Pregnancy Week 16

Week: 16 Pounds Gained: I gained 1.2 pounds this week, which brings my total pregnancy weight gain to 0.2.  I’m pretty happy with this since there is no reason I need to have gained more weight than that. Inches Gained (Waist): My waist is up 2 inches this week for a total of 4 inches.  My “bump” is really top heavy, which is actually all of my internal organs being shoved up by my uterus, which I was told is up to my belly button. Nonsensical item baby is supposedly the size of: avocado (yum!) and a rubber ducky (don’t those come in more than one size?) Pregnancy Symptoms I’m supposed to expect according to

  • You might start feeling baby move!–don’t taunt me internet!  She’s kicking me in the placenta and I’m overweight, so this is probably still a month or so off.
  • Back aches, another effect of pregnancy hormones. Make sure you’re exercising, that you’re sitting and standing up straight and do some stretches.–I sat on the floor too long today while I was sorting through stuff and I can barely stand or walk now.  Awesome.
  • bigger boobs — they should be ready for breastfeeding by the end of the second trimester.–Eff you, TheBump, they already leak and I have to buy my bras in the “special” section of the plus size lingerie store (and they only carry the next two cup sizes)
  • Constipation, as your uterus starts pressing on your intestines.–Yup.
  • Forgetfulness (a.k.a. pregnancy brain). No one knows for sure what causes this!–Ha, my poor technician is constantly reminding me of what I was supposed to be doing.  It’s hard being temporarily dumb.  Also, I found my socks on the stove a few weeks ago.  They ended up there because my husband found them in the fridge.  I cannot explain this.
  • Faster hair and nail growth (a great excuse for a new cut and manicure).–I got a compliment on how nicely my hair is growing today.  And I’m sick of cutting my nails every two days.
  • Dry, itchy, sensitive eyes. Blame the hormones once again.–I have allergies, they are always itchy.  But, I don’t think they are dry considering everything makes me teary eyed!
  • Glowing skin (finally — that pregnancy glow that people are always talking about!)–Nope.  Unless glowing means dry and flaking.  The best part is that includes my scalp and legs.

I’ve also still got the leukhorrea, slight congestion (dear amoxicillin, you are the greatest thing for my sinuses ever), pink toothbrush, nosebleeds (never sneeze first thing on a dry winter morning), and the occasional abdominal ache.  Honestly though, the big thing is I feel HUGE.  Looking down at my belly it looks quite large, although in profile I still just kinda look fat. The big thing this week was (obviously) finding out that it’s a girl!  I still don’t know if I see the cheeseburgerREDACTED because Kara said I’m not allowed to use that word anymore, but my husband and the ultrasound tech were quite certain that they saw it.  Let’s all remember that I suck at reading ultrasounds even though it’s part of my job (echocardiogram=ultrasound of the heart). Anywhoodle, I finally stopped by the Marshall’s clearance rack to get a few things for baby girl.  I needed to look at frilly dress to really get excited.  I bought two:

This is a 3-6 months outfit. I'm hoping it will fit just right next fall. And yes, I am wearing my new earrings. The fact that I have to take them off to sleep is bullshit.

Dang, that white dress photographs badly. Hopefully it will look better on her. My mom was here this weekend and also bought a million dollars worth of fatty clothes.  I got a winter coat with zippers up the side (love), shirts, and bras.  My wardrobe is pretty slim pickings, but the new shirts means I have at least a week’s worth of clothing now.  Some of them feel like tents, but I know they’ll be snug in another few months.  My belly is exploding.

This was last Thursday, so the first day of Week 16. I had to present at a grown-up science fair that day. I kind of ballooned overnight.


Rufus says hello. He looks awfully guilty in this picture.

Ok, so now I’m going to do something stupid.  Paula suggested I let you all name my baby.  While I’m not that stupid, I am asking for girl’s names suggestions and if we end up using the name you suggest, I’ll send you something awesome.  One thing to keep in mind is that we’ve been considering Martha as a middle name in memory of my great aunt who died this past winter, but that’s negotiable.  So far most of the names we like start with C.  And my husband says no place names and we both don’t want anything on the top 10 most popular list (I hate my name because everyone in the world has it).  And obviously we need girl’s names.  Thanks!


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19 Responses to Pregnancy Week 16

  1. Emily says:

    A rubber ducky? Does your belly squeak?

    So I have to ask the million dollar question. When your milk comes in do you plan on tasting it? Because I wouldn’t even hesitate but my friend tasted hers and her husband was grossed out. I guess I never grew out of the “curious” stage.

    I don’t like red meat so the cheeseburger thing doesn’t gross me out. Nor does “taco” as long as it’s a meaty taco.

    Name suggestion: Cadence

    • Amanda says:

      I’m behind the times, so I’m just reading about you finding out it’s a girl – Congrats! Now those cheeseburger tweets make sense.

      I don’t even know if we’ll have kids or not, but my husband is clearly in the “curious” stage about this whole breast milk phenomenon. He jokes about it being a substitute for coffee creamer.

      Important to keep in mind is any words that your spawn’s initials might spell. But I can’t think of anything dirty with ?MS. So I think you’re/she’s in the clear.

  2. Army Amy says:

    Choosing a name is so much fun! My husband and I want to name our not-yet-conceived child Naomi (After his grandma) or Francis/Frank (Just because). For you, I suggest Camille. I was watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills yesterday and realized that I really like that name even though Camille Grammer is annoying.*

  3. YES!! Ok, I’m so into this. And since I will probably never have kids, I am willing to give you the two girl names I have had picked out for most of my life to be my children’s names that will most likely never exist. They aren’t C names though. But I love Tessa and Noelle.
    And because you guys like C names, my friend growing up was Caryn (pronounced Karen). I always loved that spelling. And a few more: Clarisa, Cadence, Caroline, Carrie. Tho, some of those don’t really go with Martha.
    Oh, and cute purple shirt!
    Pretty sure I might tweet you names for the rest of your pregnancy.

  4. Tracy says:

    That first picture of you is completely adorable 🙂

  5. Kara says:

    A white dress huh? You’re brave. 🙂

    My kid was wearing 3 month stuff 2 weeks after she popped out, keep that in mind. Although I grow ’em big….

  6. Remember what I told you about baby girls stealing your beauty? That’s why you’re not glowing. Girls are vicious!

  7. Megan says:

    I’m still so happy you found out it’s a girl! I’m leaning toward a girl for me, too, but I think that’s just because I want to make sure Mr. Skinny and his family aren’t super bummed if it’s not a boy (his grandfather died this year, and everyone thinks this baby is going to replace him). Those dresses are SO cute! The only C name suggestion I have is Charlotte.

  8. I have to tell you something – pregnancy brain is not temporary. At least not in the cases I’ve heard/experienced myself. Peanut is almost a year and I’ve yet to remember where I put my keys/phone/wallet/last night’s dinner. I can’t remember to put on half my make up most mornings, what the figures for my latest work project are, and anyone’s birthday. Although I am not a fan of delivery bad news, I was shocked and upset when my “temporary” stupidity ended up being more permanent.

  9. Kim (Book Worm Runs) says:

    I love the little outfits!! 🙂 And the purple shirt you are wearing is so cute! So, we found out yesterday we are having a little girl, too!!! And we have NO IDEA on the name. Naming another human being is such a huge responsibility and I am stressed about it! Lol! Good luck!

  10. Brandy says:

    I suggest the name Cara, which is my daughter’s middle name.. I also like Chloe. And I also toss a vote towards the previous post that suggested Cadence. That is a pretty name.

    Also a few of my favorite names that don’t start with C… Lorelei (or Loreley, Loralei: depending on spelling preference) Nyssa, and Lily.

  11. Sam says:

    so i’ve always loved the name penelope…but then you would have PMS.

  12. I had amazing hair during both pregnancies and super tough nails. It was awesome… Then it goes away, you shed for like 3 months, it’s disgusting.

    I like the names Claire, Charissa, or Courtney. I “tried” to name my kids with names NOT on the most popular list… and the name I picked out for #2 (Addison) was NOT on the list when I picked it but then popped up the following year because of Grey’s Anatomy… so watch pop culture.

  13. Mandy says:

    Rufus DOES look guilty!
    And…O.M.G. I only came up with Avery’s name a week before she came out and you expect me to come up with suggestions???? Can you hear me laughing all the way at Children’s?

    And – keep in mind – Avery just started wearing 3 month clothes. HAHAHAHA! Sorry – had to say it to be silly after Kara’s comment. 😉

  14. Abby says:

    No place names – love it.

    One of my favorite girls names is Hannah, but Brent’s not a huge fan because of a bad association. Since it’s not the name we’ve got picked out, I’ll share it with you 🙂

  15. You are glowing. 😉

    I’m not sure I should give a name suggestion, but how about Kathy?

  16. Terzah says:

    I actually think you look great. And if I had those earrings I’d want to wear ’em all the time too. My husband gave me diamond studs for our 5th anniversary and I DID wear them in my sleep. Dumb, I know. I was too giddy to be smart about it.

    Girl names…..I love old school Belle Epoque/World War I era names (my daughter is Ruthie). Other ones: Eleanor, Catherine, Clara, Alice and Lucy. Sometimes you have to see the baby’s face. We had two boy names and didn’t choose between them until we saw him (he’s Will).

  17. Olivia. I always liked that.

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