The best laid plans

I had so many ideas about how I was going to parent.  Charlotte, of course, threw all that straight out the window.

I never planned on having a baby that I left at the hospital in the care of strangers, but  I knew once that happened that any pretense of being in charge was gone.

She is clearly not impressed.

I’ve been agonizing over starting “solids” for months.  Most babies are given the go ahead to start rice cereal at 4 months, although the WHO recommends waiting until 6 months.  Our pediatrician wanted us to wait until 6 months (4 months adjusted), but I really wanted to wait until 8 months because we also have severe food allergies in the family.

Again, I am so clearly not in charge.

I resisted, but lately we cannot get Charlotte’s reflux under control.  She’s had a dry cough for weeks from it and she can’t keep much milk down at night.  She’s been soaking through 2 bibs every evening.  Her Zantac dose is beyond maxed out, so we decided to try solids because they do usually help with reflux.  She’s 6 months old on Wednesday, so it was close enough.  I’m still pumping a ton.  I’m sort of over pumping, but I know it’s better for her and I’m quite firmly under 200 pounds for the first time in a very long time, so I’m sticking with it.

I can’t say for sure if it was a success since it’s only been an hour, but she’s barely spit up any of the 2 ounce bottle we fed her after the oatmeal.  We decided to start with oatmeal because I was uncomfortable with some of the current literature on rice cereal.  It’s hard being overeducated.

You need to chill, woman.

Other best laid plans that have failed around here?  The half marathon in October.  It’s the end of August and I can’t do more than 4 miles without excruciating pain in my IT band.  My longest run this season was 6 miles and that was a month ago.  I don’t think I can properly train for a half in this short a period of time, especially considering that my leg isn’t really healed yet.  So, I’m pulling out.  It sucks and I’m pissed that I paid for this race AGAIN and can’t run it AGAIN.  And no, I’m not registering again next year.


Frankly, the Affordable Care Act actually made out health insurance so expensive that we can’t afford to use it.  I don’t think it was supposed to work that way, but that’s where we are, so PT is not an option.  I’m just going to have to be smart and not push myself too hard.  Also, I have to be of sound body to take care of the baby.  That means nothing over four miles for now.  I’m hoping that I can do a 10K in November, especially since that’ll be a new distance for me.  I am also doing a four mile race on Labor Day cause it only cost $5.

By the way, tricep and shoulder DOMS after weight lifting make it rather difficult to carry around a baby.  Just a little FYI for you.  10.5 pounds of baby feels wicked heavy after lifting weights.

So, dear internetz, what should Charlotte be for Halloween?  I want to do something themed with the dogs.  I thought about dressing her as a puppy and them as babies, but putting a diaper on the dog sound like a mess.  Delilah already has a shark costume and a pig costume and Rufus already has a bumblebee costume and a boat costume, although I’m willing to make new ones for them.  Oh, and we can’t keep Rufus in his boat with trick or treaters around.  It’s a logistical nightmare.  Thoughts?

I’m not kidding. We won the Petco costume contest with this.


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Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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10 Responses to The best laid plans

  1. Those costumes are awesome. Seriously. You don’t want to do a simple pumpkin? I am sorry to hear about the IT band! That just sucks!! And you gave into solids today, eh?? BTW, we need to get together some time!

  2. Mandy says:

    Mark and I were just discussing how kids seem to think they are in charge or something. 🙂
    We plan to show her by getting her a really embarrassing Halloween costume. No???

  3. Terzah says:

    I think they should all be pumpkins. My kids were pumpkins for their first Halloween and we took them to the pumpkin patch and took lots of really cute pictures. Having dogs would be an added bonus (though you will never ever top those Petco costumes–I’m just telling you that now).

    Here’s hoping the solids work out well–so far so good. And don’t worry–your day for that half or another of your choosing will come. 10Ks are fun!

  4. TriGirl says:

    I’m curious about the rice cereal issue–can you point me toward the research? I always prefer having informed conversations with my families.

    As for costumes…I bet there’s a zillion on Pinterest (how’s that for lazy?) What if she’s the kiddo from Up, one pup is the old guy, and the other pup has the balloons? Or: she’s the little girl from Monsters, Inc. One dog is Mike and the other is Sully. I hear there’s a sequel coming out. Or, she’s Princess Leia, one dog is Luke and the other is Han…hmm, I may just be getting carried away…ok just one more: She’s Batgirl, then your dogs are old-school Batman and Robin. K, I’m done 🙂

  5. I’m sorry about the half. I was really wanting to do another marathon this year but I had to pull the plug on that one. I still have plans to run a half on October but I haven’t registered yet because I am not sure. I am “trying” to train but its also very hard to find the time. I haven’t even talked about it on my blog (yet) because I am not 100% sure I am doing it or not. Way to be smart though and pull out when you have the IT band issue.

    I can’t wait to see what you decide to do for a costume! I have out some thought into it but don’t want to spend a lot of money.

  6. michelle says:

    IT band pain is the worst! I’m so sorry. When I had that, I just took 6 weeks off running all together and it went away. 6 weeks sucked but it was worth it to be pain free. Bummer about the half. 😦

    What about a football for a costume (dog or baby)? If you’re fans, that could be cute! We used to dress our dog up in his football costume every Sunday but we’re weird like that.

    I found a hysterical dog website, I’m sure you’ve seen, dogshaming. It’s killing me. You might love it!

  7. Kara says:

    We started Faith with oatmeal too. The other thing that helped with reflux was fruit. I know “they” say to not start on fruit because they are sweet, but we started her on peaches and pears at 4months and it hasn’t turned her into a serial killer…yet.

    Dress the baby as a dog and then dress the dogs as Milkbones. You’re welcome.

  8. Army Amy says:

    Solids. Tricky business. I wish you much luck on this journey. (I can’t say much else than that since I’m kidless.)

    Dogs in costumes, I die! So cute! Throw a baby in the mix and I really may pass out from the cuteness!*

  9. Laura says:

    Bummer about the races… I’ve had to reset my expectations a number of times this past year… ever since my first full marathon, I seem to be extra injury-prone! I really thought I’d do another full this past year but it never happened… maybe this fall. But it’s definitely frustrating when our body is reminding us of its limits. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the costume! I’m not especially creative… guess I’d better start brainstorming.

  10. Alyssa says:

    I agonize over Halloween costumes every year, so I apologize but I’ll have to figure out my own before Charlottes, but really any baby costume is bound to be adorable. That whole “ideas of how you’ll parent out the window thing” is something I really fear about being a parent. I like being in charge, like when I teach. I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t be like that with my own kid.

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