Halloween, now with requisite cute baby pictures

It’s ok, I know you are only here for cute Halloween baby pictures.


I also have cute Halloween puggle pictures.

Anyways, somehow Charlotte ended up with two Halloween outfits and her costume.  My mom had bought a 6-9 month outfit that I was planning to return, but I grabbed a 3-6 month dress when I saw it because it was 4 days before Halloween and the pickings were getting rather slim.  Charlotte decided to have a massive growth spurt on 10/30, so suddenly she not only fit into the 6-9 month outfit, but the pants were a little short.  Luckily, Carter’s has been making all of their clothing huge lately, so the dress, which had already been worn once, still fit.

You will notice all the picture these days are taken on a bed. That’s so she can fall over and not hurt herself.  Also, puppies hang out on beds and someone thinks she is a puppy.

Seriously, the kid has gone feral. I think I’d find them sleeping in a pile if I didn’t put her in her cage crib at night.

Moving on.  So, I spent months obsessing over the perfect group costume for the kid and her dogs.  I considered dressing her up as a puppy and letting the dogs have a year off, but then I remembered how much I enjoy the dogs’ suffering in costume.  We thought about Bo Peep and her sheep, but there are no Bo Peep costumes under 2T and it is impossible to find dog sheep costumes (really, The Internetz?).  Anyways, there were a bunch more like this (her as a hot dog and them as ketchup and mustard packets were my husband’s favorite), but we finally moved on because I had a problem.  Her costume needed to be fluffy, pink, and adorable and the puggles generally go goofy or outrageous.  We finally decided that I would pick her costume and my husband would pick the dogs’.

Delilah the velociraptor, Rufus the wolly mammoth, and Charlotte the “wabbit”.  Note to self, 50mm lens creates too much bokeh for group shots.

Rufus’ costume before it started falling off. The Animal Planet dog costumes kind of suck and neither dog could keep them on.

After 15 minutes of futilely struggling with the blasted costumes my husband picked out, we ended up switching to old costumes.  Delilah put on her famous shark outfit and Rufus went with his turtle costume.  His boat costume is too unsteady to wear for trick or treaters.  We had a lot of kids tell us how much they loved the turtle and shark, so those may get repeated at some point.

Sidenote: Charlotte was almost Nemo because we already had those costumes, but Nemo was neither girly nor cute enough.  I have issues.

Oh, is this the picture you were all waiting for? My bad.

Anyways, trick or treat sucked this year.  It was cold and rainy and half the kids weren’t in costumes or you couldn’t tell through their coats.  We bought about 12 pounds of candy based on what the neighbors told us and I have over 6 pounds left (it all expires by May or I’d save it for next year).  We also had some really strange trick or treaters.  For example:

1.  the babies with their own little candy sacks.  Do you really expect me to believe that those babies are going to eat that candy, fatty?  No, I don’t think so.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to use my infant to scam candy out of people, but it really feels like begging rather than trick or treating at that point.  I can see carrying an infant around in costume if you have an older kid, but it really doesn’t seem honest to have a candy bag for your infant that hasn’t aged past the lump stage.

2. the teenagers.  Kids, if you are old enough to be making out on my driveway, then you are too old for trick or treat.  And I’m not gonna buy that you belong out there if you can’t disentangle your hand from your boyfriend’s to get candy.

3.  zombie ninja.  I actually didn’t get why this was a big deal, but my husband could not shut up about the zombie ninja.  He thought it was pretty much the best thing ever.  Men.

Anyways, the kid was asleep by 7:30 (trick or treat is 6-8) and the dogs were done.  They had to work very hard alerting us EVERY SINGLE TIME someone walked within 25 feet of the house.

Poor sad Rufus. He’s mourning his last shred of dignity.

She’s dreaming about biting Rufus.  In the face.


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5 Responses to Halloween, now with requisite cute baby pictures

  1. Mandy says:

    We have so much leftover candy that Mark insisted on taking a bag to work. I’m thinking – they don’t expire until Dec 2013 – reuse, reuse!

    Poor Delilah. I think she gets a bad rap. She doesn’t look like she’s dreaming of biting at all. I think she’s dreaming of jumping on the counter.

  2. Army Amy says:

    Wooly mammoth – OMG! I die! My dog would kill me in my sleep if I put that on him, but it’s so tempting! Haha!

    My favorite picture is the top one – Charlotte’s little feetsies are so cute!*

  3. Terzah says:

    Hahahahahaha at the dogs! There….now they have no more dignity. But Grandma always said dogs don’t have to grow up to amount to anything.

    I swear you have the happiest baby ever.

  4. Kat says:

    HAHHAHHA omg I’m dying. Those costumes are ridiculous (in the best way possible)

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