I have mastered falling off the face of the planet

I have about 8 million half drafted posts, but I somehow never get around to finishing them.

Hey grandma, can you believe she just called me “somehow”?

It’s been extra busy around here lately.

Graduation day!  PhD robes are ridiculous. If you were wondering, the red robes are only for the PhDs.

Over the course of the last week, we’ve had all 6 grandparents here (the last two left this morning, much ). I’ve been swamped keeping my tiny human alive, trying (and failing) to get my house clean, and actually attending the ceremony.

This was the biggest commencement in the history of the university with over 10,000 students and 233 PhD recipients (only PhD actually get called by name to go on stage, although everyone gets their diploma that day).  The ceremony is held in Ohio Stadium and would actually have to be cancelled if the weather got too severe because it’s the only venue in town big enough to hold everyone.  It was in the 90s that day and there is no shade, so we were dying.  My iPhone actually shut itself down due to overheating.  The robes were actually a thick polyester, not the papery crap most of you are probably used to, so it got HOT.

Sweltering in the stands. Sidenote: I had never been that close to a flag raising before and it was fascinating! Those guys were a well-oiled machine. One guy basically swings on the rope back to the pole at the end.

Anyways, enough bitching.  The nice thing about being a PhD towards the end of the alphabet is that I processed towards the very end, which meant more time in the AC.  I don’t know how the recessional went, because I just kept walking past my seat and out of the stadium post-hooding.  I’ve had heat exhaustion more than once, so I have no regrets. Also, I needed to pick up my baby.  Moving on, we took our seat, listened to lots of speeches (unmedicated ADHD girl, FTW!).  At one point during one of the addresses, the girl behind me started talking on her phone.  I found that absolutely hilarious.

After the awarding of honorary diplomas, they got to us.  I watched a bunch of my classmates go first and it was so cool to see them on the jumbotron shaking hands with the university president.  Finally, I got to my advisor, who hooded me (just narrowly missing taking off my cap in the process).  He walked me up to the stage where I received my diploma while they called me name.

This is the only picture anyone took of the hooding and diploma receiving. Derp.

And then I walked straight out.  We actually finished early enough the Mandy agreed to keep Charlotte for another hour while we went out to lunch.  Have I mentioned Mandy and her husband are saints?  I was so out of sorts that morning that Mandy had to give me sunscreen to use when I dropped off my kid.

For anyone who is wondering what the hood looks like. They made me buy the cap and hood, but I returned the gown (it costs $800).

I am so over higher education. And I think these jerks are already taking bets on how long until I go back to school.

Monday I went in to work one last time for my baby shower/graduation party.  Nibbles was a tiny ham and I think half the room ovulated.

All little girls need a pink tiara. Actually, I was supposed to wear it, but my head is too big. Stupid PhD.

I’m about 90% certain you guys all just want to see pictures of the baby, so I guess there’s that too.

Baby girl turned three months old (3 weeks adjusted) on 5/29.

We went to the zoo with Mandy and Avery last week.

Someone really likes looking at herself.

We finally moved to cloth diapering. This is probably my favorite diaper because I’m a giant nerd. I fully expect Kara to tell my crunchy hippie ass to go take a shower or something now.

I really did get a few comments and e-mails recently demanding pictures.  Always happy to oblige.  And I really do want to get some more content up one of these days.  It’s hard to fit it in around my 15+ loads of laundry every week (not kidding).


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12 Responses to I have mastered falling off the face of the planet

  1. Kari @ Running Ricig says:

    Baby looking at herself in the webcam is priceless.

    Congrats on graduation and not dying of heat!

  2. Laura says:

    Ugh- that ceremony sounds miserably hot… glad you made it through, and congrats on bringing closure to your higher ed years and all that work. Adorable pis of C! We’re a cloth diapering family too… I love it, other than the mountains of laundry…

  3. Terzah says:

    We used cloth diapers until they grew out of the first set. And then I conceded to exhaustion and began funding Pampers for the next 2.5 years.

    Why are graduations always so hot? They just always are. Congrats, though–that’s some hood.

  4. Army Amy says:

    Congrats on graduating! It looks like a somewhat miserable experience (with the heat, and the waiting, and the waiting, and the heat), but it is such huge thing! You should be really proud of yourself and go around town bragging. (At least, that’s what I’d do.)

    And your baby is adorbs! There are never too many baby pictures!*

  5. Where in the world did you get such a beautiful quilt??

    I am glad you survived the misery that was graduation! That cap & gown sure looks like HELL!

    You have mastered falling off the face of the earth but we’ll pull you out of it every now and again!

  6. Kate says:

    I feel like they make commencement ceremonies as torturous as possible. It’s like they know you’re a captive audience so they try to make you as uncomfortable as they can for the last time.

    Also, I love Charlotte in a tiara. Love it.

  7. Mandy says:

    I fully expect to be called Saint Mandy from now until the end of time. 🙂

  8. Daniele says:

    1. Your offspring is DARLING!!! Super cute and I’m so looking forward to more pictures.
    2. I love the OSU doctorate regalia. I got my masters from OSU and sometimes wish I’d stayed for the PhD just to have the bright red robe. Congratulations on graduting from THE Ohio State University (I do mean that sarcastically.)

  9. Yay for finally graduating! Looks like C has a good pair of cheeks on her right now. That should have you big money on pillows.
    Are those disposable cloth diapers? I wore cloth when I was a baby. Though, I have no good reason for actually telling you that.

  10. Kara says:

    I was going to make fun of you for doing cloth diapers, but then you basically did it for me by saying you do 15 loads of laundry a week. Sucker!

    Oh yeah, congrats on being a doctor and all now. 🙂

  11. Alyssa says:

    Congrats! Graduations are such hell and yours sounded extra hellish. She’s so cute and little!

  12. Congrats again on graduating! She is such a beautiful baby and is getting so big!

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