Turkey baby!

I’m sure by now you guys have figured out that Mandy and I are bff irl (oh yeah, acronyms make this drivel totally readable).  Anyways, our (newish) yearly Thanksgiving tradition is Mandy cooks her butt off and then we come eat it.  And bring pie.  That I paid someone else to make.  That’s a very important step.

Work is for ugly girls, mommy. Now go put on some lipstick.

I worry about the messages this child is receiving.

Anyways, Charlotte started the day all smiles, so I slapped on her turkey outfit and snapped a quick iPhone picture before tossing her back into her pajamas so she didn’t ruin her outfit before dinner.  Always grab the requisite adorable holiday Facebook picture first thing.  And no, I do not make my baby my profile picture (although she is in my current picture, along with my husband and a certain llama).  I think that’s really weird.  It’s your Facebook page, not your baby’s.  Sorry not sorry!

This baby is a morning person. Also, she loves the camera. I worry about her.

Charlotte has recently gotten very difficult to feed.  She wants to self feed, but she can’t figure out small finger foods and she’s not really old enough to use a spoon.  She’s also been eating a lot less lately, so I decided to just let her finger paint with various potatoes and cranberry sauce while we ate.  She did consent to let me spoon feed her Jello salad (at least it’s made with cottage cheese!).  Parent of the freakin’ year!

I found sweet potato on her back.

The kid may have gone a little nuts.  After dinner I stuck my hand in a squishy spot over her butt.  There was brief freaking out until I realized that it was sweet potato and not turds. I’m really glad I let her do this, though.  It’s supposed to be really good for them to get down and dirty with their food and she was so happy.  The problem came when I overestimated her food consumption.  A hungry, tired baby is a pissed off baby.  We stole some yogurt from Avery and she was much happier (you can’t borrow a foodstuff because returning it when you are done with it would be disgusting).

It took three of us to fully extract the baby and clean up. Oh, and Mandy’s dog helped too. I need to take my carpet shampooer over.

Holidays with a baby are much more complicated.  Mandy’s (almost) toddler was running around and had to be kept out of the kitchen.  I couldn’t really help clean up because I still have a lap baby (lap baby falls on her face if I walk away while she’s sitting up).  At one point Avery really wanted to be picked up, but I had Charlotte in one arm and needed my husband to hand me Avery.

Note to self: must lift many more weights before baby #2. Charlotte will eventually get this heavy.

Then he had to take her back because toddlers are really heavy compared to my 13 pound almost 9 month old.

Poor Avery was really confused by Charlotte.  Avery used to occasionally touch Charlotte, but now Charlotte can pet back (and really wants to touch Avery at all times) and I don’t think Avery quite knew what to make of it.  My baby is kind of a creeper.  And she’s being raised by dogs.  That might be the real problem.

See mom, not totally feral.

We also ate pie and left pretty early because both kids were so tired.  My poor husband hasn’t seen an 8 PM football game all season because we watch at Mandy’s house and the baby needs to be in bed by then.  I’m too cheap to pay for cable.

Someone was D-O-N-E. I know it is totally unnecessary, but I love having a video monitor and seeing the ridiculous ways this kid falls asleep.


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9 Responses to Turkey baby!

  1. Terzah says:

    Sounds about right to me! My SIL did the “baby-led solids” thing with my nephew, and apparently at almost two he can already use utensils. So stay the course. I do think the mess continues far past when you expect, no matter how the kid learns to eat. Embrace the mess! (The dogs at least will love you for it.)

    BTW, OMG, I (Heart) that u and Mandy are bff irl.

  2. TriGirl says:

    Hooray for messy food play! Holidays with friends are the best 🙂

  3. oh gosh, she’s just too adorable for words!!

  4. When I’m hungry and tired, I’m pissed off too so C and I have that in common. You would probably also find sweet potatoes in my pants.
    And look at your hair getting all long!

  5. Kara says:

    You’re right about needing to lift weights before baby #2, I’m never NOT holding one of the kids.

    Maybe some Puffs would make her happy and let her eat some finger food? Faith used to love those things.

  6. Alyssa says:

    Obviously your baby is adorable, and I also had a llama in my facebook profile picture until very recently.

  7. Mandy says:

    Obviously, BFF irl does not transfer well to blogland, since I was lame and texted you comments days before actually commenting here. Either that, or I just suck, and we both know that’s not the case.

    Your baby is too stinking cute, even when she decorates my dining room carpet!

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