙂

    I didn’t get an HPV vaccination as I was too old for it when it became available. I do hope my siblings have their children vaccinated. They have all been immunized for everything else, but I sure hope they do the HPV vaccination as well.

    My parents were both in medicine, so vaccinations weren’t optional for us kids. My mother to this day says that after working in a TB hospital or around iron lungs or seeing how fast polio can move tells her that she made the right decision and that our generation just hasn’t ever seen it. I got my whooping cough updated last year after 2 adult coworkers came down with it–seemingly healthy individuals–and watching it was unreal. No way, buster…I’ll take my chances with vaccinations. The benefits and protection outweigh the risks.

  17. Terzah says:

    I saw the title of your post on Miss Zippy’s blog and so I mozied on over. Amen on the vaccines! I live in Boulder, CO, where whooping cough is back thanks to all the “enlightened” folks here who eschew vaccines. PISSES ME OFF! I can’t tell you how many times I have to bite my tongue. My twins have had all the scheduled vaccines, we all get flu shots every year and we will continue to be sensible, following the evidence, on this matter–this is what I tell people when the subject comes up. It usually means the subject gets changed, but that’s OK with me.

  18. Megan says:

    I agree with the FB stuff. I might hate it at first, but I get used to it. On the shots, I would definitely get our kids vaccinated, but the flu shot scares me. I’ve never had it before and I have read it has high amounts of mercury in it. We’ll see.

  19. lakshmistar says:

    i’ve always wondered about vaccinations – it’s good to get other (educated) opinions. growing up in a semi-hippie family/community, i most often hear the opposite, or at least more of an alternative schedule. so, i do like to hear both sides before i have to make my own mind up! i’m pretty sure i had the big ones when i was a kid, but not all of them, and i’ve never had a flu shot. maybe it’s silly of me, but i do worry about these things… it may be science now, but our understanding of that science is such a fluid concept, we might find out that these vaccines are what cause all these neurological problems that are more numerous now than ever before. i’m not saying i believe that by any means, nor am i, as a lit major, any sort of authority on this subject. these are just things that cross my mind, and i’m throwing it out there… i’m glad you brought up the subject!

  20. I agree with you on all accounts, Ms. Sarah. But then again, I think we are cut from the same cloth and it might be hard to find a topic on which we disagree completely.

  21. myaphotoblog says:

    ah i am guilty on complaining about facebook privacy settings. I stopped using my personal account on there. Only use the one for my photo page. But you are right. If is really as bad as i say it is, i should’ve closed my account 😉

    no clue about your second topic because i haven’t read enough about it. I do come from a land where when i was growing up, polio was rampant and I am glad my parents got me vaccinated!

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