Sometimes you just have to say eff it

So, remember how I was all upset about my baby potentially being labelled failure to thrive?  And how we were going to Cleveland this week to look into getting a helmet?

Charlotte had her 9 month well-check last week and the pediatrician was all “oh hey, jk lol, she’s doing great.”


Seriously.  He caught her on the wrong end of a growth spurt last time.  Her head magically started to round out some on it’s own (it will probably be somewhat flat, but it has to be severe for her to qualify for a helmet).  She’s almost 14 pounds, which is in the average range for a 5-6 month old (her adjusted age is 7 months, but let’s all remember that she was born early because she stopped growing after 25 weeks in utero).

Oh yeah, and as someone pointed out, I’m only 5’5″, which still makes me one of the taller women in my family.

See? I am a tiny person, especially next to my husband who is almost a foot taller than me.

That being said, I have turned into that mom that just doesn’t worry about stuff.  I let my kid eat whatever she wants (I did put my foot down when she tried to chew on the bottom of my shoe).  If the pacifier falls face up, it goes right back in the mouth hole.  Immune boost for the win!

Dog hair is great for the immune system. Seriously, there was a study suggesting that living with a dog decreases RSV incidence and severity.  For the record, they were both sitting on my lap in a chair. 

I’ve also gotten incredibly lax on what we feed the kid.  As long as it is high in calories, she can have it.  She hates being spoon fed, so finger food is a must, but there is no such thing as a high calorie baby puff.  The good news is that her reflux is significantly improved and she seems to be outgrowing her dairy issues, especially since finger foods stay down so much better.  Last night I ordered her a kids meal at a restaurant for the first time.  She got a quesadilla with Mexican rice and ate a few tortilla chips (no salsa).  Besides the absolutely horrific poop, it was a hit.

Don’t all 9 month olds eat tortilla chips?

For the record, I am not eating Mexican the night before a 5:30 AM run ever again.  My body was made of lead today.  I’m sure the 21 degree temperature and numb toes didn’t help, but either way, it was brutal.  I’ve decided it’s time for another dietary overhaul, but that certainly demands its own post.  Charlotte also wants a dietary overhaul as she’s now refusing to eat anything besides puffs, yogurt melts (I swear I used to feed those to my hamster), and grilled cheese.

Feeding half to your hair is a great diet strategy!

Anyways, I’m home in my own warm bed not worrying about a baby (hopefully) sleeping in a portacrib next to me.  A healthy, albeit a little small, baby who sleeps like a champ in her own room.  Life is good when you stop worrying about every microbe and moron who comments on how small your baby is.

I want her attitude about life. She laughs at EVERYTHING.


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Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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9 Responses to Sometimes you just have to say eff it

  1. Kara says:

    Tortilla chips? Why don’t you just sign her up for Al Qaeda?

  2. TriGirl says:

    Yay! We small people should not be judged…unless we are being judged as awesome. In that case, yes, judge away. Charlotte looks awesome 😀

  3. Terzah says:

    Kara’s comment cracked me up!

    Definitely be the mom who doesn’t worry.

    And I need a dietary overhaul too. I’ve been eating dreadfully ever since the kids’ birthday last weekend.

  4. Army Amy says:

    Happy! She looks happy in the pictures and you sound happy in this post. How lame that the doctor got you all riled up though. For shame!

    And the run sounds rrrrough. Mexican food the night before and 21 degrees out while you were running? Good for you for getting out an pounding the pavement!*

  5. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    Such great news! Parenthood is much easier when you don’t stress the little stuff. I’m impressed you got to that point so quickly! 🙂

  6. Jenn says:

    My friend has a 27 weeker that is soon to be 3, she may be 20 lbs and I know they get comments all the time. They don’t even mention that she was born early, they just smile. People are assholes, even if unintentional. I can tell you, it sucks on the other end of the spectrum to have big ass uncoordinated kids 🙂

  7. Alyssa says:

    What a relief that she is growing well! Doctors be crazy sometimes. One time they said my stepfather had cancer and my whole family spent like a week freaking out and sobbing and then same thing, they were all “nope, j/k, he’s fine”.

    I keep learning the hard way not to eat a shit ton of sugar the night before an early run but then I keep “forgetting”.

    How does she keep getting cuter and cuter? Seriously.

  8. Mandy says:

    You deleted my comment didn’t you. Sniff.

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