The Runaway Bunny cures all

It’s one of those weeks.

Saturday Delilah snapped at my husband for no apparent reason.  By Sunday we figured out that she was snapping anytime one of us touched her tail.  Somehow my idiot dog broke her tail.  We still haven’t figured out how, but the more I think about it, the more I think it had been broken for a few days.  It was the saddest droopy tail I’ve ever seen and by Sunday she was clearly in pain and following me around pathetically.  Our old vet in the city (about 30 minutes away) keeps Sunday hours, so I rushed the dog in while my husband took the baby to her first swim lesson (I’m less pissed about missing it now that I know she screamed the whole time).

My life is hard.

I told the vet we needed pain pills.  Dogs aren’t really capable of pill seeking, although she was probably worried that I was going to sneak my dogs pills with how insistent I was being.  Turns out dogs get the good stuff and we left with opiates.  Delilah has been happily blissed out for a few days.  We also got a potent anti-inflammatory, which seems to be really helping.  The swelling has gone way down and her tail has been at half-mast the past few days (she even made it to full mast for a few minutes today).  She’s also letting me touch it without going ballistic or raising a backhawk, so I think she’s better.  I still have no clue how it happened, though.

This morning Charlotte had a pediatrician appointment at 8:45, but she decided to sleep in until almost 7:30 (she slept for about 12 hours).  Her reflux has been getting worse, so the doctor made me bring her in.  He changed her medication from Zantac to Prevacid, which meant I needed to find a compounding pharmacist (compounding pharmacists can convert tablets or capsules to solutions).  Turns out there is one across the street from the doctor’s office.  I’m a little surprised that my pediatrician didn’t know that (he kind of told me I was on my own if I wanted it compounded instead of dissolving it myself).

Anyways, problem solved.  Except for the part where it cost me $40.

After we dropped the prescription off, we ran by my polling place on the way home.  Luckily there was almost no line, so we voted and then rushed home.  At that point we were supposed to have 30 minutes before C’s PT, which should have been enough time to let the dogs out for a walk around the block, but the PT pulled up as we got to the corner.  She was running early (that happens a lot, which I don’t mind), so I gave her the baby and ran the dogs out to pee.

I seriously asked her if she liked voting and got a huge grin. So proud!

Charlotte was doing PT without screaming before I came back, but she decided to try to get out of it once I walked in the door.  I took the dogs into my kitchen to see if she’d stop once I was out of sight (she did).  That was when I had the brilliant idea to hook the dogs’ leashes on a kitchen drawer so I could take off my coat.

Yeah, that turned out exactly as well as you think it did.  The good news is that the drawer is not broken despite smashing to the floor.  However, the quarter cup did not make it (RIP).

We spent the rest of the afternoon doing our normal eat, play, nap routine.

I know she looks all adorably enthralled, but she’s actually chewing on the train. Babies are weird.

So many inappropriate captions, so little time.

She keeps falling asleep while playing in her crib. And yes, I’m aware she shouldn’t have toys in there, but it’s only for naps while I’m watching the monitor. She refuses to sleep otherwise.

The rest of the day went ok until dinner when Charlotte managed to knock a container of baby food out of my hand.  On to my white shirt (the splatter actually made it down to my knees).  It know, it totally looks like poop, but I promise it isn’t.  I had to strip down to my bra so that I could pick the kid up without smearing baby food all over her.

It really does look like poop.

I decided the solution to our insane week was some quiet storytime.  I grabbed The Runaway Bunny off of the shelf.  I thought it was lame.  Until we were halfway through and then I lost it laughing:

Kara had pointed this out months ago, but I forgot.  And yes, I stole her photo.  I’d have taken my own, but I’d rather cut off my own hand then risk going in to the den of a sleeping baby.

Yup, feeling better already.


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Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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8 Responses to The Runaway Bunny cures all

  1. April says:

    Omg, the poor puppy dog got a hug and a kiss through my phone for having a bobo and having to go to the puppy doctor. How cute is that? I’m glad your posts are toddler-appropriate. Also, Abby likes that baby and she went to vote with mom and dad too! But they were out of stickers.

  2. TriGirl says:

    I’m pretty sure April broke her tail years ago. I think we might have taken her to the vet and they said they couldn’t do anything (either that or the hubs said they wouldn’t be able to do anything). At any rate, she has a little bend in her tail now, but after a few weeks it was fully functional again.

  3. Army Amy says:

    Oh man, rough! I’m so sorry to hear about Delilah’s tail. I hope it’s a quick fix and if nothing else, at least it isn’t hurting her any more. And your line for voting wasn’t long! From what I’ve read, that was pretty rare this election.*

  4. emily says:

    Someone recently asked me if dogs can break their tails. Thanks for answering that question! And also, A+ for creating adorable spawn. You’ll have to let me know how she gets her hair to do that. I’ve been looking for a new style.

  5. Kat says:

    Ok I didn’t even know that dogs could break their tails. Poor Delilah.

  6. Terzah says:

    That sounds like the terrible horrible no-good very bad day (another comforting book, though not in the same way). I’d never enter the den of a sleeping baby either.

  7. Kara says:

    That compounded stuff works SO much better than the stuff you dissolve. I used to drive 2 hours round trip every 2 weeks to get compounded Prevacid…totally worth it.

    I hope Delilah’s tail feels better soon!

  8. Mandy says:

    All the smart, cool, witty comments I have to say about this, I’ve already told you. Damn you text messaging!!!

    Your kid looks great in red!

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