I know, I promised a post on the time someone got the dog drunk, but I don’t have the mental capacity to type it out right now.  Also, really regretting that I neglected to get some video.

Currently my entire life is centered around baby.  I sleep when she sleeps (some, otherwise I’m washing bottles and shiz like that), I try to eat between feeding her, and I spend an obscene amount of time holding her so she’ll just stop crying (see previous post on how acid reflux is the devil).  I love it, but I’m definitely not quite up to my normal (low) blogging standards.  I promise to do better once the pediatrician allows us let her sleep through the night.  And if I don’t do better, well, suck it up buttercup.

One of her two month pictures. She was not cooperating.  And yes, I like that clothing set so much that I bought it in newborn size as well.  It was also on 40% off clearance.

So, on other news, today is D-Day.  And by D-Day, I mean today is Charlotte’s due date.  It’s so hard to believe she was due today when she’s already been home for almost 3 weeks and she’s been alive for 9 weeks.  I got her weighed on Tuesday and she was 5 pounds, 12.4 ounces, which means she’s gained more than 3 pounds since birth and more than a pound since she’s been home.  She looks huge to me, but I know that’s not actually the case since she’s barely newborn size.  It’s weird, because in some ways she still acts like a newborn and in some ways she doesn’t.

I don’t think newborns usually stick toys in their mouths. Admittedly, I handed her the rattle, but she wrapped her fingers around it and stuck it in her mouth. The rattle was actually my first baby purchase. 5/2/12

It’s strange to think that I was just now supposed to be delivering, but I’m already up to 1 mile running without walking and 2 miles run/walking.  It turns out I would have definitely needed a c-section no matter what, so if she’d been born today, I’d have another 6 weeks before I’d be allowed to do anything.  I didn’t expect to be training for another half marathon until December, but I figured I’d try to look on the bright side and use this as my chance to run the Columbus half since I missed it last year due to my pregnancy.

Bored now.

It’s exciting to be “full-term” since it means my baby is acting more like a baby and less like a preemie, albeit closer to her gestational age than her real age.  It’s a little frustrating that we still can’t treat her like a regular baby, though.  Besides waking her up every 4 hours to eat, we are also still on lockdown because her lungs are still so much more susceptible to illness.  I had fantasies of spending the summer with other moms and babies, but the pediatrician says that’s kind of a no go.  At least she finally fits in the Ergo carrier and we are allowed to go to the zoo and for walks as long as people keep their hands off.

Mandy assures me this counts as mountain climbing training. Guess I should sign up to climb a mountain next?

She seems to like the Ergo. Also, eating her fist is a new talent.  She’ll latch on to anything that isn’t a breast.  Weirdo.

I know some people are wondering how the animals have adjusted.  Well, the cat avoids the tiny human, but he likes her stuff.

Dear Pitch, I hate you.  And I shouldn’t have bought a white playard sheet because he’s turning it black.

Stealing the name of Kara‘s blog. Rufus is always trying to clean her ears and/or neck.  And I’m a terrible mom because I laugh.

The puggles like to be in the same room as her, but they don’t like it if I set her near them.  They prefer to approach (and lick) on their own terms.  Delilah thinks Charlotte is her baby and guards her the way she used to guard my belly.

The other reason I’ve been a bit MIA this week?

I got my Implanon put in. And I bruise like the dickens. It’s great birth control once it heals, but it took me a few days to feel like using my arm for anything.  And this picture is really just for Kara since she was so curious.

So my plan for today is to enjoy my time with my little Squawker and finally let myself move past all the “what could have beens” and the “did I do the right things”.  The NICU is really just fading in to a slightly unpleasant memory and hey, at least I’ve lost all the baby weight already!


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17 Responses to D-Day

  1. Megan says:

    I can’t believe how big she is! And so adorable! No worried about being an absent blogger, totally understandable Dr. Sarah! Love the ergo, I can’t wait to get my own and use it!

  2. Gosh she’s really looking good! She’s gotten so much bigger! I think only mom’s of smaller babies get really excited when it comes time to weighing our little peanuts. At least I do. I agree that the NICU experience is a distance memory and one I hope to never go through again. I worry if we decide to have more children that we’ll end up there again. I’m not sure I can go through that again.

  3. It’s weird but she does look really big! Glad she’s gaining weight like a champ. So, if people aren’t really supposed to touch her, why is it ok for the dog to lick her and stuff? Just wondering. I know dog’s tongues are supposed to be cleaner than ours but they do lick their butts and stuff. 🙂

    • That’s a good question. What it really came down to for us is that she is going to be exposed to the dog’s germs no matter what we do since she lives in the same house as them. Also, they are less likely to carry RSV or the flu than people, especially school aged kids.

  4. Kara says:

    She is so pretty!

    How do you like the Ergo? I know it might be hard to tell since she’s so light, but the Bjorn was a back breaker for me and I was thinking of upgrading for the Faith 2.0

    That is a serious bruise! I’m so glad it was included. 🙂

  5. Army Amy says:

    That is an award-winning bruise right these! Geeze! Hopefully it doesn’t still look like that. Ouchie.

    Charlotte looks adorbs, as always. Is it weird that she doesn’t seem like a May baby at all? A May birthday just wouldn’t fit her. I guess that’s because she’s not a May baby.*

  6. Mandy says:

    I think we all understand if you’re absent.

    She’s so stinking cute.

  7. Sue says:

    I can’t believe how grown up she looks! I can’t wait to see her again.

  8. lcbilovesky says:

    I almost mistook the bruise for another part of your anatomy! Ouch! Hope it heals soon! She’s getting so big!!!

  9. TriGirl says:

    Yay for running again!

    Also, I love the POV shot of Charlotte in the Ergo 🙂 I don’t really love the bruise. Yikes!

  10. Alyssa says:

    Gorgeous! I love the pic of her in the ergo. It sounds frustrating that you have to be so careful, but it looks like you guys are having fun anyway!

  11. Laura says:

    She’s definitely growing- she looks great! Sorry that you’re still on lockdown… I forgot about those fears with a newborn. It’s great to hear an update! No pressure, though. Enjoy her!

  12. She is too cute for words…and growing like a little weed!!!! Yay for happy baby!!!

  13. kat9365 says:

    Wow it really is crazy to think that you would have just had her! She is adorable, by the way!!!

  14. Kathy R says:

    Aww, happy due date!!! Wow, that’s quite a bruise from the Implanon – hope you’re icing it! Great birth control, though.

  15. I really can’t believe how big she is! It sucks that you have to stay home. Be as absent as you want. You have the best excuse in the world! I have never heard of that birth control. Wow is that a big bruise!

  16. I have to laugh. I feel like we are almost living the same life at the moment. I call mine the “Squawker” as well. And love the “latch onto anything that isn’t a breast…” I feel ya. I’m there too, washing bottles at all hours of the night. Hang in there!

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