Creepers, hormones, and puggles

My hormones may be *slightly* out of control.

I came to this realization when “Do You Hear What I Hear” made me cry on my drive to work on Friday (you bet your buns I listen to the Christmas station on my commute.  I might even sing along).  Anyways, the line about a child shivering in the cold threw me off the deep end.  I have no idea why.  Anyways, I realized how absurd this was and composed myself rather quickly, but it was sort of bizarre.

That evening my husband and I headed out to run some errands.  One didn’t go quite as planned and there was an angry dude who was mean to me.  It wasn’t overt meanness, he was just pissed at the world and had some barely simmering rage that seemed to be directed at me.  I refused to stand up for myself, didn’t get what I wanted, and then apologized profusely for nothing.  That is not me.  At all.  Anyways, we got out to the car and I started sobbing.  Like honest to goodness tears while my husband just kind of looked at me like I’d lost my mind.

Anyways, I attribute the last one to two things.  One, I am incredibly sensitive to people’s moods.  People in a bad mood will inevitable put me in a bad mood.  I can almost always tell when someone is upset or angry and it can make me upset or angry.  In this case, his anger was very obvious to me (and to my husband, which is unusual), but instead of my normal righteous indignation I felt guilty and upset.

Is pregnancy somehow making me nicer?  Or just insane?

Anyways, Delilah also decided to steal a milk box on Friday.  She was running around the wall (there’s a doorway on both sides) with it hanging out of her mouth and only stopped to stare at me if I kept my distance.  Dogs 800 billionty, Sarah 2.  And I, of course, couldn’t stop laughing at how ridiculous she looked.

Sorry for the image quality. The only thing I had handy was my iPhone and I had to mega zoom because she wouldn't let me near her.

She also built her own pillow fort. The red is the almost severed limb of her favorite teddy bear.

After all this, I decided to go visit Laurie to watch “Virgin Diaries” on her DVR.  Did anyone else notice one of the “virgins” admitted to having slept with 7 guys?  I couldn’t stop mocking her.  Also, another virgin’s dad announced that he wanted to be a fly on the wall on her wedding night.  Eww, just eww.  Anyways, I drove over to Laurie’s (very nice) neighborhood and pulled in to her carport (I always wondered what a carport was) and some guy pulled up perpendicular to the driveway right behind me.

As you can, see I have plenty of experience with creepers.

So this guy is just hanging out behind me staring at me and/or my car.  I figure maybe it is Laurie’s husband (who I had not met) and he was confused.  I call Laurie and ask her if this is the case.  She assures me that no, he’s still at work.  Meanwhile, creeperton has turned on his flashers and is just chilling while continuing to stare.  I tell her I’m going to run for the door and she should come out if she doesn’t hear from me in about 30 seconds.  I get out of my car and this scrubby looking dude (he had weird sleeve things on his legs) gets out of his car and starts walking towards me claiming he is lost and needs to get back to the highway.  He says he was at the country club down the road, which I find hard to believe considering how he was dressed (not that they let my people in to country clubs). Anyways, Laurie picked just the right time to come outside and basically pointed in the direction of the road and told him to leave.  Which, surprisingly, he did.

Anyways, I have no idea what the hell that was about.  I half expected to come out to find my car windows smashed or my car stolen, but everything was fine.  I may have carefully checked my backseat (did anyone else watch Veronica Mars?  When Harry Hamlin popped out of her backseat looking like a crazed lunatic, I almost peed my pants and I still check my backseat most of the time) and then called husband and made him talk to me on the way home (thank goodness for Sync).  Husband once told me my chances of being murdered go up exponentially in pregnancy, but I think he meant by him (not actually him, but more pregnant women are way more likely to be murdered, usually by the baby daddy).

Did I mention I’m a complete wuss?

So, who has a good creeper story?  Anyone else constantly losing battles with the animals?  You should see me get in a yelling fight with husband’s cat (it yells back).  Anyone else cried over anything insane lately?

And for the love of all that is good and holy, please tell me I’m not the only Veronica Mars fan out there?  I’m still mad at One Tree Hill for getting it cancelled.

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Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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19 Responses to Creepers, hormones, and puggles

  1. Sam says:

    that story is super creepy!! eek! i’ve had a few run ins with creepers…usually them on a bike and me on foot. My response is to either pee myself or vomit. I would never have made it in the wild.

    And i very much want to enter your giveaway, but I’m practicing restraint as I know I’m about to get pumped full of sugar and my jeans are already starting to feel a little snug. Eeek!

  2. Kara says:

    Wow, you had to risk life and limb to watch a show about virgins? Hardcore.

    Pregnancy makes you nuts. Then being a parent also makes you nuts. I found that having a kid has made me much more outspoken (yes, really) and I get myself in trouble all the time now.

  3. Terzah says:

    That is a creepy story.

    Here’s mine: when I was just out of college and working my first job in Houston, I lived in a 16-plex apartment building in Houston with a friend. There were lots of other just-post-college people in the building, including lots of girls around our age. We had a peeping tom. For some reason–maybe because he always ran away if you actually saw him outside the building–all of us knew about him (I woke one night to see his shadow silhouetted on my blinds–I actually went and slept in my roommate’s bed with her that night), but no one called the police. Until one night I did. A male friend of mine was over doing his laundry and he saw the dude looking in one of my neighbor’s windows. When the police caught him, they told me he had all kinds of burglary tools on him and was probably just waiting to get his courage up to break in and rape one of us. I still wake up some nights thinking about that…….

  4. Fantastic job on the Veronica Mars reference. Love that show. I’m jealous you got to see the virgins.

  5. Pahla says:

    HUGE Veronica Mars fan! Your reference made me very happy, even though it creeped me out. When I was pregnant with #1, every single thing in the world made me cry. Everything. So you’re totally not crazy, or maybe you are, but you’re crazy in a “normal” way. 🙂

  6. Army Amy says:

    The creeper picture of your dog is priceless! Thankfully I can’t recall any personal creeper encounters, but reading some of these other comments has me freaked!*

  7. Emily says:

    Argh! That creeper story scares me. I spent the entire day at work watching some show on Netflix about dudes stalking and killing women and now I’m super scared. My run today finished in the dark. Heart attack city!

    Delilah is so cute! Pippi “builds” forts too if I leave an extra blanket or pillows on the bed. Dogs rule 🙂

  8. Abby says:

    There were two separate masturbators in my neighborhood this fall – guys who sat in their cars and watched female runners and kids walking to school. Yeah, that was pretty creepy.

  9. Michael says:

    I hate creepers, and seem like there are more and more out there. Glad your friend came out and sent him on his way.

    My dog pretty much just rules the house. He always gets his way.

  10. Its funny – I feel so safe in my neighborhood I didn’t even think twice about walking out and shooing him away. We have left our garage door open for hours on end and returned to have the house just fine – even my expensive road bike still in the garage. Sorry that happened when you came to visit me. He was a tad weird – although I didn’t get to see him as close as you did.

    You met my dogs. You know one of them rules the roost. They are awesome and we’ll keep ’em!

  11. michelle says:

    We just watched the Virgin Diaries last night. I felt awkward and dirty. My husband said it’s not allowed in our house. ***shudder***

    I thought the three women were the weirdest, and the gumming, ick.

  12. Oh my gosh. How scary for you.
    Once when my Daughter was young, We were on Vacation. She wanted to go for a walk on the beach. I had been drinking some wine and was not much of a drinker so one glass made me woozy.

    Anyway, we went for a walk. This guy was coming towards us and I wasn’t really paying attention. My 7 year old daughter says Ewe Mommy and she was pointing at the guy who had all his male parts pulled out of his pants displayed for us. I pulled her away and seen the beach patrol coming. We stopped him and told him what happened…. then contined on to go back to our motel. I looked back and seen the beach patrol had stopped him, but I doubt they did anything about it. So gross!

  13. Alyssa says:

    I listen to Christmas music at all times in December. In the car, in the shower, when my class is at special, any time music is a possibility. My husband and I made fun of the “born again” virgin like crazy….just….no.

  14. There was a creepy looking guy walking by me while I was running…I gave myself permission to break from my “easy” pace to sprint to get away from him!

  15. Amy says:

    Maybe it was Rich in costume just wanting to get a closer look at your car! LOL He claims he saw you driving on the highway last week! 😀 I was very emotional pregnant…crying at everything, especially commercials and songs. Hang in there!

  16. Kat says:

    I always check my back seat! In fact, I check everything in the car when I get in. I have no idea why because technically if someone is hiding and wants to kill me, they’ll just use that moment as the moment of opportunity. Yet I still check. every.single.time. On another i-was-once-pregnant note, my fears, rational and irrational and my creepster radar went up significantly when I got pregnant and then even WORSE (better?) when the baby was born. So much so that a couple of months ago I made my husband install a full security system in our home. We live in like the safest town…..

  17. That was a creepy story. I check my backseat too and under my car sometimes.
    I sing along to Christmas music too. The Hubby usually joins in, but sings horribly on purpose.
    Trying to keep my cat off the dining room chairs is a constant battle. He doesn’t shed, he explodes and every chair is covered! We just ordered a tower for him. I will put it right by the window and radiator so it is warm and he can look outside. Hopefully he will lay on that instead.
    I love your creeper puppy!

  18. Mandy says:

    I already told you about my thoughts for Virgin Diaries. 🙂 I always check by backseat at night. Pregnancy does make you crazy…and it doesn’t all go away post-birth. Just sayin’.

    Creeper story? I had a crazy guy demand that I give him all the money in the register when I was a cashier back in college. He paid with a big jar of coins and then asked for all the money. He was so crazy, that I wasn’t scared at first….plus there were a couple of big guys in line right behind him. Told him I had more costumers and he was holding up the line. He left. When did I get creeped out? When he came back in later. Apparently, when they went to arrest him, he downed an entire jar of salsa in the parking lot. Wow. Just wow.

  19. Do I need to share my creeper stories again?

    I thought not.

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