For Labor Day we…labor?

That’s a lie.  I ran a 4 mile race this morning (recap to come) and then spent the rest of the day trying not to die from the migraine that started around mile 2 of aforementioned race.  My stupendously awesome neighbor gave me some peppermint oil to run on my temples and forehead, which did help.  This was while I was at her house picking up an amazing toy for the baby.

Someone is getting a bit violent with the stuffed animals. It never occurred to me that it would be hard to take her monthly pictures next to them.

My mom was here from Friday afternoon through this morning, so Charlotte has a new wardrobe in 9 and 12 month sizes and the 9 month stuff is already washed for when she needs it.  Also, the beds are made, which I never do.  Love it.  Mom and I took the kid on our long shopping trip on Saturday and she loved it.  She loves watching people and everyone likes to wave at her, which she eats up.  It’s a lot easier now that she can sit upright in a stroller instead of staying in the car seat.

I can’t believe she’s already 6 months old. And actually wearing size 6 months.

Sunday we were kind of exhausted and took it relatively easy.  I finally folded and went to Meijer to get Zyrtec.  It’s safe for breast feeding and I couldn’t function.  I also got local honey at the farmer’s market since it contains microdoses of local pollen, which theoretically could work like allergy shots and desensitize me to the pollen.  I’m taking a spoonful everyday and will report back. I also got more produce for baby food and a ton of sweet corn for the husband (he was born in Iowa and thinks corn is it’s own food group).

Oh yeah, Saturday was the start of college football season! Gotta indoctrinate early before daddy gets a chance. We didn’t actually watch the game though because we don’t have cable.

Solids are going really well.  Turns out Charlotte just hates oatmeal and once I tried squash she started really eating.  Today she ate one less bottle than normal, which makes me wonder when we need to start adding water to her diet.  I’m taking her to the pediatrician for her 6 month appointment in a week and will ask then.  I’ve also been letting her share my applesauce, which has created a tiny begging monster.  Now I have three sets of eyes watching my every move when I eat.

I am madly in love with our infant seat. She loves sitting in it and it doesn’t put any pressure on the back of her head.  Also, toys and has the safety harness preinstalled.

It’s sort of amazing how fast she’s growing right now.  Yesterday she was struggling to reach the shorter toys on the seat and today she couldn’t stop playing with them.  Wednesday she rolled from belly to back a few times.  She won’t do it consistently, but she can, which makes me happy.  She also laughs hysterically at the dogs a lot (and my mom says she laughed at the runners at the race).

Happy baby! I’m still shocked that she came around to my mom that fast since she hasn’t been down with strangers lately.  Maybe she knows Grandma bought her dress?

And now that I’ve babbled on for ever about nothing, my new favorite picture of Charlotte:

People asked for more pictures!  Next is a (pictureless) race recap.  Hopefully this week, although my husband will be working late almost every night this month, so no promises on the blogging.


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11 Responses to For Labor Day we…labor?

  1. Kara says:

    I didn’t give any water to Faith until after she was a year old (per baby book advice). She’s a freakishly large baby, so maybe don’t take my advice. Unless you want a boob milk fed monster baby.

  2. michelle says:

    That happy baby picture is the best! I know nothing about babies and water/solids/etc…but I do know that she is adorable. 🙂

  3. She’s so big! Also, the pic of you in the jersey might be the best pic I’ve seen of you. And look at you running 4 miles like a champ. Looking forward to the recap.

  4. Terzah says:

    My kids are both total fruit heads and have been since they were Charlotte’s age. The applesauce begging is probably just the beginning. Oh, and I think babies just know their grandmas are not really strangers. Wow, she looks great!! And you look like you’re having so much fun with her. I can’t wait to read your race recap, minus the stupid migraine.

  5. TriGirl says:

    Hooray for the race! Boo for the migraine 😦
    Charlotte looks great and so do you!

  6. Army Amy says:

    Labor Day used to always confuse me as a kid. I assumed it had something to do with being in labor. Now it still kind of confuses me but since it means a day off, I don’t argue.

    I adore that last picture and the one of the two of y’all. Adorable! I fully intend to dress my one-day-in-the-future baby in Texas Tech clothes from head to toe. It’s what parents are supposed to do.*

  7. That last picture takes the cake but I love the one with your mom too! She looks so happy and so big! Adorable!

  8. Laura says:

    Her smiles are huge- love it! Moms are the best. And it’s amazing how quickly kids seem to bond to grandmas, especially mom’s mom… something familiar genetically that they pick up on maybe? Congrats on your race!

  9. I love her little personality!! She looks like a happy baby! I hear you on the allergies – I am miserable! I’ll have to try the local honey. I am doing allergy shots now (twice/week) and hope to see an improvement by spring. I hope the Zyrtec works for you. That stuff makes me evil! Can you take Flonase (fluticasone generic)? It did wonders for my headaches/migraines caused by allergies/sinus congestion. I am not sure if it is okay while nursing.


  10. Mandy says:

    I love your kid, that is all.

  11. kat9365 says:

    She looks like such a doll! I can’t get over how much she’s grown. She’s beautiful!

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