Llama Fever

It’s been a week.

Just when I was starting to get back to semi-regular blogging, the baby got the flu.  Actually, we both got the flu.

My husband was complaining of feeling feverish and sick last Sunday, but I kind of blew him off since we’d had a long stressful weekend with the baptism (there will be pictures once a certain large trousers wearing grandfather actually sends them to me).  Anyways, I gave him some ibuprofen and told him to relax.  He’d mentioned a sore throat a few times, but I didn’t think much of it since allergies are so bad this year.

Ok, here’s one picture my mom sent me. I hope that will suffice for now. And yes, her dress is huge and puffy and I loved it.

Turns out he was patient zero.

Charlotte woke up screaming at midnight on Wednesday night.  She went right back to sleep with a pacifier, but that was a pretty good hint that something was wrong.  She never wakes up at night and on the very rare occasion that she does, it’s not screaming.  She also woke up that morning screaming (also never happens), so we were unsurprised by her temperature of 101.  By Thursday night, we were both miserable and my husband found all four of us (me, sick baby, and two dogs) in our king size bed.  I ordered a pizza and called it a night.

Anyways, she’s feeling much better, besides the constantly running nose, but I’m not shaking this very fast.  I’m exhausted and achy and feel like I’m drowning a little.  I’m so glad I dropped out of the half marathon tomorrow, because I’d be screwed.  Also, while my IT band is finally pain-free, I’ve developed plantar faciitis.  Could make my 10K in a few weeks kind of suck.

Moving on, to something awesome, this totally happened:

Please meet my new bff Mike the Llama

My husband found out about McFarland’s Llama Farms Open Barn event (apparently this is a yearly thing).  He decided this was something I needed to do, so he dragged my pathetic sickly butt (we had all been fever free for over 24 hours and thus not contagious) to meet some llamas.

Mike seemed to be seriously considering spitting. It was kind of like walking a really stubborn horse.

We got to pet llamas and see babies up close.  Some moron flipped out because the baby llamas were nursing in public.  Seriously.  There was also a barn were I got some hand-dyed llama wool to make a scarf (yes, I do know how to knit, although it has been awhile and I’m not that great at it).  There was also a ton of food and hot cider.

Mike is clearly considering his options. One of the females pulled her lead out of a kid’s hand and bolted back to her pen.  Also, if I wasn’t holding on to him, this would look like the best photobomb of all time.

We also had the option of buying a starter herd (8 for $8000) with Christmas delivery, but my killjoy husband said no.  I guess I will have to settle for a new lens for my birthday.

The farm also had a pen of goats that we could pet.  As you all know, Charlotte adores goats, so we took her to see them.  She spent most of our visit laughing at the animals and smiling at the people (we were stopped no less than three times by people telling us how beautiful she is).

This goat stuck his head through the bars trying to nibble my baby. She loved it.  We, of course, missed the shot.

I tried to convince my husband it was time for me to stay with my people and be the Grizzly Man of llamas, but he said no.  I guess I’ll just have to move on to my next bucket-list item of making a viral YouTube video.

April sent me this lovely image. Unfortunately none of these llamas were in costume.


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8 Responses to Llama Fever

  1. April says:

    I’m no llama-selling expert, but 8 for $8000 sounds pretty good. Are you sure you can pass that up? I guess you would also have to invest in llama supplies. Too bad. Ian referred me to a ‘free monkey’ ad on craigslist last night. I told him to do what he has to do.

    I hope you catch up to everyone else in the feeling better department!

  2. TriGirl says:

    No fun that you’ve all been sick. A starter herd?? I’ve never heard that term before but I suppose that makes it easier to get your business up and running. And yes, that llama totally looks like it photobombed you guys! A little photoshop would take that lead right out of the picture!

  3. Terzah says:

    I’m glad you and Charlotte (and Patient Zero) are all feeling better! Llamas….they rock.

  4. Kara says:

    How dare that llama nurse in public without a cover?? This kind of behavior can’t be allowed.

  5. Army Amy says:

    At first, I read the llama price as eight hundred dollars. I was thinking, “That’s a steal! Only $100 per llama! Buy them!” Eight thousand is a little steep. I’d have to pass on that, too.*

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