Christmas is…the season for pretending a fat dude is spying on your kids?

I’m feeling like such a mega Grinch this year (or perhaps I’m more of a Scrooge?).

I tried switching out my Grinch Noodle Hugger for my Happy Dancing Penguins Noodle Hugger, but I don't think it worked. Although, those penguins are darn cute.

Normally, I am all over Christmas.  It usually kills me to wait until after Thanksgiving dinner to start the Christmas music and pulls out the decorations (but those are the rules up in here).  This year I have done absolutely no decorating and I’ve listened to very little Christmas music.  I haven’t even bought my yearly Christmas CD (I get one new Christmas CD a year).

I realized I was really in trouble when a friend invited me to her daughter’s gift wrapping fundraiser.  It’s kind of impossible to pay someone to wrap gifts you haven’t even thought about buying yet.  Umm, I’m a bad person, but I don’t want to spend money on buying people stuff.  I can’t really afford it.  Especially with both of our workplaces sucking us dry on various gift exchanges.

I know, I know, Christmas is all about giving, but is it really giving generously if I’m being bullied in to it?  I just feel like my money could be better spent on stuff like charities.  Better yet, how about we make giving my time an option?  Why does it always have to be stuff that’ll get thrown in a corner while I worry about paying our bills?

Moving on, I’m giving myself this year to just not get in to it.  I’m working a lot, my husband isn’t around, and I’m pregnant and exhausted.  Next year, though, I will get my Christmas on in our house (if we ever find one).  I will sew stockings, make an advent calendar, put up the tree, and light the menorah (umm, did I mention we celebrate Chrismukkah up in here?).  Heck, I’ll even bake or something for my husband’s office.

Meanwhile, Kara brought up an interesting point about Santa last week, which led to someone asking about our plans.  Honestly, the cheap (very cheap) Hebrew in me feels like Santa is expensive.  I have to buy gifts from that fat jerk and from us.  But I remember being a little kid and exploding out of bed to see what he brought (my sister had to be physically restrained to keep her from waking everyone up at 4 AM).  I also remember the crushing disappointment when I caught my dad as the tooth fairy (sorry dude, none of us had the heart to tell you).  The other question is does Santa take away from what Christmas is really supposed to be about?

These are not answers I have.  I guess we don’t really have to decide for another 2ish years (a 7 month old won’t notice if Santa doesn’t come.  I was figuring she’d love some nice cardboard boxes next Christmas).  Oh, and just so I don’t get called a bad mother, I would never begrudge my child anything, but I don’t know that she needs an explosion of new toys every Christmas.  She’ll get plenty and she has 6 grandparents to spoil her.  So in summation, I don’t know yet.  We’ll get to Santa when we get there.

Oh, but Elf on the Shelf is totally out.  That crap is creepy.  And a little controlling.

He looks like he's plotting my demise. Also, do kids really need the message that they have no privacy? This just seems mean, especially for him to be taking the PS3 controlled.

So, anyone else not feeling it?  What do you do to get in to the holiday spirit?  Does anyone else find the elf thing a little creepy?  I should mention I hate puppets and dolls, so this probably plays right in to that.  Anyone else not start shopping yet?  On a scale of one to boned, I think I’m mega screwed.


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23 Responses to Christmas is…the season for pretending a fat dude is spying on your kids?

  1. Um the idea of buying a christmas cd every year is kind of awesome. I want.

    I’m not a grinch, but I live with one. Mike doesn’t really like christmas and for some reason it doesn’t seem to help that I keep yelling, “CHRISTMAS IS THE BEST WHY DON”T YOU LOVE IT??” I can’t see why not.

  2. Army Amy says:

    My problem with presents: I spend all this dough on gifts, and nobody remembers what I got them the previous year. So why bother? But I buy presents anyway. Peer pressure!*

  3. Kara says:

    I’m actually done shopping (sorry), but I’m getting my husband a “big man” toilet for Christmas if that makes you laugh and feel better. He hates our standard size small toilets so much.

    I love all the people who told me by denying Santa I would force my kid to grow up too fast and not believe in magic. 1. Magic isn’t real. Deal with it. 2. Really? Santa keeps you young?

    I don’t get my kid a ton for Christmas either. She’s the 1st grandkid on both sides, I don’t really need to compete with that. 🙂

  4. First, I love the fact that you figured out how to use the statement “up in here” twice in this post and it wasn’t out of context. Score 1 you. I must live under a rock because I only heard about Elf on a Shelf this year. That would have freaked me out because of a crazy dream I had when I was in kindergarten about leprechauns. Yup, I think its best we just leave it with that. 6 grandparents? That kid is going to be spoiled – you won’t need to buy a thing!

  5. Michael says:

    I just finished decorating my tree this weekend and I’m usually done the day after Thanksgiving!! So I am kind of feeling you. All Grinch stuff is cracking me up though 🙂

  6. Sara F says:

    He sees you when you’re naked, he knows when you’re awake…

  7. Mandy says:

    You don’t have to get a ton of presents to do Santa! My brother-in-law does it for two kids – and they each get one present from Santa. But really, it’s up to you. (Honestly, it bothers me MORE that people gave Kara a hard time about no Santa than it does that she isn’t doing Santa. Who am I to decide who gives presents to someone else’s kid???)

    Honestly…if it weren’t for Mark…all my Christmas stuff would still be in boxes. Maybe there’s something in the water here. 😛

  8. Just looking at the title of this post I new it would be a testament to your lovely personality. Bravo, my dear! 😉

  9. Alyssa says:

    I’m obsessed with Christmas, but massively failing at buying gifts, because I have NO IDEAS AND NO MONEY. And I could not be more with you on the damn workplace bullying on gifts. If I get one more emailing saying someone will be coming around to collect $20 from me, I will scream. Apparently I’ll be a pariah in the blog world in a few years, because I thought Elf on the Shelf was awesome the first time I heard about it, and I’m totally doing it. I thought the idea was more the kids get to find where he’s hiding every morning, not so much the creepy “HE’S WATCHING YOU” thing.

  10. Kate says:

    I hate the elf on the shelf as well. Did you know you can’t touch that stupid thing? I discovered that on Pinterest yesterday. If you touch him, “the magic” will leave. WTF kind of BS is that to teach to kids???

    Additionally, I really feel like the whole thing with Santa and his naughty list is like bribing your kids to do what they’re already supposed to be doing. You’re supposed to behave all the time – that’s the minimum requirement. That’s how you get your C+ grade. You want presents? You want an A? Work for it. Don’t give me this whole, “I’m just following the rules cause elf on the shelf is watching” crap.

    I’m so with you on the whole idea that Christmas sucks us dry financially (and emotionally as well). When I’ve tried to think about gifts for people for this year the one thing I keep coming back to is time. What I want most from people is their time. I want the memories of the fun afternoon we had doing whatever the hell we did. I don’t remember what, but I do remember we had fun and laughed our asses off. That’s what I want more than some expensive gift. I ended up spending more money on some people than I wanted to and now I wish I had been firm and not spent that money when I think about how in 3-6 minutes? months? a year or two? they won’t remember what I gave them or when.

    Oh, and I feel like after I’ve spent all this time bitching about Christmas I’m enjoying it a lot more than I normally would, so Grinch away! I think it helps.

  11. Although for different reasons, I am not about Christmas this year. I don’t even care. I haven’t done any shopping (except for Mollie), and I have made it a huge point that there will not be one thing Christmas in our house. Not even a stocking for the puppies. I guess I am a mega-Scrooge. It just makes me feel incredibly sad and lonely.

    I agree – the elf thing is creepy and ridiculous. I will not do that to our children. Also, I don’t know how I feel about Santa. I think he totally takes away from the meaning of Christmas. I’m not sure how I will approach it with our children. Then again, this just may not be the best year for me to think about it at all………..

    I liked this post! 🙂 or should I say 😦 ?

  12. Sam says:

    i’ve been doing ok on decorating this year, but i’m totally with you on not wanting to spend a lot. it just gets so out of control.

    ps. every night Bennett reads my comments out loud from my blog and always laughs when he gets to yours. he’s now starting to talk about you like you’re his friend too!! blog world is creeeepy 🙂

  13. My coworker is always asking for Elf on the Shelf ideas. EITHER GOOGLE ‘EM OR DON’T DO IT BECAUSE YOU’RE ANNOYING THE SHIT OUT OF ME, LADY. Thank you.

  14. That elf is a wicked creeper.

    I’m done with my shopping this year because I bought my parents really nice tickets to a Patriots game and am making Christmas dinner. 🙂

  15. aprilvak says:

    Ha! We love that pic of Santa. And we’re not playing Santa yet, maybe next year when she’s old enough to pronounce it. We have the kid’s presents taken care of, but I haven’t gotten a thing for hubby yet. But of course, he’s still changing his mind daily. I’ll just be screwed with you!

  16. Terry says:

    I am a total grinch and the thing is…. I don’t care. I used to love to use the fat dude to get my Daughter to do things like… clean her room. LOL… I guess I was always a grinch.

  17. I am not a grinch, but I am just not feeling it this year even though I am in a good place mentally. To me Christmas is all about the kids. Teaching them about Jesus and getting them all excited for His Birthday. Having them help decorate and pick out/make gifts for family and friends. Getting excited about Santa coming with a gift. Baking and cooking our traditional feasts. It is still fun with my little brother, but every year without our own just drags me down. I know I have a long time till a baby is old enough to really get into all of it, but just having one around to show everything to is my dream. I think the whole elf thing is cute, but not a tradition we do.

  18. Laura says:

    I hear you… we’re trying really hard to simplify things, but change takes time. It’s easy to keep it simple for our daughter at home, but like you, the grandparents like to go a little crazy! Balance is hard… I’m hoping to move more toward a place of giving gifts in the form of donations (goat for a family, etc) but not sure that everyone on my list would appreciate that! 🙂

  19. Abby says:

    We’re done shopping for my family (Chanukah) and haven’t even begun to think about Brent’s. It’s just such a busy time of year – there hasn’t been time! But we got a tree a couple weeks ago and watched Love Actually while we decorated, and that made me holiday-happy 🙂

  20. michelle says:

    I usually love this time of year but it’s hard when you live in FL and you’re a transplant. I’m used to it being cold and feeling, well, “christmasy” and it’s not at all like that here. Yeah, first world problems.

    I love the spirit of it but I hate that gift giving has turned into such a pain in the ass. I’d love a year where we don’t buy anyone anything and just spend time together celebrating and eating cookies! I guess I just want another Thanksgiving. 🙂

    Elf on a shelf is scary. Dislike.

  21. Amy says:

    I never got Elf on a Shelf…I agree with the creepiness!! Ick!!

    We don’t really do Santa either. We celebrate St. Nicholas day on the 6th and appreciate that he was a real person who did great things for children, but that he lived a long time ago. We let them know that it’s fun to pretend, but the real reason for CHRISTmas is the birth of Jesus. I think this is another area where the idea of ‘you do what you think is best for your family and I’ll do what’s best for mine mentality’ works well.

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