Pregnancy Week 14–brought to you by my sinus infection

Week: 14

Pounds Gained Lost: I lost 2.2 pounds again (this is probably the same 2.x pounds being gained and lost every week.  Maybe water?).  I’m down 5 pounds from when I found out I was pregnant.  I am visibly losing body mass on my arms, legs, and waist, but I have a belly and got another visit from the boob fairy.  I don’t know what to do at this point.  I eat when I’m hungry (except at night when I’m in bed.  The only thing I love more than food is sleep).  I think Kari is trying to help me out considering the package full of cream cheese brownies I got in her bake sale.
Inches Gained (Waist): Umm, my waist is way too high for this to be useful.  I’m going to start measuring at my belly button so it’s easier to know where to measure. I’ll let you know next week.
Nonsensical item baby is supposedly the size of: a peach (still) and a lemon.  BTW, I totally agree that these objects are never very close in size.  I just report the “facts”!

Pregnancy Symptoms I’m supposed to expect according to

  • As you emerge from the nasties of the first trimester, you’re probably getting your energy back.–I would be were it not for this horrendous sinus infection
  • You’re probably feeling some aches and pains, as your muscles and ligaments stretch to accomodate your growing baby.–Yes.  Someone posted that it is bullshit to say you have a backache this early because can you just imagine at 36 weeks?  Yes, asshat, I can.  I’m having back spasms almost daily, but I’ll just will them away because you told me I’m crazy.  I hate everyone (not you guys).
  • Hungry! Once the queasies of the first trimester subside, you might find your appetite on overdrive.–Kind of?  Maybe sometimes, but not like totally nuts.  It looks like I ate one too many tacos, but I haven’t actually had any tacos.
  • You might notice your hair getting thicker and shinier, one of the (few) attractive side-effects of pregnancy.–Nope, hair is still falling out like crazy, although it looks ok.  I think the lack of hair dye is good for it, but I’m still freaked out about what color it might turn out to be.

I’ve also still got the leukhorrea, dry skin, runny nose (well, I do have a sinus infection), back and neck pain, pink toothbrush, and round ligament aches.  Also, the constipation, while never gone definitely got a little worse again this week.

According to, baby’s kidneys are also fully functional this week.  That means it’s peeing inside me and then drinking its pee.  The miracle of life is 800 kinds of disgusting.  But, on of the classic definitions of something that is alive includes a way to release waste, so there ya go.  BTW, I really only included this for Kara.

So, we are really trucking right along on this whole pregnancy thing.  At this point, I’m setting goals.  Number one is to make it to 20 weeks without losing my mind.  This felt impossible until I realized a different goal (finish collecting data for the dissertation on 12/23) was actually well past the 20 week mark.  While the data goal feels relatively close (I ordered the remaining animals supplies yesterday), the pregnancy one feels far away.  That’s dumb.

Also, I got a lecture today from my coworker.  He’s a doctor in Brazil who is visiting for a year to learn about research and medicine in the US.  He said “pregnancy is not a disease. You are not sick.”  And you know what, he’s totally right.  I am not sick (well, I am sick, but that’s the sinus infection).  I am pregnant and we can discuss odds of various ailments for days, but either I’ll get them or I won’t and worrying now won’t help.  I needed to hear that.  Because honestly, worrying is getting me absolutely no where.

Yes, I was trying to take a nap on the wall while waiting for my husband. My sinuses suck.

In other news, I can now feel my uterus bump laying on my back.  Before it disappeared when I wasn’t standing.  Interestingly, I can only feel it on the left side, though.  Whatever, I’ve convinced myself that I’m going to feel the baby move soon because it’s a little more compact.  And by soon, I mean something weird was going on last night, but maybe I just needed to fart.

This picture looks like crap. Sorry bout that. Notice the elastic band of my maternity pants is now below my shirt. Boob fairy made my shirt too short and baby belly made my pants sit lower.

So on Friday I will publish the comprehensive results of my gender old wives tales study.  I may have talked my way in to an early gender ultrasound in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned!  I’ve been thinking pink for weeks, but suddenly today I can’t stop saying he.

What’s new for you all this week?  Anyone else make out like a bandit in the bake sale?

And I’m sorry, but I am so far behind on blog commenting I may never dig my way out.  Between husband’s new job and my illness I have been struggling to keep up.  Please know I’m still reading (which I can do at work) even if it takes me weeks to comment.


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8 Responses to Pregnancy Week 14–brought to you by my sinus infection

  1. Army Amy says:

    Does the baby really pee in there? How did I never hear of this before?! Ew!*

  2. Yeah, I feel like that whole thing where the baby pees inside you is just something that scientists shouldn’t share with us. I’m glad we know stuff, and I know it all adds up to other good things but some pieces of the puzzle are better off as mysteries for the general public.

    Also, I am ridiculously excited for this gender results show. The old wives are great fun. Did you do the one with the dangling something silver over your belly? I feel like I read about it in a fiction book once.

  3. Raquelita says:

    I hope that sinus infection clears up for you soon!

    Shouldn’t it be the old wives’ tale sex study? I firmly believe that gender is a social and cultural construct.

  4. Man all of these things you tell me about pregnancy really take away from it’s luster. Oh wait, the thought of a parasite inside me never had luster. 🙂

    Did the brownies get to you!?!?!?! I got to try one from the second batch she made and ate it in all of 2 seconds. Glorious!

    Hope you’re feeling better!!!!

  5. kat9365 says:

    Congrats! 🙂 I know I’m like WAY late.

  6. Kara says:

    I really hope it’s a boy so I can constantly remind you that you have a penis inside of you.

  7. Sam says:

    i like what your coworker said! that’s a good attitude to have.

    you are looking quite pregnant to me. love the growing belly!

  8. I was going to say GIRL until I read Kara’s post and now I’m thinking I might need to vote BOY just to side with her! Of course, I might vote UNICORN or something equally obscure just to be difficult. But, if you put a gun to my head and tell me to get serious, I’m going to go with GIRL 🙂

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