Pregnancy Week 19–woah, are we really almost halfway there?

Week: 19
Pounds Gained: I gained 0.8 pound this week, which brings my total pregnancy weight gain to 2.4.  Still feels a little high in a week, but overall I’m still in a reasonable range.
Inches Gained (Waist): Stalled out at 4.5 inches, but below my waist appears to be growing again.
Nonsensical item baby is supposedly the size of: a mango (is it sad that I’ve never actually handled a fresh mango?), an heirloom tomato, a grapefruit (no wonder I feel fat)

Pregnancy Symptoms I’m supposed to expect according to

  • Aches and pains in your abdomen, caused by your muscles stretching to accommodate baby.–I’m actually really relieved to see this because I keep getting random sore spots that freak me out.
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness–Sometimes.
  • Leg cramps: one way to ease the pain: Extend your leg and flex your ankle and toes toward your knees. Or enlist your partner for a calf (and back!) massage.–Not that bad.  When I was half marathon training, I’d get charley horses so bad that it woke me up screaming, so compared to that, tight calves don’t feel like a big deal.
  • Hip pain. If it bothers you at night, try sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees.–Dear lord, yes.  I am in constant pain at my hips and SI joint.

Did you know pregnant women are crazy?  Angry tears are a constant part of my existence and I had a total meltdown last night because my husband didn’t like dinner.  He was making mac and cheese assuming I’d stay upstairs and never find out.  Total meltdown.  I’m ashamed by the tears.  Still, he should know better (I think all pregnant women use that excuse, also, he obviously did know better because he was planning to go about his business and just not tell me about it).

Admittedly, I suspect I’m actually developing a case of antenatal depression.  My options are limited to 2 medications that have never worked for me or trying to cope with it.  Charming.  I’m going to go back to using light therapy boxes and hope that I feel better soon.  My previous coping mechanism was running and that’s out, so I’m stumped.

Umm, let’s see, so at this point I am past the halfway point to full-term (37 weeks is full-term, so that was 18.5 weeks).  That’s exciting and moderately terrifying.  I had a few “what the hell were we thinking, I can’t do this” breakdowns this week.  Apparently it’s a hormone thing, but the funny part about having a baby is you really can’t take it back, so it’s suddenly terrifying.  Also, at this point I’m absolutely petrified of delivery (either route.  Thanks, Kara).  Also, it’s impossible to not worry about money at this point because it is surprisingly important to me to stay home for good.

Hmm, Kari wanted funny stuff in these posts, but right now I’m too much of a wreck to find the funny.  I guess it’s kind of hilarious when I have to go flying up the stairs at work to get the women’s room because I forgot to pee and I’m suddenly about to wet myself.  Yes, my building only has a women’s room on every other floor, which is awesome when you are fat and really have to pee (the men’s rooms are on the opposite floors and I have the misfortune of being on a men’s floor).

This might be the fakest smile of all time.

Yeah, that’s all you get tonight.  My body hurts (that pre-natal massage lasted me 1 whole day before I was in agony again) and I’m drained.  Also, getting this stupid belly picture from phone to computer was a nightmare.  I had to take it more than once, which is annoying and requires standing (I’m not a fan of standing).

How was your week?  I promise next week there will be a lot more and I will have pictures because my anatomy scan (20 week scan to check for birth defects and confirm gender) is on Wednesday.

ETA: this should have said almost halfway.  I am past the halfway point for full term, but a “normal” pregnancy is 40 weeks.  Any baby born between 37-40 weeks is considered full term.


About Sarah S @RunningOnWords

Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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20 Responses to Pregnancy Week 19–woah, are we really almost halfway there?

  1. Kara says:

    “I’ve never handled a fresh mango” is in such need of a “That’s what she said”

    Don’t worry about birth, they have great drugs. Even after they have ice maxi pads and numbing spray and you get to use a fun squirt bottle instead of toilet paper. See? Fun!

  2. Emily says:

    I demand better lighting! I certainly hope the house you move to has a creepy-free picture zone.

    “I’ve never actually handled a fresh mango”…that’s what she said. 🙂

  3. Christina says:

    You and your belly are too cute!

    What did Kara say to scare you? I was in labor&delivery for 36 hours, and it took the doctor 40 minutes to stitch me up. Man, fun times.

    I’m sorry to hear about the depression. I had really bad postpartum depression, so I have an idea of what you’re going through. Give yourself a hug from me.

  4. Army Amy says:

    Halfway! Woo-hoo! Surely that earns you a celebration. And I would like to say that “anatomy scan” sounds fancy. I kind of want an anatomy scan. I can’t think of a reason why I would need such a thing, but I want one.*

  5. Amy says:

    Big hugs, friend! Hormones do crazy things to pregnant women…trust me…been there, done that! I hope the light box will help you. Can you get out and walk, too? It’s not running, but may help a little bit.

    We need to get together soon. I have a gate for you…and I miss you!

  6. TriGirl says:

    That business with the bathrooms is a little ridiculous. Great fake smile-I thought it was real until you said something. In fact, I was reading the post and thinking that you had found a reason to smile…hope tomorrow is a better day.

  7. rissarose80 says:

    lookin’ good and can’t believe you’re almost half way there!

  8. Mandy says:

    Sarah – go read my recap of the pet walk we did together – you aren’t alone in the meltdowns. Or better yet, have Keith read it. HA! Don’t be afraid of delivery, just don’t hold out on the drugs as long as I did. 😉 And, of course you can do it. You and Keith have watching Avery at her worst time of day and all three of you are still among the living! If you need a pick me up – I can show you Avery’s latest trick…or just come gripe about things with you! 🙂

  9. Holly says:

    I have two close friend who are expecting in February. They both seem very forgetful lately — so I blame preggo brain!

  10. Kate says:

    I always get mangoes and papayas mixed up which is unfortunate because papayas are HUGE. Or at least they’re huge by comparison to mangoes. They’re more baby size. Your baby is not yet baby sized. I’m so glad I was able to make that distinction for you.

    I’m hoping that things even out for you sooner or later or I’ll lose all hope for that magical second trimester syndrome everyone claims to experience. That one where suddenly you feel way better and have all your energy back. So far it seems like only some women get to experience that awesomeness which seems utterly unfair. But then again…life and fair.

  11. aprilvak says:

    I love fresh mango, but I developed an allergy to em a few years ago. Don’t take that the wrong way, uterus!!

    And f that bathroom situation.

  12. Never held a mango? I’ll have to send you some from my neighbor’s yard. 🙂

  13. Abby says:

    I’ve decided not to read Kara’s comments anymore, for fear that they’ll cause residual trauma when we get started on the kid thing in a year or two.

  14. Raquelita says:

    Sorry about the restroom situation! That would really suck!

  15. Alyssa says:

    My best advice is do not discuss your pregnancy with Kara any more. She has me terrified, and I’m not even preggers. Actually, make that don’t discuss your pregnancy with any mothers, they seem to take great delight in terrifying the rest of us. Trying not to pee my pants at work is my life. Can’t wait to find out what it’s like pregnant.

  16. You look beautiful 😉 I am so sorry sbout your pregnancy hardships, but you sound like you’re handling them well. If you are ever feeling down, just know you have a bunch of blog people who love you (in a non-creepy way). 😉

  17. Yeah, it is my favorite thing when mothers tell me how horrifying pregnancy is and all the fun things you face after. Makes you want to run out and do it. Don’t let them scare you! You guys will do great!

  18. Hi! I don’t remember where I found you, but I’m glad I did. Looking forward to following you and your little one!

  19. Sarah! I think you look beautiful in that photo! I know your smile is “fake,” but you just look healthy and…dare I say, glowing? You really do look lovely!

    Thinking about you and wishing you brighter days soon! 🙂

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