I hate everyone and other (not actually that) exciting news

I know, it’s rude to take a blog hiatus without announcing it, but I just needed a break.  It’s really hard to maintain a running blog when you aren’t allowed to run.  I’ve thought about changing the name of my blog to something more familycentric, but I love the name of my blog, so too bad (have I mentioned I lose about 3 subscribers every time I post a weekly pregnancy update?).  Anyways, here’s what I’ve been up to.

1.  Thanksgiving.  I’m a huge fan of any holiday that involves eating too much food that is terrible for me (seriously, one or two days a year is not going to kill anyone).  This year may have been the best feast I’ve ever seen/devoured.  My good friend Mandy invited us over when she heard we had nowhere to go and then proceeded to make more food than I knew how to eat.  And I’m pretty sure Paula Dean would have approved of the liberal use of butter.  There was creamed corn made of corn, cream cheese, sour cream, butter, and milk.  You bet I had seconds of that.

Also, I forget every year how much I love dark turkey meat smothered in gravy.  So I’m putting it here in print.  Don’t forget, self, that this is in fact your favorite part of the meal.

Our hosts were fantastic, the food was amazing, and I actually felt full for the first time in months.  I left loving Thanksgiving.

Then came the requisite family phone calls.  This was my first Thanksgiving that wasn’t spent with at least one of my parents.  I love our families, but people say the most interesting things on the phone and after 3+ hours on phone saying the same thing 8 times, I had trouble not losing my tiny ADHD mind.  The hands down best comment of the night was:

“don’t buy too much stuff for the baby since she might not live very long.  You only need enough for the first week or two.”  The person who told us this is 88 years old, so there’s no malice there, just outdated advice.

Followed by:

“You need to get in the kid’s head and figure out why it’s crying, maybe it’s the plastic thing in ladies pants.”  First person to figure out what this means gets a prize, because I do not understand.

“You’ve gotta make sure you only go through the diaper with the pin and not the baby’s skin.”  When my husband pointed out diapers are pinless now he was assured the skin can get stuck in anything (even velcro tabs on disposable diapers).

Old people.  Wow.  Luckily, after a huge fight with my sister (even 5 hours apart we manage to fight on every holiday) I found this all hilarious.  And I am totally resisting the urge to detail the whole argument, but blasting my sister on the internet isn’t cool, even if she’s asking for it.  But you bet that’s a big part of why I haven’t felt like posting.

Everyone also had very strong opinions when it came up that I’m staying home after the baby.  I found that a little frustrating, but I have a funny feeling this may be as controversial as vaccination.  And I’m totally blown away when SAHMs tell me I shouldn’t stay home.  What’s up with that?

Ugh, see what I mean?  I always feel like holidays put me in to such a tailspin.  Currently looming over our heads is the Christmas issue.  We aren’t making any plans until after I get my cervix measured on the 14th to make sure I’m not heading for early labor.  The hospital in my hometown is crap, so I’m not getting stuck there.

2.  Movies.  I saw 2 this weekend.  The Muppets was awesome and I want to have 10 million tadpoles with Kermit (that’s a lie, Pepe and Rizzo are actually my favorites).  We all loved it and I’m sure we’ll buy that on DVD (to go with my DVDs of the original Muppet Show).  The other movie I went to was Breaking Dawn, which was terrible.  Also, have you heard it causes seizures?  I had to close my eyes during one scene because it made me dizzy (Jacob running through the woods).  I think I’m due for my seizure screen, so maybe I should call the neurologist.  Anyways, I do not get what the big deal was about the birth scene.  They didn’t really show much of anything and there should have been WAY more blood on her nightgown.  Gotta love a movie where the main character tries to bully his wife in to an abortion followed by some pedophilia by the other male lead.

I loved it.  Don’t judge me.

3.  A Christmas Carol.  My Breaking Dawn date invited me to the local production of A Christmas Carol the next day.  It was decent, but I couldn’t believe how rude the audience was.  Some wench was taking flash pictures during the show.  And talking the whole time.  I strongly considered multiple threats, but lately I’ve felt like my rage is outta control, so I kept my mouth shut.  Seriously, though, between the play and Breaking Dawn, I saw horrified at how rude people are in a theater.  Put your damn phone away (someone’s actually rang loudly during the movie) and shut your gaping cakehole before I come back there.

Me and my date.

Pregnancy makes me extra ragey, but bad manners in a theater have always REALLY bothered me.  Movies and plays are not cheap and I didn’t pay to hear you repeat the lines.

4.  Cooking.  I have actually made 2 recipes off of my “CrockPot Cooking” board on Pinterest.  They all turned out well, but tonight’s was by far the best yet.  I’m actually getting excited to do this whole trophy wife thing and cook for my family.  I bet I take those words back in another year, especially once the Suzy Homemaker hormones wear off.

5.  Driving around in my pimpmobile mom car.  I love this car.

Not that I took it out shopping.  I’ve bought a ton of baby stuff over the last 4 days, but it was all online because I hate people.  Also, yay for sweet cyber sales!

6.  Real estate shopping.  We put an offer in on a short sale on Saturday.  It is the most spectacularly perfect house ever and I’m pretty sure it was decorated by two fabulous gay guys with incredible taste.  Now we wait and see if the evil empire (Chase) will approve our offer.  This could take, well, with short sales there is no guarantee that we’ll get an answer, but we have time to wait a bit, so we’ll see what happens.  But seriously, I want this house more than cake.  And you know how I feel about cake.

How was your weekend?  Anyone else lose their mind at rude theater goers?  Does your family make you nuts around the holidays?  Did you get any awesome bargains?


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Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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19 Responses to I hate everyone and other (not actually that) exciting news

  1. Emily says:

    I can’t wait to see the mullets!! (LoL autocorrect. I had to leave that one. It’s just too funny.) I also can’t wait to see the muppets 🙂

    I heard Breaking Dawn was awful. I’ll wait til it’s out in the RedBox and only waste $1 instead $8 to see it.

    I spent my holiday weekend around a tiny baby. I can’t wait til you have yours! Also I’m not gonna lie. I’m dying to know what the sister argument was about.

  2. Army Amy says:

    When I saw the movie Yes, Man a few years back, there was a dude having a conversation on his cell phone during the movie! How rude! I should have pelted him with popcorn or duds, but I just gave him the stink eye which he couldn’t see b/c it was dark being a movie an all. People are stupid.*

  3. TriGirl says:

    People talking during movies are rude. During plays, even worse because the actors are there wand can see/hear people not paying attention to them :S

    I really want to figure out what the ‘plastic thing in ladies’ pants’ is. Buttons are plastic, but that seems to easy. Maybe the tag(though that’s usually fabric)? And just tags in general but the first thing she thought of were her own and her tags bug her? Or! OR! MAYbe she meant the plastic thing the price tag comes on, that you’re supposed to cut off but sometimes it gets stuck or you forget and it pokes you…if you got something new for the baby and missed cutting that thing off, it would totally make her cry.

  4. Kara says:

    My family drives me nuts, period. My in-laws are fine, I’m the one with the crazy family.

    Breaking Dawn looks awful, but I’d still go see it.

    Maybe if you stopped talking about vaginal discharge you’d keep more readers 😛

  5. I hate people, everyone at least at some point. I’m sure if I knew me, I’d hate me on occasion too, so no judgey here. We went to the movies too, seen Arthur Christmas. I loved it. I did get slightly embarrassed while screaming at my kids to hurry in the bathroom, I found out we weren’t alone. Oh well, leave her alone with 2 three year olds and see how much patience you have. You know my theory on babies….you f up your kids, I’ll f up mine.

  6. Holly says:

    I have to put this in print too — I like the white turkey — but with lots of crispy skin. Haha!

    There, said it.


  8. aprilvak says:

    I bet the prize goes to TriGirl for the tag thingy and not my husband for guessing ‘vibrator.’ Yeah, he went there.

    If you can and want to stay home, all the naysayers can suck it. I love it. Except when I don’t, lol!

    I hope you get the house!!

  9. Amy says:

    I loved being a SAHM! I think it’s the most important job in the world, IMO. Do what you want to do and what is best for your family. I’ll have to look into the crock pot cooking on pinterest…sounds yummy!

    Sorry for insensitive comments of others…sometimes people suck! People really suck who talk in movies, theatres, etc.

    Can’t wait for a house update! 🙂

  10. I love everything about this post. I just read all of the comments from your family members about the baby to Mike. He was horrified and amused.

    I don’t even know what else to comment on. I think all of the Twilight movies have been horrible, but I’ll see them all and you can’t stop me.

  11. Elle says:

    I quit going to movies just for this same reason!

    When I was a baby my Father pinned my diaper to my leg… yikes… so be careful, people REALLY do that !

    Good luck with the house deal.

  12. michelle says:

    We only go to the movies at the fancy theater, in the 21 and over section. The tickets only cost 2.50 more per person and you get free valet parking, free popcorn, and there’s a bar. Oh, there are also loveseats to sit in, with assigned stadium seating. Did I mention it’s 21 and over? Yeah- it’s 45 minutes away and we still won’t go anywhere else. 🙂

    Have you seen the Muppet Family Christmas Movie? I found it for my husband 2 years ago online. It’s hysterical! He said it was a childhood favorite and he could never find it anymore. It’s now our standard Christmas Movie.

  13. Mandy says:

    I want to see the Muppets! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed Thanksgiving! It was one of my favorite Thanksgivings ever!

    Have to laugh at all the baby comments – not even going to guess on the one. You should definitely be a SAHM so that you can play with me. 🙂

    I’m so excited to hear about the house!!!!

    I HATE people. Ok – I’ll narrow it down – I hate people that talk to movies and plays. Last year – we saw a musical (Rock of Ages) that a couple in front of us thought was a rock concert – they were drunk and LOUDLY sang aloud with all the songs….I mean – it was hard to hear the actual musical.

  14. Kate says:

    I tried to comment on this post yesterday and had no luck – my browser at work is all jacked up I think. Anyway, I was going to say that I love the “advice” people like to throw at you. I wish I knew how to get people to stop being tools in movie theaters because I think I could make billions of dollars. I had two kids in front of me for Breaking Dawn that kept getting up and leaving and coming back. I really wanted to smack them.

  15. Kim says:

    Sorry about the comments – it is amazing how once you are pregnant and have kids, everyone gives you advice whether you want it or not.

    I heard about the seizure/Breaking Dawn thing. I remember when I saw New Moon in the theater – I had to close my eyes when Bella was in her room and it was just spinning around…OMG….I almost yakked.

    Sounds like you had a great meal at Mandy’s! How nice!

    Best of luck on the house! 🙂


  16. I love your car – I think the color is perfect!

    I’m glad you could join us for the play – it was fun!

  17. Terzah says:

    Still need to go to Breaking Dawn….my husband refuses….I’ll have to talk to my co-worker who is my Twilight co-conspirator. I consider myself warned about the epilepsy potential. And def don’t change your blog name–it will morph, but you’ll be back to running after the baby, don’t worry!

  18. I heart you…..big pink puffy unicorn hearts….or whatever it is that you say. I read your post and laughed and also wanted to hug you and then give you some gummy bears.

    I love your blog. You’ll return to running when it’s time and so will your blog. But it’s your blog about your life, so you write about what is important to you. I will still be reading.

    Stay at home if that is what is right for you and your family. You owe no one an explanation for your choice to stay at home, work from home, work outside of the home, or move to the moon. It’s your call. I’ll cut someone for you if they tell you differently!

    Love you girl…can’t wait to hear about the house!

  19. Megan says:

    I totally didn’t know you wanted to be a SAHM! Me too! We can blog about our at home-ness. That’s so weird that a SAHM told you not to stay home. Hypocrite much? Praying that you hear something about that house!

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