Oh hey, remember me?

I’d apologize for being gone, but I’m not actually sorry.  Isn’t it epically annoying when bloggers apologize for having lives?

Anyways, I have an obvious excuse for my absence:

Hey mom, quit yer bitchin’

A certain little lady has decided the world is very interesting and actually wants to be entertained now.  Because I am the stupidest person alive, I don’t want her watching tv for a long time, so I have to constantly find new ways to keep her from being bored.  She hates the swing (this is apparently extremely rare) and the bouncer only keeps her happy for five minutes.  Mostly it’s a lot of me shaking toys at her while she looks pissed that she hasn’t figured out how to grab them yet.

That’ll teach you to complain about being bored.  And yes, I am sitting directly behind Delilah.

So far on the list of things baby does like?

I fully intend to whip this sucker out when she brings a boy home.  And my husband’s hand was right outside the shot, so please don’t tell me we were leaving the baby to drown.

I think she likes to try to eat daddy? I’ve never seen a kid latch on to a dude’s t-shirt before, but this kid likes to think outside the box.

She likes to snuggle. So does Rufus.  This might also be why I’m always finding dog hair in her neck folds.

Anyways, it’s been a busy past couple of weeks.  My mom came to visit two weekends ago (that was awesome, she left a fridge full of food and all the laundry done) and we went to the local arts festival (we didn’t stay long since baby melts easily).  I’ve also officially started half marathon training (all our runs are 2 milers until 6/16), which is exhausting in this GD heat, especially since I dehydrate so easily thanks to the fact that I’m lactating.

Charlotte also had her first cold this past week, which just about killed me.  If a baby has a stuffed nose then she can’t eat very well.  This means I have spent the past 4 days suctioning snot out of her nose.  Snot is my thing that I just can’t freaking deal with, so that’s been exciting.  Also, I had the cold too and my husband has it so bad he can barely function.

The same day the colds started (Wednesday) we also got really bad news (not my news to share) and I got a rampaging migraine.  It was a fun night.  And by fun night, I mean thank goodness I’m married to someone who will actually help take care of his child.

Why do we have such low expectation for fathers helping with basic baby care anyways?  I think that’s weird and it definitely doesn’t work that way in my house.

So that’s life right now with my almost 3 month old/almost 1 month old adjusted.  She was checked out by our local early intervention program and they say she’s actually on target both for her gestational and chronological age, which is pretty exciting.  She’s also gigantic looking to me, but people say I’m insane when I say that.

Now I’m off to introduce my little Nibbles (she’s a biter) to her super fun Aunt Kelly.  I’ll try to be back sometime this week.  I hope.


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Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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16 Responses to Oops

  1. PushDumpFatButton says:

    Reblogged this on Push Dump Fat Button.

  2. Sorry to hear about the colds, migraine and bad news. Charlotte is just precious! I love looking at pictures of her!

  3. kara says:

    Try a tiny love brand baby gym for her!

  4. Abby says:

    Forget the photo – I think you need to explain to future boyfriends the origin of her nickname 🙂

  5. aprilvak says:

    Love the pics!

    I’m with you on the TV thing, but ugh, Abby asks for it all day long now, and it does get wearing constantly finding another distraction.

    I’m sorry about the colds and bad news, and I’m not a fan of snot sucking either. Yuck.

  6. Did you use that snot sucker you so kindly talked Mandy into? Because a post about that again would be great. Sounds like a tough week! Glad everyone’s feeling better!

  7. Sorry about the colds and bad news. I love the pics!

  8. Mandy says:

    I really think you should have been using the Nose Frida. With pictures. 😛

  9. Kate Sullivan says:

    She’s absolutely adorable, and I hope you all are feeling better now. Also I hope this comment works – it looks like it’s going to go through this time…

  10. Army Amy says:

    The bathtub picture! I die! So adorable!*

  11. I dread the first cold. I suspect that it will happen in about 2.5-3 weeks. He goes to daycare in 2 weeks.

    Isaac also hates his swing. I think he’s still to small for it though.

    Do you have a floor activity mat? We got one a few weeks ago. It has been super helpful. Isaac loves it and can entertain himself for almost an hour.

  12. Laura says:

    Isn’t it funny how they already know what they do and don’t like? L liked the swing for napping, but HATED the bath tub. It finally got better, but wow, can that girl scream. 🙂

  13. Terzah says:

    It took my kids until about six months and then suddenly they LOVED baths. Before that, we had to gin up the courage to put up with the crying.

    And I think you have a plethora of good excuses for not blogging.

  14. Michelle says:

    She is just too darn cute!

  15. Daniele says:

    1. I LOVE the Nose Frida
    2. Post again soon. I love the pictures. You kid is CUTE!

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