Pregnancy Week 30–Still Pregnant!

Week: 30
Inches Gained (Waist): 12 inches (umm, please tell me that’s normal.  My abdomen is pretty hard, so I’m really hoping that’s all baby)
Nonsensical item baby is supposedly the size of: a cucumber (that seems too small), a cabbage, a thick folded wool sweater (umm, sure)

It's official, my belly is big enough that I no longer require my hands to drink. This is almost as awesome as just strapping on the Camelback. BTW, I have to drink at least 4 of those liter cups a day thanks to the fury that is my kidneys. And yes, I am officially dressing like a pregnant hobo. The dogs do not care about my outfit.

Pregnancy Symptoms I’m supposed to expect according to

  • Heartburn, which might be making sleep hard to come by.–Sleep is just hard because someone likes being breech and kicks my bladder all night. I do have some heartburn, but it’s manageable
  • Swelling — it’s totally normal, as long as it’s not sudden or severe.–Even my biggie size wedding ring is getting tight.  And I just wear my slipper moccasins to the doctor because they fit on my feet unlike everything else.
  • General discomfort, thanks to your big belly.–Oh and here I thought it was the days in a hospital bed causing the excruciating backaches.  I have trouble falling asleep at night thanks to my back.
  • Shortness of breath. Those lungs just keep getting more crowded, right?–Yup.
  • Trouble sleeping, which leads to another issue: Fatigue.–Yup and also causes morning migraines.  Which raise my blood pressure.  This is tough.
  • Weird, vivid dreams. One word (a familiar one): Hormones.–Nope. I don’t remember any of my dreams particularly.

Well, my short-term goal was to make it to 30 weeks.  Success!  Next up is making it to my baby shower at 33.5 weeks.  Mandy is planning an awesome party and I have every intention of being there.  My little sister is coming from 3 states over and her husband is going to be setting up the nursery, so obviously baby girl needs to just hang out for at least another 3.5 weeks.  Once we get past the shower, 35 weeks means there’s a decent chance she won’t spend much time in the NICU and 36 weeks is when doctors would no longer stop labor in a normal pregnancy.

The good news is that despite my raging blood pressure, my labs are all coming back looking ok, so I am not in imminent danger of needing to deliver. It sounds likely that I will have a scheduled induction at 36 or 37 weeks, but that decision hasn’t been made yet.  Of course I would prefer to not have pitocin (or a c-section if she is breech), but it’s also not exactly healthy to be on bed rest for 11-12 weeks, so it sounds like that’s the best compromise.  I’m just holding out hope that we can wait until she wouldn’t need a NICU.  If she as born this week, it sounds like we’d be looking at about 6 weeks in NICU, which is scary.

Scary, but honestly, everything got put rather sharply in perspective over the last few days when another blogger lost her son at 22 weeks because her water broke.  I am so fortunate that I could have my daughter today and she would be ok eventually.  I’m thankful to still be pregnant, but I’m more thankful that I’m at the point where my baby can survive even if my body can’t take anymore.

Baby girl seems to be thriving still, though, so she can stay put unless my organs say otherwise.  She’s been very active (the bed rest seems to agree with her).  I have to do kick counts twice a day.  She gets an hour to move 10 times, but it never takes much more than 3o minutes.  We’ll have an ultrasound next week to make sure she’s still growing well (the pre-eclampsia can cause a growth restriction, as can the bicornuate uterus), but this is ultrasound #9 (that is extremely abnormal, most pregnancies consist of 2-3 ultrasounds total) for this pregnancy and she’s been perfect every time, so I expect that to remain true.

Anyways, the uncertainty is a killer, but I am so blessed to have wonderful friends and family.  The texts, phone calls, visits, and e-mails really break up the monotony and I may have cried a little when someone sent flowers.  My mother-in-law is coming up on Sunday or Monday to stay as long as we need her.  She dropped everything to come help out and I am so thankful.  We may have had our disagreements at times, but I know she genuinely loves me and this baby and will take good care of us.

Moving on to something less sappy, I’m really hoping this kid decides to go head down and stay that way soon.  My husband has learned to hit pause as soon as I bolt upright because I just took a swift kick to the bladder.  Everything they say about having to pee in the third trimester is true.  And totally embarrassing.

Ugh, my husband cannot stage a picture to save his life. We are also having camera issues and well, I feel like I'm being shanked in the temple, so I said this'll do. Also, I let my hair air dry for the first time in months and it's curly-ish. WTH.

The good news is that Mandy brought her 6 month old over today and the dogs did really well.  They licked and sniffed, but generally they respected the boundaries and at no point did they try to eat the baby.  It helps that Mandy is not upset by a little dog spit and that Avery loves animals.  After a few hours the dogs calmed down and went to sleep, so I feel like this is very promising.  Delilah did try to walk off with car seat cover (wtf, dog?) and I think she was trying to bring Avery a toy that I took away, but still!

Anyways, what’s going on out there in the outside world? I’m trying to keep up on blogs, but the migraines are making it a little harder than normal.


About Sarah S @RunningOnWords

Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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14 Responses to Pregnancy Week 30–Still Pregnant!

  1. aprilvak says:

    I am so, so glad that you two are doing well.

    I can’t wait to see all the cute stuff you’ll get at your baby shower! And glad that the dogs behaved with Avery!

    I thought you were weeks past cucumber? Whatever. I’ve learned from you never to visit when I get pregnant.

    Aaand your pics have given my hubby the genius idea to get a green screen for my belly pics. He’s looking forward to photoshopping exotic locations in.

  2. Terzah says:

    Show-er, show-er, let’s make it to the show-er!! (That’s my cheesy new cheer for you.) I’m so happy you’re still there, even if bored. I understand about the puppy issue. My sister-in-law is due next week, and she and my brother have been driving around with their dog and the carseat to get Dottie Jo (hope the baby has a nicer name than the dog) used to it.

    If you want it, that book I just reviewed is yours. I’m happy to mail it to you! Email me if so!

  3. Terzah says:

    P.S. Your pictures made me go back and look at the ones we took as the weeks of my pregnancy rolled on. Wow! I had forgotten!

  4. Nita says:

    So happy you got a puppy test-run with Avery. So many things to think about it. It must be unnerving. I continue to keep you and Baby Girl in my thoughts. I just want to tell Baby Girl, “Stay!” the way I might tell my dog. So, “Stay, Baby Girl, Stay!”

  5. Kara says:

    I’m so happy your dogs aren’t baby eaters. How pissed would you be if you had to go through all of this and then they just ate the baby?? 🙂

    My takeaway from this post is that you need me to send you more inane emails. Done.

  6. Holly says:

    On the picture… it always looks like you are inside with a light shining on you.

    If you can… take a photo outside. Natural light works so much better!

    Oh and no flash!

  7. I love how The Bump tries to make all these things sound so pleasant. “Oh, you can’t breathe? One of the joys of pregnancy!”

  8. Yay for week 30!! Yay for non-baby-eating dogs! Yay, too, for friends, husbands, mother-in-laws, and everyone else that helps us get through the rough times!

    I really thought I’d have some time while in Rochester to get started on your quilt, or at LEAST go fabric shopping. HA! I’m planning to do some today and tomorrow, so I may be inviting myself over soon to show you some ideas and samples, since I’m guessing your doctor would frown on you coming with me at this point! 🙂

  9. Army Amy says:

    Yeay for keeping the bun in the oven a little longer! I bet you make it to the shower. I’m crossing my fingers for ya!*

  10. Congrats on 30 weeks!!! I am praying you make it to your shower and she flips around! If she doesn’t be ready for a stubborn kid! I was breech and was and still am stubborn to to core! LOL! I can’t wait to hear all about your shower!

    No that you have a built in snack table you gotta take a pick of a bowl of ice cream or cereal resting on your belly while you eat it!

  11. Yay on making it to 30 weeks! I’m praying you don’t have to deal with a NICU baby. Addie was in for 13 days and it was the worst 13 days of my life! Prayers to you and the sweet baby girl.

    P.S. I thought my water broke one day and it turned out I just peed myself… isn’t that something lovely to look forward to!

  12. Laura says:

    Yikes– losing a baby at 22 weeks would be horrible! So glad you made it another week, and I’m rooting for the shower, too!

  13. Mandy says:

    I may have been prepared to murder your dogs in baby-defense….but thankfully, that was unnecessary.

    Baby girl needs to stay in because I’m having way too much fun coming up with inappropriate baby shower games! 😉

  14. Kim says:

    I missed a lot! Been busy & trying to catch up on blogs. I am glad that all is well & pray that your little girly stays put for another 4-5 weeks at least! Hang in there, Sarah!

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