Sugardaddy’s Sumptuous Sweeties Giveaway!

So, anyone who follows me on Twitter has probably noticed that I have a new obsession.

I am addicted to Sugardaddy’s rich mint brunettes (brownies).

Husband and I went to Sugardaddy’s on our Columbus Food Adventures Desserts Tour and we were given a goody bag with two blondes or brunettes of our choice after we had sampled most of the various flavors.

A few of the samples. I may have polished off half of them before I remembered to take a picture. The square is the brownie bottom cheesecake.

Ahem, please stop drooling, you will cause water damage to your keyboard.  Moving on, you Food Network types may recognize Sugardaddy’s from Throwdown with Bobby Flay where they won with their Tahiti Blondie.  The Tahiti contains cashews, white and dark chocolate chunks, toasted coconut, and pineapple.  Normally, these are pretty much all flavors I hate, so imagine my utter shock when I decided I needed to take one home with me after the sample.  I live for chocolate, but I could not live without this blonde.  The flavors kind of remind me of a Girl Scout Samoa, but its got a way better texture and the chocolate is far superior to anything in a Girl Scout cookie.

The bottom 4 things are Sugardaddy's Sweeties. We got a Rich Mint Brunette, a Tahiti Blondie, a Fiery Brunette, and a Strawberry Blondie

So obviously, my favorite thus far has been the Rich Mint Brunette.  It’s a mint cream between two brownies.  I love mint chocolate and this is the ideal combination.  The cream is rich and creamy with just the right hint of mint and if I could live on these brownies, I totally would.  I was not allowed to taste the Fiery or the Strawberry (husband’s share poorly), but he assures me they were amazing.  He was especially impressed with the Fiery, which contains chipotle pepper and ground red pepper for what I was told is the perfect hint of spicy.  He loved it and actually had me pick him up another one.

For those of you not fortunately enough to live in Columbus (this is an amazing food city), Sugardaddy’s has an extensive mail-order company.  The sweeties can be ordered in suites, which contain individual brunettes and blondes in acrylic containers (sliding scale based on size).  We actually did a duet stack ($10.75) as part of my husband’s secret Santa gift to a coworker and they wrapped it up nicely in cellophane and added a nice red ribbon.  You can also order the Pocket Change ($20/2 1lb bags), which are the “cut-aways” from the sweeties.  Basically, they did all the work for you and made the various flavors in to bite-size pieces.  All you have to do is pop in your mouth and chew.

The Pocket Change can also be ordered as part of a Brownie Trifle Gift Set ($58), which includes 2 bags of Pocket Change, a trifle bowl, and entertaining guide.  You can actually enter a drawing to win this by signing up for Sugardaddy’s Little Black Book, which gives you access to all their special offers as well.

Sugardaddy’s also sells Brownie Biscotti ($13/10 biscotti) and a Brownie Biscotti Gift Set ($27/a 1lb bag of coffee and 10 biscotti).  The coffee is Sugardaddy’s custom blend, which is roasted by Stauf’s, an amazing local coffeehouse in Columbus.

You can view the list of sweetie flavors HERE.  The Auburn Original Brunette and Cinnamon Blondie are available in nuts and no nuts, which is awesome for people with mild nut allergies or weirdos like me who have an aversion to nuts during pregnancy.  My favorites thus far have been Tahiti (even with the nuts), Rich Mint, and Cinnamon, although I’m pretty stoked to try Auburn Original and Plain Jane, which is low sugar (you know, since lower sugar might be better for my fetus).

Those of you who live in the Columbus area or who want to come visit me can find Sugardaddy’s at any of the three locations: Easton Town Center, Lewis Center (right across the way from my beloved Fleet Feet), or Downtown.  I’ve actually been in all three stores and they are all great.  The stores carry all the goodies from the web site as well as the brownie bottom cheesecake, ice cream, and brownie truffles (various flavors mixed with complementary liquor to form truffles).  There are drink cases stocked with boxes of Horizon organic milk and chocolate milk, water, etc.  It’s fun and I want my husband to take me on a date there (hint).

Thanks to the magic of Twitter, I got the opportunity to correspond with Mark, the co-founder and co-CEO of Sugardaddy’s.  Personally, I love when companies interact with their customers via social media and I was particularly impressed that I was hearing from someone so high up in the company.  Mark generously offered to let me giveaway two awesome products from Sugardaddy’s:

Winner #1 will receive a 1lb bag of Pocket Change
Winner #2 will receive a 1/2 dozen Sugardaddy’s Brunettes and Blondes

Winners will be drawn via on Sunday, December 25 at 8 PM (Merry Christmas, y’all!).  Winners will be announced on this blog Monday, December 26, unless I get stuck in a snowstorm or something.

You can enter in a variety of ways, do as many or as few as you’d like!  Nothing is mandatory because Sugardaddy’s is awesome.

1.  Go to Sugardaddy’s web site and tell me which product(s) interest you and what flavor you’d most like to try in a comment.
2.  Follow Sugardaddy’s on Twitter.  Leave a separate comment with your Twitter handle letting me know you did this.
3.  Sign up for the Sugardaddy’s Little Black Book (this will also enter you in their monthly drawing for the Brownie Trifle Gift Set).  Leave a separate comment letting me know you did this.
4.  Follow me on Twitter.  Leave a separate comment with your Twitter handle letting me know you did this.
5.  Tweet about this giveaway.  Make sure to include @RunningonWords and @sugardaddys!  Leave a separate comment with your Twitter handle letting me know you did this.
6.  Blog about this giveaway and leave the link in a separate comment.

And if you want to order now for the holidays or you can’t stand to wait to see if you won, use the code 10ex123111 for 10% off until 12/31/11!  I’m going to go order something now!

Disclosure: Sugardaddy’s is providing me with the giveaway prizes.  All reviews are based on samples or take home treats we received as part of a Columbus Food Adventures tour that was not paid for by Sugardaddy’s.  I did receive a box of sweeties from them, but not to compensate me for any specific review, they are just nice folks.  All opinions are my own and unsolicited.


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51 Responses to Sugardaddy’s Sumptuous Sweeties Giveaway!

  1. I considered not etering this just because i don’t want these in the house, but then I realized: Wait. I DO want these in the house! Duh! 😉

  2. aprilvak says:

    Mmm…it’s a tossup between rich mint and cherry almond, but I guess since one’s seasonal rich mint is the winner. My mouth is watering!

  3. aprilvak says:

    Of course I followed Sugardaddy’s as soon as ‘giveaway’ was mentioned, just to be ready!

  4. aprilvak says:

    And I follow yoouuuu…

  5. Mandy says:

    YUM! I’m so excited about this and can’t believe how close I live to them without having tried them. I will hurry back from my run this morning to do all the official “entering” commenting. 😀 (I want Rich Mint!)

  6. Wow… what a hookup! I went to the website and it looks like I’d like one of everything. But if I had to choose… American Beauty, Caramel, or Tahiti. Or Dark Berry. Or Chai Spiced. Good grief.

  7. Abby says:

    Brownie biscotti – really, what more could you ask for?

  8. aprilvak says:

    I tweeted about it!

  9. aprilvak says:

    I signed up for Sugardaddy’s Little Black Book.

  10. Alyssa says:

    I follow you on Twitter! One day I will come to Columbus and you will take me on a food tour of the city, right?

  11. Kara says:


  12. Katie says:

    I’m all about the Dark Citrus. Chocolate and orange or chocolate and lemon are my favorite combinations.

  13. Katie says:

    I followed @sugardaddys on Twitter.

  14. Katie says:

    I signed up for the Sugar Daddy’s Little Black Book.

  15. Katie says:

    I followed you on Twitter.

  16. Katie says:

    I tweeted about this giveaway (@cornfedfeminist)

  17. Kate says:

    I want to try those peppermint brownies you’ve been raving about!

  18. Mandy says:

    I followed Sugardady’s on twitter. @RunningForTwo is my handle. 😉

  19. Mandy says:

    Signed up for their black book. 🙂

  20. Mandy says:

    I tweeted about it! (@RunningForTwo)

  21. Drooling all over my keyboard! That harvest blondie sounds so good! I love anything with pumpkin and I just love cardamom! I love anything with mint too! O my gosh I need chocolate now!

  22. I joined the little black book!

  23. Laura says:

    Mmmm, definitely rich mint. Chocolate and mine is my all-time favorite combination.

  24. Terzah says:

    I am definitely a brunette when it comes to this sort of thing. I’d want to try Caramel and Plain Jane.

  25. Terzah says:

    Followed Sugardaddy’s on Twitter.

  26. Terzah says:

    Already follow you on Twitter (@Terzah).

  27. Terzah says:

    Tweeted the giveaway!

  28. Ian says:

    For me, it’s gotta be the Auburn Original, no nuts.

  29. Ian says:

    I follow you on twitter, @beensy03

  30. Ian says:

    I follow Sugardaddy’s on twitter too, @beensy03.

  31. Ian says:

    I tweeted about it!

  32. Ian says:

    I signed up for the Little Black Book.

  33. Kate says:

    Also, I already follow you on Twitter.

  34. Kate says:

    And I followed SugarDaddy’s.

  35. I would get the mint cream brownie. Love mint & chocolate together! yum!

  36. I follow sugardaddies on twitter. you know my handle. LOL

  37. Signed up for Sugardaddy’s little black book.

  38. Already stalk you on the twitter.

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  41. Michelle says:

    Oh dear goodness I want this! I love Sugar Daddys!! I’d love to try the rich mint or devour some more biscotti.

  42. Michelle says:

    Of course I follow you on twitter

  43. Michelle says:

    And I signed up for their Little Black Book

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  45. I blogged about the giveaway today – or mentioned it in a blog post. Does that count?

  46. Christina says:

    Shucks, I thought I was going to win a different type of sugar daddy. 🙂

    I’d probably do for Citrus or Berry or Mint or Caramel.

  47. Christina says:

    I follow you on twitter. My handle is similar to my blog name (Just Running).

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