Things I blog about when I don’t blog about pregnancy

Hey, anyone else remember when this used to mostly be a running blog?

Yeah, me neither.

Anyways, someday (another 6-10 weeks) I will have this baby.  And after my 6 week recovery, I will be allowed to exercise again.  This is both exciting and terrifying (I haven’t run since August 31).  It’s basically like a blank slate.  A really rough and scratchy blank slate that is going to need some serious sanding down.

Anyways, I’m pretty goal oriented when it comes to fitness.  I need concrete milestones to feel like I’m making progress.  Also, I’m incredibly strict about following a training plan (which is hilarious because I slack everywhere else, but skipping a scheduled run makes my brain explode).  Anyways, goal setting.

Looking at the calendar, a mid-September 5K is a pretty safe bet.  I have a 12 week 5K plan that I’ve used successfully, so I’m giving myself a pretty decent margin since I could theoretically still have this baby as late as 41 weeks (unlikely, but plan for the…I’m not sure if that’s the worst or the best, honestly).  Anyways, I think my goal race will be the Oktoberfest Miler Vier on 9/28.  That gives me until mid-September to hit 5K shape and then 2 weeks to be up to another 0.9miles.  My memory is that once you get to 2, it’s easy to go up pretty fast.

I totally picked this race for the finisher’s medal and giant cream puff at the end.  Don’t judge me.  Also, my four mile times are so abysmal that this will probably still be a PR.  Ouch.

Moving on, the Cap City Half Marathon is every May in this city, so I want to tackle that beast again in 2013.  It’s two days after my due date this year, so I’m thinking that’s out, but that race and I have some unfinished business.  Namely, I want to run it without ending up in the medical tent for 45 minutes. Small goals here, people.

Training for that with MIT will start in mid-December, I think, so I can spend October and November working on getting my speed back up.  I will not be running a bunch of small races again because, well, they get awfully expensive and our budget for stuff like that is kind of non-existent with all the new expenses.  Also, I’m not quite sure how a bunch of races would work with exclusively breast feeding.  I’m guessing it would be annoying.

So that is the plan.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do for strength training yet because New Rules of Lifting for Women appears to require a certain amount of gym equipment and I don’t think I can afford a gym membership right now.  Suggestions?  I have free weights, resistance bands, a fitness ball, etc.  Oh, and someone gave us the 10 Minute workout DVDs from the p90x people.  My husband says they are effing hard, so maybe that’ll do until we get a better feel for our budget and gyms in our area.

Oh yeah, and I pinky promise to use my foam roller faithfully.  I friggin’ hate that thing, but it works.


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Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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13 Responses to Things I blog about when I don’t blog about pregnancy

  1. Kara says:

    Wait…a whole post and no talk of bodily fluids? It’s like I don’t even know you anymore.

    Fitness post-baby: you’ll be faster. Mostly because you don’t have time to fuck around on your workouts. 🙂

  2. Katie says:

    A race with a cream puff at the end? That’s like, the best motivation ever!

  3. April says:

    Cream puffs? I’m in.

  4. nikimiller says:

    The cream puff is totally worth it. The medals not bad either.

  5. Michelle says:

    Oh that cream puff is worth running for. I was trying to explain it to people here and I just couldn’t do it justice!

  6. Army Amy says:

    These sound like really good race goals. Although, I’ve never had a kid, so what do I know?

    I have some experience with P90X, and I can vouch, it’s hardcore. I do not have the motivation to stick with it, but I have no doubt that it actually works for people who do.*

  7. Okay, don’t forget about your 5 class pass to PAI. That’ll get you started with something – even if you can’t continue going there afterwards. You also get 2 for just liking them on FB. That’ll help. I think you have great goals and I look forward to seeing you out running again soon!

  8. Terzah says:

    You rock, and this plan will rock for you! Just remember to be patient and use the foam roller and don’t forget to be nice to your core so you don’t end up with a back problem like mine five years later!

  9. Awesome! Great goals! The cream puff race sounds the best!

  10. Alyssa says:

    A medal for a 5K? Sweet deal! I love the idea of planning out your races and only doing important ones and not wasting all your money on every race that sounds good. Someday I’ll try that. My husband nearly died trying p90x last week. That will be all you’ll need for strength from what I’ve heard. Also those little tear-out workouts from Self kick my ass.

  11. Mandy says:

    I thought I commented on this one….apparently talking to you doesn’t show up as a comment, who knew?
    I was planning on only doing Oktoberfest this time, not the race, but I’ll do both so that we can do it together!

  12. michelle says:

    You’ve got a great plan for getting back into running! I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  13. Laura says:

    I mapped out running goals while pregnant too… it’s exciting to look ahead and think about getting back to running. Sounds like a great plan! Breast-feeding and running is very doable, and it gets easier as the baby grows and can go longer between feedings. Just plan to go run immediately after a feed to keep the baby happy and you as comfortable as possible.

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