Baby butt cannon and other tales from the trenches

My mom says I should update my blog more often.

I’m still impressed my mom understands what a blog is.  Sometimes I’m sad my parents are too internet savvy to do stuff like this:

This one never fails to amuse me.

Anyways, speaking of parenting, I have to say, I think the age Charlotte is at might be the most fun.  I have a feeling that I will say that all the time as she grows up, but I am really loving 7 months.  She’s old enough to think I’m the greatest thing ever, but not old enough to decide I’m embarrassing.  She giggles nonstop and smiles most of the time.  However, she’s not mobile, so she doesn’t destroy stuff (unless my husband lets her) and she still likes to snuggle.  Win.

This is actually the second time my husband has let the baby chuck a glass of water at a restaurant. At least this time it didn’t land on me and make it appear that I had peed my pants. I’d rather have peed my pants, at least it would have been warm.

Charlotte has discovered her feet.  It’s quite helpful when we are changing her diaper because she’s now holding them up out of the poop instead of kicking them in to it.  The only problem is this creates a baby butt cannon that is potentially aiming some serious projectiles.  Also, she eventually loses her grip on her feet and they land straight in my chest.

I’m ashamed of how bad this picture is. I took it at night in horrible lighting and the framing sucks.

Charlotte is eating a ton of solids and has very littler interest in the bottle these days.  I’m assuming this is because she grabbed my finger when it has ice cream on it (Klondike bars are so effing messy) and stuck it in her mouth.  I think she’s realized that solids are 8 millionty times awesomer than breast milk.  The problem is that yogurt spit-up smells like curdled ass.

I don’t know what you are talking about, I think this baby smells like delicious.

I’m actually having fun making her baby food.  It’s nice to no longer have rotting produce laying around (I now puree whatever is left by the weekend) and babies have no sense of taste, so even if I make a weird combination, she loves it.  I try not to do weird stuff, but sometimes I throw leftover veggies in her yogurt so she’ll finish it.  She eats an entire serving of veggies/sweet potato/applesauce followed by a half or whole container of YoBaby or YoToddler yogurt.  That’s a lot of food in a sitting, especially since she’s only around 11.5 pounds.  We are scheduling a consult with nutrition because it’s free (preemies get a lot of free services) and it will make me feel less insane.

Oh hey mom, dad let me feed myself yogurt.

We are definitely in the open mouth, insert everything phase.  So far Charlotte has tried to eat all of her toys, all of the toys at Mandy’s house, multiple dining room tables, the cat, and the dogs.  Her friend Avery has a toy with piano type keys and Charlotte was playing them with her teeth gums.  I’m also constantly removing her from the dog’s ear or leg.  Once she lost Rufus’ ear and grabbed his chest while trying to pull it towards her mouth.  Fail kid, that’s attached to a 35 pound dog who isn’t moving.

I can move daddy when I pull on his hair.

I’m really worried my baby is going feral.  It’s a matter or time until I find her wrestling with them and then taking a dump in my shoes.

Everything about this picture is made of win. Except for the actual image quality.  Kit lenses suck.  Thankfully, I have a birthday coming up.

For the record, the dogs have never actually crapped in my shoes, but I’m sure they’ve considered it.

Rufus is pouting on my blanket and pillow. No wonder my eyes are itchy.

Have I mentioned my baby adores the cat above all things?  She will stop whatever she is doing if she catches sight of him.  Too bad he loathes her.  I’m pretty sure my husband’s cat is plotting my death for inflicting this tiny nightmare on him.  He’s also stopped bringing me dead things, which is a clear sign that I’ve lost his respect.

So much hate.

I’m not really missing his respect.


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5 Responses to Baby butt cannon and other tales from the trenches

  1. Holly says:

    She is doing the happy baby yoga move. Nice!

  2. Terzah says:

    I loved 6 mos. to walking–it was a great age. The following ones will be funny (and *frequently*) but not always great (if that makes any sense–I am not a toddler person–is anyone?). The next almost unadulterated great age (for me) was four. And they’ve all been awesome since then. Charlotte looks fantastic and happy! You sound like you are having fun–that’s awesome too.

    Did I use the word “awesome” too much in this comment? Sigh.

  3. Kara says:

    I love that pic of the dog licking her cheek!

    Faith used to house a ton of food when she was that age. Actually, she hasn’t stopped….

    You know they actually sell baby yogurt with veggies mixed in, so you’re actually mainstream. 🙂

  4. Army Amy says:

    Baby butt cannon! Hehehe! That gave me a good laugh. Your baby is so freaking cute! No kidding. Her smile, the light in her eyes, her gorgeous hair! Cuteness overload!*

  5. emily says:

    Holy cuteness! Can I borrow her some time when I’m sad and Pippi is being a jerk?

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