7 Random Facts cause I’m so awesomely versatile

The Versatile Blogger

There are a few basic rules with this award:
1. You have to thank the giver, and provide a link to that person’s post. Thanks, Tezrah!  I’m so glad you stumbled on my blog.  I’ve enjoyed reading your blog quite a bit!
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Award 15 other newly discovered blogs the same award.

I’ve done so many confessions posts that this is actually kinda hard.  Hmm, thinking…

1. I have a little sister.  I don’t think I’ve ever actually posted about her before.  She got married a little over a year ago and lives 3 states over, so I don’t really see her much.  She used to have a blog, but it hasn’t been updated in like 500 years and I don’t believe she knows where to find my blog.

Sister, my favorite great aunt that died this past winter, and me back in 2005. How bad is it that I couldn't find an earlier picture of us together? All the ones from the wedding are in hard copy, not on the computer. And yes, I used to be a natural blonde. I'm not really sure if I am anymore since I've been dying my hair brown for so long. I guess we'll find out soon.

 2.  I’m writing this while watching Army of Darkness.  My husband begged and I’ve wasted through every tv show from this week, so I figured it wouldn’t deprive me of anything.  This movie is a lot less awesome sober.  The last time I watched it was in England during my study abroad

My wireless network is actually named "Boomstick".

3.  My shoe size is a 9.  I’m kind of paranoid that I might have abnormally large clownshoes, but that might not be true.

Frick, these things are gonna give me nightmares.

4.  You know the escaped exotic animals about a week and a half ago?  I live an hour from there and that town is on the way to my parent’s.  I wanted to drive down and go on safari, but I was told that is inappropriate.  Besides, we all know I would have just been stalking Jack Hanna.

Silver fox?

5.  I feel really weird about the fact that I talk about my blog friends like regular people, but I can’t help it!  My husband knows all your names because I talk about you guys so much.  I’m not a stalker, though, I promise!

6.  I have (obviously) had no idea what to blog about since I got pregnant.  As I said on Twitter last night, “It’s just hard to have content lately.  I sleep, I eat, I work, I gestate.  Lather, rinse, repeat.”  And to top it off, I’ve been getting progressively sicker with some kind of chest based creeping crud all week, so all I want to do is sleep.

7.  I am a huge Columbus Blue Jackets (hockey) fan.  You may think that your sports team is the worst ever (remember, I grew up near Pittsburgh, so we had the Pirates), but honest to G-d, the CBJs are the WORST and I still love them.  They finally won their first game of the season this week.  Maybe they’ll even win one of the games we got to this year.  A girl can dream.  Oh, and my husband doesn’t really like hockey that much (he comes for the food) and only got in to football because I did.  We don’t take the gender roles very seriously up in here.

I love you CBJ, but could you try sucking a tiny bit less? It's ok, I love you no matter what. At least we have a cannon!

Tag 15 newly discovered bloggers:
Fleurg, I have been so bad about keeping up with blogs that I don’t really have 15 of those.  So, umm, tag yourselves.  My intrauterine parasite is ready for bed.

Anyone tagging themselves?  Anyone else love a terrible sports team?


About Sarah S @RunningOnWords

Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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15 Responses to 7 Random Facts cause I’m so awesomely versatile

  1. aprilvak says:

    Wait, we’re not supposed to talk about blog friends like regular people? Uh oh…

    Those shoes are pretty creepy. Do you wear a nine like me? Meaning anything between 7 and 11, depending on the shoe.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Army Amy says:

    “I gestate.” Ha! That made me laugh!

    I don’t love a horrible sports team (well, there are The Cowboys, but I know better than to love them), but I feel horrible about a team that I love: The Rangers.*

  3. I’m thinking “I sleep, I eat, I work, I gestate” could be a new blog name for you. That could really get the ole ideas flowing for content. Also, I wear a size 10 shoe, so you’re size 9 doesn’t scare me. Oh, and I wear an 11 in running shoes.

  4. Abby says:

    My cousins live in Columbus and they’re huge Blue Jackets fans 🙂 (Well, they’re huge hockey fans and since they live in Columbus, they take what they can get!)

  5. nikimiller says:

    1. There’s nothing wrong with being a blog stalker, or so the voices tell me..

    2. Two words: Cincinnati Bengals. Boom!

    3. I love that you called him/her/it your intrauterine parasite!!

  6. This is SO cute! I have never even heard of Army of Darkness, but that was hysterical.

    Love the fun facts, seriously!!

  7. My running shoes are 10.5s, don’t feel bad about big feet, someone’s are always bigger :).

    My husband knows all of your names too.

  8. Kara says:

    Do you think your spawn will inherit your canoe sized feet?

  9. michelle says:

    “Yo, she-bitch! Let’s go!” “That’s right. Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.”

  10. amanda says:

    Haha..canoe sized feet. Sorry. Never seen Army of Darkness. I like Jack’s sloth friend. Btw, in response to a comment you left on my blog a week or so ago (I’m so timely), greyhounds don’t NEED running room! Great news for you guys. You should get a 3rd pup. Once they’re retired from racing they become 80% cat, sleeping most of the day except for a couple short walks, excitement at feeding time, and playing catch 4 times across the length of the apt until she needs a nap again. If you’ve got too much room in your bed with the puggles, a grey would fill the space nicely, they like to snuggle too. 🙂

  11. Sam says:

    i’ve stopped even saying my “blog” friends…y’all are just friends now!! kind of weird, but i like it. hope you feel better soon! give the parasite a little belly pat from me.

  12. Terzah says:

    Dude, you ARE versatile! But those shoes….haunting my dreams….and that’s my size too. :^)

    Thanks for posting this!

  13. Kim says:

    Ah, the Blue Jackets! We have been fans from the start – my dad has PSL/season tix and takes Jon often. I need to go to the game, but when I go with Hannah she, like your hubby, goes for the food & thinks it is a non-stop buffet from the time we walk in until we leave. Great when you have $$ of your own, but not great when you are the parent of a 9 yr. old.

    If you love hockey, you should come watch Jon’s HS play sometime. They are fun to watch and the games aren’t as long as the NHL games. 😉


  14. I’m a size 9 too! I know a lot of women who are. I can honestly say I never felt like I had abnormally large feet, so you don’t either!!

    I can’t see you as a blonde, really, I like it the way it is now!

    I would have gone on a Safari with you!

  15. Somehow I missed this fun post. Should I be the only dork and tag myself? I could use some readers……..

    Your humor amuses me…….I find myself classifying to Steve that it is Sarah I know from MIT but also Twitter and her blog…….and I talk about the crazy bitches doing a 50 miler in a few weeks with awe……not sure I use their names. Seems odd. Glad to know I am perfectly normal. 🙂

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