Pregnancy Week 21–Time flies when you can’t stop crying inappropriately.

Week: 21
Pounds Gained: I gained 1 pound this week, which brings my total pregnancy weight gain to 6.  That’s an acceptable weight gain if I wasn’t already overweight.  I’m struggling with how to feel full and eat healthy food when my taste buds are warped and everyone is leaving cookies around.
Inches Gained (Waist): I have gained 7.5 inches total, 2.5 in the last week.  I guess she’s growing?
Nonsensical item baby is supposedly the size of: a banana, a cantaloupe, and a carrot.  Two of these three seem awfully familiar.

Pregnancy Symptoms I’m supposed to expect according to

  • Some heartburn and/or indigestion. Avoid spicy and greasy foods and other triggers.–I miss not getting heartburn from random stuff.  Also, pregnancy was the first time in years that I haven’t struggled with IBS/IBD, so I was enjoying eating Mexican and other foreign foods without being sick.  Now they all make my throat burn
  • Braxton Hicks contractions. Your uterus might occasionally feel tight as it practices for labor.–Umm, no.  This freaks me out.  How will I know if I’m having this?  I still think kicks feel like muscles spasms.
  • Leaky boobs. Your milk ducts will be fully developed by the end of this trimester.–Only a little bit of clear stuff.
  • Dry, itchy skin, from all that stretching over your growing bump.–Yeah, my legs are actually where I keep trying to scratch off all of the skin.  My belly is really not that itchy, but good lord do my legs itch.
  • Stretch marks. You skin gets pulled thinner as baby grows. Don’t worry, they should fade significantly after birth.–Confession time: I already had a lot of stretch marks.  I gained about 40 pounds in a 1-2 month span in college due to Prozac, so I got wicked stretch marks from that.  They had faded as I lost weight, but they are definitely getting red again.  I feel totally the opposite of sexy without clothes on.

Body image in pregnancy is still a tricky thing.  I love my bump, but I just feel like it’s floppy fat at the bottom (which it kind of is).  I get that this a totally shallow and inappropriate feeling and I feel like a jerk for even admitting it, but it’s true.  Anyways, I just keep telling myself that I’ll be so huge in another 10 weeks or so that I will miss this stage a little.  And my coworker told me I looked “babylicious” on Monday, which totally made my day.  I think I’m just a little sad that I’ll never be one of those girls with the cute basketball, but that’s ok, because I still get my baby in the end and that’s really what matters.

Yes, I know I need a better camera. I'm going to add a donate button so you can all buy me the dSLR of my dreams. Not really, but it is the cool thing to do apparently. Anyways, the reason I look like I want to kill someone is because someone (cough, husband, cough) was driving me crazy after a long day of being driven insane.

It doesn’t help that I’ve been physically incapable of getting full for the last few days.  I am so hungry all the time.  I’m hoping that having next week to work from home will give me a chance to make some healthier meals (and bank some in the freezer) with higher fiber content to make me feel fuller.  Any advice?

In other news, I was told to eat something sugary if I wanted to feel the baby move.  That just makes me need to pee a lot (I think it makes her aim for my bladder).  Interestingly, she kicks like crazy when I get really hungry, which is apparently really unusual  This makes me want to hold off on eating so I can feel her for a little longer, but apparently that’s not good for her.  Anyways, sometimes her kicking can really freak me out if I wasn’t expecting it.  And the other day I was laying on one side and she kicked me so hard and unexpectedly that I almost flopped over.  It was probably funny for everyone but me. I felt like I was about to reenact the scene from Alien.

My lab had our holiday party last week and I was given a baby book by my secret Santa (who was not very secret).  The person who gave it to me moved back to his home country yesterday, so it really means a lot to have this gift from him.  My husband also got a gift for the baby as a Christmas present from the paralegals where he works.  And yes, I cried.

My gigantor boobs make an excellent shelf. Also, I've gotten to the point where I can almost balance a small plate on my belly. Win.

It says "thank heaven for little girls"

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have picked up on the constant crying.  I cannot explain it, but I sob all the time.  “Do You Hear What I Hear” made me lose it on the highway one morning.  You already heard the angry gay sobbing story.  And today I cried because my sister told me she bought me a Christmas present for the baby.  When I’m not crying, I’m excessively angry.  Amy commented that her husband saw me on the highway the other day and I had to hope it wasn’t while I was flipping someone off.  Because I do that a lot these days.  Ooops.

We decided to start the kid’s ornament collection this year.  I’m going to order an ornament from Etsy (don’t judge me, I will cut you), but we can’t decide on the wording.  Husband wants “Baby’s -1st Christmas” and I was thinking about agreeing to that with the due date below, but does anyone have any more clever ideas?  And yes, the ultrasound picture will be one of our actual baby, the ornament is custom.

I’ve completely lost my mind, haven’t I?  I blame the unseasonably warm weather, it must have given me a weird tropical crazy disease.  Anyone else possessed by the it’s 57 degrees in December fever?


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14 Responses to Pregnancy Week 21–Time flies when you can’t stop crying inappropriately.

  1. Kara says:

    When you get a contraction, you’ll know. I didn’t get Braxton Hicks until like 35 weeks and it gets your attention. If it does happen, it usually means you need to sit down, put your feet up and drink a shit ton of water.

    Faith used to go nuts for orange juice when I was pregnant. It’s funny because know she won’t touch citrus.

  2. Alyssa says:

    I love starting the ornament collection early! I still insist on putting my baby ornament on the tree when I arrive at my mom’s, I love that thing. Crying is acceptable at any time, preggers or not. Bring on the tears!

  3. Terzah says:

    I loved the kicking too except when I was trying to sleep. I also enjoyed hearing about it once late in the pregnancy, when I had an early labor scare and they hooked me up to the ultrasound–my daughter was kicking my son. Whenever she did, both of their heart rates would go up. I remember the nurse shaking her head and saying, “That little girl.” Which I still say about her, a lot.

    I think the ornament is great and your daughter will *love* it when she’s five.

  4. Raquelita says:

    I have to admit the idea of a generic ultrasound picture on a Christmas ornament is kind of funny to me. I’m sure this is because I’m the asshole without kids or a plan to have them so feel free to virtually flip me off.

  5. Amy says:

    Love the ornament idea! I don’t know if I’d put the actual due date on it, but put “Due May, 2012.” I was never a fan of actual due dates…

  6. My legs are always itchy like that! It kind of makes me wonder if its the hormones in my B.C. now…interesting.

    I like the ornament idea!

  7. aprilvak says:

    Nah, you haven’t lost your mind. And 57°? Bah, it’s been in the freaking 70s here!

    You cry and be angry all you want. Plenty of people do that without any reason.

  8. Kate says:

    Yeah, it’s in the 60s here. Merry flippin Christmas.

    Also, I really think everyone has an adorable pregnant stage. Even if you don’t have the beach ball belly you’ll have your own super cute belly phase.

  9. michelle says:

    I’m not sure what I would do. You could do the month but then what if she’s born early? Hm… what about something that’s not dated? Perhaps a quote?

    Own the tears, don’t judge them, they are you and they are fine! I cry all the time- even without a baby, You’re not alone. 🙂

  10. Mandy says:

    I never got Braxton Hicks contractions….but I do remember the ALWAYS freakin’ hungry stage. 🙂

    I love that ornament. LOVE.

  11. I am not pregnant yet, but I kinda get how you feel about your bump. I think I weight about the same as you did when you first found out you were pregnant. I think we are pretty close in shape. I have that flabby bit at the bottom. I am worried when I do get pregnant I won’t look it for a long time. I like reading your posts and seeing your pics cuz you do look pregnant and really cute to boot! And I think the ornament idea is cute.

  12. Megan says:

    I seriously love that ornament! And what I’ve found now to help with the gaining too much weigh is weighing myself daily. I still don’t want to count calories since I don’t know how many to aim for anyway, but getting on the scale daily lets me know my average gain for the week rather than one day which could be sodium, water retention, etc. But if you’re one of those people who can’t weigh yourself every day without freaking out, I wouldn’t recommend it 🙂

  13. I LOVE the ornament. What a great idea. I think you did a good job designing it, and I love the ultrasound picture too.

    If you get angry and cry when you are pregnant I – or should I say, Michael? – am screwed!!

    Everytime I have seen yo lately I still think you look pretty! I do not know how I will deal with body image when I am pregnant. Yeah, I am kind of dreading that. I do find your posts about what week you are on interesting, though – I’m learning a lot so thanks for writing them!

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