The end is in sight and a training update

Election Day can’t come soon enough.

For anyone who has missed my copious whining, we live in Ohio.  For some reason, Ohio is THE swing state this election (can someone explain that to me?  Florida has more electoral votes).  Yesterday we got 7 fliers in the mail (Mitt Romney REALLY hates trees).  Our address gets a few democrat fliers sent to my husband and at least 2-3 republican fliers a day sent to the former owners (they are really conservative Catholics from what we have learned).  We’ve been bombarded with door-to-door people and targeted ads on social media and Hulu Plus (why am I paying for Hulu Plus with all these damn commercials anyways?).

This is how my brain is feeling.

I would like to add that there is a senate candidate here who looks like he is challenging you to slap him in the face.  He puts his headshot on all of his flyers.  NOT HELPING MY RAGE!

I’ve finally hit my breaking point.  People who know me in real life know I’m undecided.  I’m not going to get in to why here, but I will say the candidate my views most align with is third party.  Anyways, I’ve had people ask about it before, so I stupidly admitted it on a friend’s Facebook status.  I thought people were genuinely curious, not looking to piss me off.

Being undecided means everyone gets to judge you.

Umm, nope.  I got a long message about why I NEEDED to vote for Obama.  Can we clear something up?  I’m not undecided because I don’t know the facts, I’m undecided because I do.  I have been bombarded with information for months.  I don’t want help or opinions on who I NEED to vote for.  What I want is a bottle of wine and a nap uninterrupted by ringing doorbells and phones.

Ohio doesn’t sell wine on Sundays.

For the record, I am so glad that I never got an Ohio cell phone number.

Meanwhile, here in Ohio we have a pretty long early voting period.  We have been bombarded with ads of the president telling us to vote early.  And every time someone says vote early it feels like they forgot to say vote often at the end.  This doesn’t work like American Idol?

Fine, so maybe I do have issues.  Also, let’s all admit that we are super proud of me for finally figuring out how to blur out details.

Anyways, brief training update.  I will be run/walking the 10K on Sunday.  The course is pretty much impossible to entirely run (I don’t understand how they found hills like that in Ohio).  After the race I am planning to take 4-6 weeks off from running completely to let my foot and IT band really heal.  I’m starting the New Rules of Lifting for Women, so there will still be plenty of working out.  Probably just walking with the dogs and baby on my normal running days.  It’s not my favorite decision, but the most effective cure for both of those injuries is rest and stretching/strengthening, so I figure I’ll nip it in the bud now before I’d have to start training for a spring half.  Also, there aren’t really any races before January 1 that I’m interested in. Also, also, I really like sleeping. A lot.

I’m pretty sure you guys earned this picture for making it to the end. I am not above bribery.


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Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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7 Responses to The end is in sight and a training update

  1. April says:

    I was wondering how you were making out there, the closer it gets to Election Day.

    Charlotte keeps getting cuter!!

  2. Holly says:

    So sick of the ads on TV and radio! I’m decided but I pretty much hate all ads for all candidates! So annoying. And the whole vote early thing is such a joke because I looked into it and the only location in all of Cleveland is downtown and I rarely go down there so unless you work downtown you pretty much have to drive to hell and back just to vote early. Next time I’ll have to get on this sooner and try the mail-in voting.

  3. Charlotte is so cute! That made this whole post worth it! The quilt is holding up well! I am with you – I am tired of it. Today there was something hanging off our door with Mittens versus Obama issues but I couldn’t figure out who it was a piece for. Then I realized it was for Mittens. Oh god, we may have a prez named Mittens. I can’t wait until this election is over. Maybe we can save some trees!

  4. Terzah says:

    I don’t mind your political rants–I share at least part of it. We finally got our ballets in last week and the calls have mercifully stopped (Colorado is also considered a battleground; apparently last week Romney and Obama were both here on the same day). Soon it will all be over!

    Taking time off FOR REAL is the only way to get over a nagging injury. You will be glad you did! I know whereof I speak on this one. Meanwhile, have fun in your 10K!

  5. Army Amy says:

    I’m hear you on being ready for Election Day, and I don’t even live in a swing state! I watch the news because I like being informed in general, but I’m so over the micro-reporting when it comes to the candidates. I also don’t like the negativity. If there was a candidate who didn’t do negative ads, I’d be tempted to vote for that person regardless of their political party.*

  6. Mandy says:

    Love that swimming in the snow picture! I’m with you – I finally had to turn my phone off yesterday after the 6th political call in less than 4 hours.

    I’m excited to do a race with you! I’m glad you’re taking the time off and hope it helps!

    And that last picture of C is super cute!

  7. Alyssa says:

    That adorable baby just wiped out all that political undecided talk from my brain. Less than 24 hours till it’s over though!

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